Feb 12, 2009


Written by Morton

Bitchy student Kara matches her tits against her young olive-skinned teacher.
Kara Frederickson preened a bit as she slipped into her black workout gear, arching her back a little as she tugged her sports bra down over her heavy, dark-nipple breasts and feeling the weight of those two hard globes pressing down onto her muscular chest. As usual she didn't see much competition in the locker room and most of the other girls had learned to give her a wide berth over the past year of college. If there was any fallout from the long weekend at the spa a few months earlier where she had found herself almost in over her head with a few girls, she had managed to sweep it all under the rug and regain her position as queen bee around the athletic building on campus. Occasionally she would cross paths with Kathi and Debbie, the blonde and brunette who had given her the most trouble during the trip, but they were too caught up in each other now to push things any further with Kara. It still infuriated her the way Debbie had asserted herself after weeks of Kara bullying her at the gym, turning the tables on Kara in several increasingly brutal confrontations over the long weekend. It stung to remind herself that the sleek, tall brunette athlete had managed to come out on top at the end, leaving Kara whimpering. It was clear that the blonde Kathi and brunette Debbie had somehow come out of the weekend as a couple and while Kara hungered for revenge she knew any face-off with Debbie might lead to her having to take on both girls and while she liked her chances against either of them individually together they were too strong.
Happily they seemed to be avoiding Kara too and the remaining coeds at the athletic facility were no match for Kara's height, strength and personality, and she waged a quiet reign of terror over them with very little effort. Most of the other girls avoided her eyes as she adjusted her biker shorts, leaving her hard belly on display as she strutted past the other girls, running a hand through her soft, wavy brown hair and letting an arrogant sneer curl her lips as girl after girl got out of her way. She shoved the big locker room door in front of her out of her way and strode out into the hallway on her way to her late night pilates class. Normally she wasn't into such touchy-feely pursuits but she had to admit the class had toughened her up and made her feel even stronger than usual, as a final check in the hallway mirror of her tawny arms with their sleek, powerful biceps and her rippling, long thighs proved. The class had definitely done her good… and she had other reasons for sticking with it as well.
She scanned the hall for potential competitors and found only a few, like the two tall redheads that had taken up the class, Shelley and Bridget, and big-breasted blonde Molly. They all had attitude to spare but so far seemed too smart to cross Kara. She pursed her lips in disappointment but there was still one major target on the horizon.
Kara rounded a corner, carelessly throwing a glance back at one of the redheads. Suddenly a powerful impact rocked her body as another tall, dark-haired woman appeared around the corner at the same time. The collision was full-on and painful as foreheads cracked and Kara's thrust-out chest smashed into an equally massive bosom backed up by solid muscle. She felt her two perfect hemispheres mushroom against her ribs as two invading mammary glands thudded into them with an audible pounding noise, instantly followed by a thick smacking sound as Kara's hard belly impacted with an equally taut set of abs and two firm, muscular thighs briefly tangled with her own. Both women recoiled and quickly regained their balance.
"Fuck!" Kara bellowed as a wave of pain throbbed through her rocked breasts, causing her to instinctively cradle the two aching orbs and massage them with her hands as she glared up at the woman she'd just run into.
Two almond-shaped, exquisitely dark doe eyes burned into Kara's angry hazel ones and Kara recognized Ann Marie Copolla, her pilates instructor. She felt a brief flush at this sudden, unexpected confrontation with Ann Marie, the one woman she'd been keeping her eyes on studiously for the past three weeks. At 5'11", Ann Marie was a graduate student, just a few years older than her students. She was as tall as Kara, her body as toned and bosomy as the brunette's, but with a glamorous, vampy style that had immediately both fascinated and riled Kara's bullying instincts. Ann Marie's face was sensuous, with a lush mouth covered in dark femme fatale lipstick and even a little mole just off her upper lip. Her beautiful, exotic dark eyes were framed by a lustrous, thick mane of inky black hair that fell off her head in eye-catching curls, and her perfect skin was a cold, creamy olive color that showed off both the sensuous features of her skin and, Kara noted, those beautifully toned arms with their sleek biceps that matched Kara's pound for pound and inch for inch. Kara's glance immediately locked on the other girl's final distinguishing feature: the creamy olive swell of cleavage bulging out of her own black sports bra as the garment strained to contain two heavy, high-riding boobs that easily rivaled Kara's in size and from the ache in her own throbbing breasts obviously matched her pair in weight and firmness too. She struggled to control her rage at the pain thudding through her bosom as she saw Ann Marie too cradling her big boobs in discomfort from the collision. Good, Kara thought; I hope I did some damage. She glanced again at that dark, high contrast cleavage and the glam little mole riding Ann Marie's left breast. Her boobs still seemed to be jiggling a little from the impact despite the tight sports bra and her almond-shaped eyes blazed briefly into Kara's, glaring down accusingly at Kara's cleavage as if to blame the bully's boobs for getting in her way.
"Someone's not watching where she's headed," Ann Marie said in that annoyingly musical voice of hers, full of attitude as always. Kara immediately rose to the challenge.
"Who would that be?" she demanded.
"Forgetting who the instructor is, Kara?" Ann Marie probed.
"I'm not forgetting a thing, Ann Marie," Kara shot back.
The two women glared at each other levelly for another half second. Kara studied the moment as she always did, fascinated by the way little social contracts like these were negotiated. Clearly the two women wanted to tear into each other then and there but in an open hallway like this and with Ann Marie part of the athletic staff the two had probably already pushed the confrontation as far as they could. The first thing each had done, of course, was to quickly pull their massaging fingers away from their breasts, and Kara thought that not only was this move one of embarrassment to avoid being seen feeling these sensitive, sexual body parts, but also one of defiance, as if neither girl wanted to admit that her breasts had been hurt by the collision with their counterparts.
"Good; I guess I'll see you in class," Ann Marie said with just the hint of a sneer in her voice.
She brushed past Kara just enough for their soft hair to briefly intertangle and for Ann Marie's toned, bare shoulder to contact Kara's. Kara turned to watch the raven-haired girl retreat down the hallway. The only difference in their attire was Ann Marie's white tights underneath the triangular cut of her black workout briefs, both of which showed off her firm, shapely buns and strong legs as she walked away from Kara. Kara headed for a water cooler and got a drink as she mentally prepared herself for the class. She had taken pilates as a lark but apart from the obvious benefits she knew she got a sick thrill out of checking out Ann Marie and luxuriating in how annoying the graduate student was to her. Ann Marie often walked among the students, adjusting their positions, and it had allowed for some interesting physical contact between them, moments where Kara had been allowed to feel Ann Marie's confident muscularity and physically protest just ever so slightly against the teacher's domineering touch as she pushed and pulled Kara into the positions she insisted on.
The classroom was dark and warm as she entered, just as it always was. The pilates positions were difficult, designed to focus stress on individual joints and muscle nodes, and in the magnified heat of the room Kara often found herself wet with sweat after fifteen or twenty minutes of activity. She eyed the other lean bodies around her, all well-displayed in their lycra outfits, showing off toned abs, muscular thighs and arms and breasts made firm and high by the exercise. Kara took her position at the back of the class. It might have seemed an odd place to be given her strong desire to stay in her instructor's face but Kara had her reasons.
Ann Marie entered the classroom and stood at the front of the class, greeting the students with a faint hint of annoyance that probably Kara herself was the only one to detect. She demonstrated the first position she wanted the class to attempt, raising her hands over her head and displaying her curvy, athletic body for everyone to admire. Kara tried to get her mind back on the class for at least a while as she did want to take advantage of the exercise, whatever ulterior motives she might have. She strained through several different positions, feeling the empowering burn, the snug lycra tugging against her skin as she stretched and strained. Ann Marie moved slowly among the students like a lioness prowling for prey, firmly repositioning some of the girls while Kara surreptitiously watched. She saw her step in front of Shelley, the flamboyant redhead who had a little bit of the same vampy attitude that Ann Marie had, and Kara thought she saw a look flash between the two tall women as Ann Marie purposefully manhandled the redhead into a better stance. Their bodies matched up perfectly, Kara noted, with Shelley boasting just a little more flare to the hips.
The next pose was "downward dog," with the girls forcing their palms to the ground just ahead of their feet while their pelvises remained in the air. Kara had always been good at this one so she felt immediate annoyance when she could see Ann Marie's feet headed her way. The Italian instructor stepped up beside Kara and placed one hand on Kara's pelvis, her fingers drifting from the bully's tailbone across the muscle of her left buttock until Kara felt the whisper of nails dragging across the nylon of her biker shorts.
"Hips back a little, Kara," Ann Marie purred softly as she tugged at the material hugging Kara's hips.
The instructor quietly maneuvered behind Kara; now her back was to the rear wall of the classroom and Ann Marie was practically invisible to the rest of her students. Kara could feel the warmth of Ann Marie's pelvis now fully behind her bent-over ass, now fully exposed to the instructor as Kara cocked her pelvis in the air. Both hands now gripped Kara's hipbones and Ann Marie's thumbs dug into the muscle of Kara's ass as she tugged backward even more. "I said back more," Ann Marie purred in a low voice barely audible to anyone but Kara. Ann Marie slipped one hand down Kara's spine, pressing into the small of her back to exaggerate her hip-thrusting pose even more. Kara bit her lip as she felt the heat roil off of Ann Marie's hips, close enough to her bent-over ass now to touch her. Kara knew her firm vulva and ass were now fully displayed and vulnerable to Ann Marie—if the instructor had been a man he could have rammed a cock into her cunt or ass with ease. But Ann Marie clearly had something else in mind and soon Kara felt the snicker of the instructor's nylon crotch whispering across her rear and then down a little until it was dragging slowly, very slowly across her exposed cunt.
Kara couldn't help but hiss a little at this sudden, raw contact between her newly throbbing pussy and the hot, bulging sex of Ann Marie Copolla. The instructor's nails dug purposefully into Kara's ass as she pulled the brunette's pelvis full up against her waiting hips and added muscle to the grind of her pussy against Kara's upended cunt. Kara swallowed a groan of dirty, angry pleasure but made certain to twist her ass slowly and nastily against Ann Marie's and glide her hot snatch as firmly against this invading, temporarily dominant pussy as she could. After a moment of this silent confrontation Ann Marie gave Kara's ass a condescending pat.
"Good," she said as she stepped away from the slowly panting brunette and resumed her place at the front of the class.
Kara stood up with the others, glancing around her silently to make sure no one else had seen what had just transpired between the two dark-haired women. She was burning with a cold fury and excitement. She had always planned to take her competitive little relationship with the instructor to the next level herself and she was both infuriated and gratified that Ann Marie had been the one to make the first move. The worst thing was that with the class only ten minutes old the instructor would be in the driver's seat for another 35 minutes and it would be impossible for Kara to take back control of the confrontation.
She simmered through the next few positions, occasionally catching a fiery, secretive glance from Ann Marie. Kara tried to throw all the secret hate she could into every look that passed between them, forcing her expression to threaten and promise all the vicious, filthy vengeance she planned to wreak on this arrogant raven-haired vixen the second they were alone. Ann Marie's return glances were cool and welcoming, as if she were savoring her student's boiling hate like warm broth. Kara could feel her breasts boiling with desire as she watched Ann Marie's body glide around the room, catlike on those long legs. She winced as she felt her hard brown nipples stretching to their limits, dragging the tight lycra of her sports bra and tenting the fabric between her two stiff poles. In the dim light of the classroom it was hard to see if Ann Marie's breasts were having the same response, especially with the instructor's equally black sports bra. Then Ann Marie put them into a high stretch and Kara felt her muscles groan as she reached for the ceiling with the other girls. Now she saw Ann Marie adjust a couple of the other girls by the wrists, forcing them to stretch up on their toes higher. She faced the redhead Shelley and stared into the girl's green eyes as she reached up and pulled on the other girl's freckled wrists, and Kara's eyes widened as she realized that Ann Marie's full chest was pressed against Shelley's front to front. She watched out of the corner of her eyes in fascination as Shelley's white sports bra bulged out slightly to the side at the pressure of Ann Marie's imposing chest, and the two women seemed to adjust themselves against each other as Ann Marie forced the big redhead into a longer stretch. She pulled away from the seeming clinch with a poisonous look in her eyes and Kara almost gasped when she saw Shelley's nipples now erect and poking through the material of her vivid white bra as Ann Marie's breasts left hers.
Kara swallowed as Ann Marie slowly walked toward her. She had absolutely no doubt of what the instructor intended as the woman's dark almond-shaped eyes locked on hers before briefly glancing down at Kara's outthrust chest, her sensuous lips curling into a dark, glossy sneer of contempt.
"Higher please, Kara," she said softly as her gorgeous, erotic face filled Kara's vision until they were nose to nose.
Ann Marie's fingers snaked up Kara's upraised arms until they locked around her wrists and pulled Kara higher. Kara breathed in a slow, barely controlled shudder as she felt the strength in Ann Marie's fingers and she brazenly arched her back to offer her bra-packed bosom to Ann Marie. The other girl's dark, smoky eyes blazed into hers as the instructor eased her boobs down against Kara's. Kara hissed quietly as her curiosity about the other woman's nipples was instantly satisfied: two unusually long, hard prongs jutted out from that bursting sports bra and buried themselves in the dark material of Kara's top. Kara's cruel mouth twisted in imitation of Ann Marie's contemptuous snarl as she forced her own stiff nipples as deep into the yielding, firm flesh of the other woman's breasts as she dared, and she allowed herself a sparkling, hateful smile as Ann Marie muffled a groan of response at the touch of Kara's warlike nipples stroking her boobs. She marveled at Ann Marie's attempt to look businesslike and formal as she maneuvered against Kara's body and crushed her fingers down on Kara's wrists. Kara widened her stance slightly and pressed back against Ann Marie and both girls let out two quiet grunts of effort as they tested each other's muscle and braced against one another. Kara stared coldly and spitefully into Ann Marie's eyes as their silent, secret struggle played itself out. She could feel the sweat pooling between her two hot breasts and watched rivulets trace Ann Marie's face as they stood glaring into each other's eyes. The air in Kara's lungs felt fiery hot as she forced herself against the instructor's body and realized that Ann Marie would smash her to the floor unless she stayed pressed against her with all her might. The face-off seemed to drag on forever with both girls refusing to back down, although Kara knew that no more than a few seconds had passed and that Ann Marie would not push this past the point where the other students might notice what was happening.
"Good, Kara," the instructor said finally, releasing her viselike grip on Kara's wrists.
As she turned away abruptly those inky black locks of hers slapped Kara's face and the brunette simmered as Ann Marie turned her attention back to the class. The final moments dragged out with Ann Marie virtually ignoring her, an act that infuriated the brunette almost as much as the instructor's blatant physical domination of her had so far. Finally they took their cool-down poses, kneeling on the mat and lowering themselves down to hunch over their legs so that their faces lay over their knees and breasts rested on folded thighs. Ann Marie again stalked the room, gently touching on a few girls' exposed backs as she urged them to relax. Finally she stopped over Kara and the brunette heard her say "Flatten down a bit more, Kara." Ann Marie knelt down and Kara felt the instructor lower herself on top of Kara's folded body, pressing her chest into Kara's back and nestling her face against Kara's soft, warm hair. She had seen Ann Marie do this to other girls during the cool down exercise as a way to loosen their joints but there was nothing therapeutic about the way Ann Marie was crushing her body down on top of Kara's now. She felt the dead weight of Ann Marie's breasts flattening out hotly on Kara's shoulder blades and the scent of the instructor's hot, sweet breath caressed her ear as her glistening dark lips parted and her pelvis pressed down on Kara's ass.
"Just relax, Kara," she whispered before dropping the volume of her voice even further.
"Now maybe you can remember which one of us is the instructor and which one of us is the student." Kara submitted to the humiliation in icy silence, drinking in the feeling of Ann Marie's warm body dominating hers. If there was any doubt that a war had been ignited between the two of them it had been removed by now.
With the class over Kara retired to the locker room in simmering silence, letting the cackling chatter of the other girls roll off her as she fumed. She glanced curiously at Shelley for a moment as she gossiped with her fellow redhead Bridget and wondered if she had misread the signals between Shelley and Ann Marie. Right now she didn't want anyone to come between her and the instructor. She was so caught up in the gathering conflict that she barely had the presence of mind to exercise her usual reign of terror over the other girls in the locker room. By now she usually had her top off and would slowly parade around the place, giving everyone a good view of what they were up against and daring anyone to challenge her. This was the end of the shift for the athletic building staff and usually the other girls got out of the place pretty fast, changing and showering before the facility closed down around them.
There was a brief commotion as several of the girls greeted an unexpected presence in the locker room: Ann Marie herself had entered and was heading down the aisle where Kara and some of the other girls lingered. Shelley greeted her first.
"Well, we don't normally see YOU in here, Ann Marie!"
The instructor smiled confidently as she opened her locker. Normally Ann Marie finished up her paperwork in the adjacent office so she could be the last to shower and close up, and Kara had never seen the instructor mingling with the other girls like this. Of course that meant she had never seen Ann Marie fully undressed. She stared coldly at the other woman as Ann Marie chatted with Shelley.
"I wanted to get out of her a little sooner tonight so if you girls can hurry along it would really help me out."
Unexpectedly she turned to look at Kara as she continued to speak.
"I did want to discuss something with you if you don't mind staying a little later, Kara," she said.
The two women were separated by about a dozen feet. As Ann Marie issued the request she casually reached down and pulled her sports bra up over her head and allowed her two perfect, olive-skinned breasts to tumble free. Kara almost gasped at the sight of the two big glands quivering briefly as they settled into place on the instructor's bare chest in a brazen display of just how firmly moored they were by muscle and firm young flesh. Ann Marie yanked the sports bra up over her head, disentangling it from the pile of inky black curls and shaking her mane of black hair before staring back into Kara's eyes with her perfectly-plucked eyebrows raised provocatively.
Despite Ann Marie's casual air Kara sensed an immediate wave of curiosity and excitement as the other girls checked out their instructor's perfect body. She even felt a few curious glances directed her way as several girls who had gotten the brunt of Kara's domineering chest over the past few months got a look at a woman who was a clear match for the bully in the breast department. "I don't mind at all, Ann Marie," Kara said evenly, realizing immediately that she didn't dare back down from this obvious challenge. Arching her back a little she coolly tugged her own sports bra up and over her two heavy jugs and let them fall free, yanked the bra over her head and tossed it carelessly into her open locker before staring back expectantly at Ann Marie. Again time seemed to stand still as the two women locked dark stares and boldly checked out each other's bare breasts. Kara's eyelids fluttered a little as she noted that in addition to that sexy beauty mark on Ann Marie's left breast the instructor sported perfectly proportioned, erect nipples that were almost black against her cool olive skin. Kara's dark brown nipples had always been a part of her threat package, the contrast against the pale bikini tan lines on her breasts highlighted by her otherwise tawny brown skin. Every other girl she'd run up against had either matched her in that area or boasted pink or reddish nipples and aureoles that she easily felt tougher than when faced with point to point. She had never seen two targets like the ones Ann Marie was pointing at her now, like two obsidian daggers eager to cut her breasts to ribbons. She comforted herself with the knowledge that she had experienced those two stiff points and while they were as hard as any she'd ever felt they were still nipple flesh, capable of being bent and scraped by her own weapons as much as any girl's could.
Kara busied herself at her locker for several more moments as the other girls came and went around her and the hiss of showers sounded from the other end of the locker room. She stalled until it was clear most of the girls had finished and then stripped off her biker shorts and grabbed a towel, allowing Ann Marie only a brief glimpse of her bare ass before she headed into the showers.
Only a couple of girls were finishing in there now and they seemed to rush to wrap up their efforts as Kara entered the room. She hung her towel and stepped into the range of one of the wall-mounted spigots, dousing herself and soaping herself up, groaning a little as she scrubbed the hot sweat of the classroom off her bare body. In a few moments she was alone with her thoughts and slick with soap. She massaged her breasts absently, lost in thought, and felt the dull ache that still resided in her two soft milk glands from their painful collision with Ann Marie's. She eyed them carefully in the fogging mirror against the room's far wall, checking to see if the points of Ann Marie's nipples had really left scrape marks on her untanned titflesh or whether she had just imagined that. Now she tallied up every indignity and humiliation Ann Marie had inflicted on her in the classroom and plotted the way she would exact a toll for every one of them on the instructor's flawless, unmarked body, promising herself it would not remain unmarked much longer.
So lost in thought was Kara she barely registered when the locker room emptied out; with all eight showers running and steam filling the room most of the sounds from the locker room outside were drowned out. But she did manage to hear Ann Marie Copolla slowly and purposefully enter the room. She turned to watch the naked girl stride across the wet tile floor and both women took each other in now for the first time, stark and brazenly naked and on full display to their newfound rival. Kara had been looking over her shoulder, giving Ann Marie a good look at her muscular back and taut, firm ass and thighs, but she quickly swiveled her pelvis and cocked one leg aside as Ann Marie strode in. Ann Marie's eyes immediately flicked down to examine Kara's thick, dangerous looking brunette carpet of pubic fur, trimmed neatly into a sharp, dark triangle, and Kara too glared down past Ann Marie's jet-black groove of a navel and firm belly to an even darker, inky black tangle of sexual fur nestled between supple thighs. The instructor seemed to dismiss Kara contemptuously as she strode past her to the opposite shower spigot and toss her towel aside, showing Kara her flawlessly sculpted olive-skinned back and powerful, heart-shaped ass. Ignoring Kara completely, Ann Marie drenched and soaped herself, putting her body on full display, cocking her pelvis from side to side and lathering her luxuriant black hair so that suds slid down every curve of her torso, rippling down back muscles and gathering in the sensuous depression over her tailbone before caressing their way down her glistening ass cheeks as they flexed provocatively. Finally Ann Marie slowly turned to display herself to Kara and the brunette watched lather slide slickly down across those two pouting, supple breasts and down across the rippling pads of Ann Marie's abs to gather in her dark navel and drift deep into her jungle of pubic fur. When Kara looked up into Ann Marie's eyes it was clear how proud the Italian was of her spectacularly sexy body and her almond-shaped doe eyes sparkled with spite as she stared down her student.
Kara snorted a little as she showed Ann Marie her back and fumed silently while she lathered herself again, flexing her own buns and digging her fingers into her hair so Ann Marie could see her shoulder blades and back muscles ripple under their curtain of soap suds. She coldly wrung the water out of her hair and turned with her elbows pointing at Ann Marie, chest thrust out and lather coursing over her meaty, bare breasts. Both girls now cradled their four full mammary glands, squeezing soap through their fingers as they slowly juggled their heavy globes and displayed their wares to one another as they coldly stared each other down. Kara dragged her tongue against the inside of her mouth as the hunger inside her began to reach the boiling point. Very few women had ever dared to get in her face, to go up against Kara Frederickson's body the way this bold, exotic beauty now dared. She would have to make this hot bitch pay the price for challenging her, Kara determined silently. No matter how long it took, no matter how hotly this big woman contested it, Kara was going to have reassert dominance…total dominance…until Ann Marie begged her for mercy.
As she finished the thought Ann Marie reached behind her to turn off the shower spigot and the sound level in the damp room was immediately cut in half. The Italian's eyes never left Kara as she switched off the water and began to slowly stalk her way towards her brunette enemy. Kara held her glance as she reached behind her and turned off her own shower, letting the last soapy sheets of water cascade across the contours of her now-tingling skin.
Both girls placed their hands on their hips as they approached each other daringly in the classic pose of female confrontation, lower jaws jutted out haughtily, boobs thrust forward, bellies tense. Neither spoke as they closed the distance between them with agonizing slowness and Kara's pulse began to race. This was the part of any confrontation that was the most unpredictable, she knew: who would make the first move here and what form this struggle would take was completely unknown. If Ann Marie chose to fight quickly and violently things could rapidly become dangerous in this slippery, hard environment. But the risk was worth it, Kara knew, because if she chose to go the other way, the way Kara wanted, it might be a face-off to remember.
In seconds Ann Marie had moved nose to nose with the brunette in a repeat of their stance in the classroom not so long ago. This time there was nothing to come between their two bare, soaking wet bodies, however. Kara's nose slipped past Ann Marie's and their two chins pressed together, trembling, twisted mouths sneering at each other directly above and so close that Kara could feel Ann Marie's lower lip sliding across hers with the slipperiness of soap and lip gloss. The two women held each other's glares for long, long seconds as each found themselves in the unusual position of facing a woman who wouldn't back down under her harshest look. Kara could sense Ann Marie's heavy, soaking wet chest desperately close to her own pounding breasts. The time was very near.
"Let's get something clear right now, Miss Frederickson," the instructor began. "I don't tolerate disrespect in the classroom or the locker room, especially when it comes from a girl like you."
"I'll let you know when you earn my respect, Miss Copolla," Kara replied coolly. "I don't bend over for every tall-ass graduate student who thinks she's hot stuff."
"You bent over well enough in class tonight and you'll bend over when I tell you to from now on," Ann Marie said bluntly.
Kara coolly glanced down at the instructor's wet, glistening breasts hovering in front of her own. She was impressed by this open confrontational mode from the Italian girl, brazenly flaunting her authority in this private, dangerous environment with both women intentionally letting it all hang out in front of each other. She had been eager to see how far Ann Marie would be willing to push their private rivalry and so far the raven-haired woman was exceeding her expectations.
"I've got a good mind to report you for sexually harassing me tonight, Ann Marie," Kara said. "Or do you take the opportunity to pussy hump every girl with her ass in the air in your class?"
"I doubt it's the first time a common whore like you offered her big snatch to whoever was nearby," Ann Marie said haughtily.
"Well it obviously wasn't the first time you rubbed those big tits of yours up against another girl your size, honey," Kara replied, eager to keep the verbal escalation rolling. "Just don't think you can mash those things down on my back and dominate me that way."
"If I want to dominate you, Kara, I'll do it face to face and you will definitely find out very quickly who's boss."
"Don't make me laugh," Kara snorted into the gorgeous instructor's face. "Any face to face showdown you and I have is going to go my way, and fast. Maybe I'm a common whore but you're a common pussy, Miss Ann Marie, and you just don't know when you're outclassed."
"I want you out of my class, Kara," Ann Marie said finally. "Get out and stay out of my way from now on."
"Get out of MY way," Kara said, pushing forward until her soaking bare breasts slid across Ann Marie's.
She exulted as she felt Ann Marie gasp slightly at the touch of their naked breast skin making soapy, sliding contact, but the instructor quickly recovered and bore those two black, erect nipples against Kara's delicate boob flesh until Kara too groaned at their touch. She snarled a little as she directed her own hard spindles back into Ann Marie's bare boobs and scraped them across the other girl's delicate, velvety skin. For long seconds both girls guided their hardened weapons brazenly and slowly against some of the most sensitive and rarely exposed flesh on their two bodies, daringly exposing their breasts to this dirty exploration and shoving their stiff nipples as deeply as possible into their rival's boobs. Kara had dared to hope that Ann Marie might shrink from this immediate, sexual confrontation but it should have been clear, she knew, that if the instructor was happy to bear her breasts directly against Kara's in front of everyone in their classroom that the next logical step of matching breasts naked in the privacy of this shower wouldn't be so daunting.
As if to confirm Kara's thoughts Ann Marie purred "I know all about your little bullying tactics with the other girls around here, Kara Frederickson, so don't think your little intimidation campaign with those fat ones of yours is going to work on me tonight."
Kara huffed against Ann Marie's face, her cruel mouth twisting to bare straight, dangerous-looking teeth. "I'm just getting started working on you, Ann Marie," she said huskily. "I should have warned you a long time ago to keep out of the way of my tits if you know what's good for you."
"That's fine bold talk but if you must know I was thinking of giving you the very same warning quite a long time ago, Miss Kara," Ann Marie said as she slowly directed her boobs against Kara's. "Good thing for you that running right into me with those bully breasts of yours gave me the perfect excuse to start what I've wanted to start with you all along."
"You've got the right attitude because I've been wanting to wipe that smart slut smile off your face and teach this body of yours who's boss for a long time too," Kara said.
"You're forgetting who the teacher here is again," Ann Marie said as the two girls circled against each other, each slowly seeking advantage against the other girl's firm breasts. "I've disciplined plenty of bully girls like you, honey, and you're going to find out there's one boss in this shower and one dominant body, and that's me and mine."
"Suck my tits, cunt," Kara sneered. For the first time she maneuvered her nipples directly against Ann Marie's and both girls' breathing quickened ravenously as their hard, wet nipples came into direct contact for the first time.
"You stiff little slut," Ann Marie snarled as she ground against Kara more vigorously. Kara shuddered a little at the feel of those black, vicious nipples as her own hard rods sliced against them and plunged slowly against Ann Marie's sandpaper rough aureole skin. "I've never had a woman match up to my big nipples and you won't be the first." Both girls were stroking around each other's mammaries now in quick, muscular movements as they feinted and skirmished carefully on the slippery floor, bare breasts jostling against each other.
"You haven't been listening to your students, honey," Kara said, wincing and gasping against Ann Marie's nipples as she slapped her slippery boobs against the other woman's heavy globes viciously. "I beat every big-boobed bitch around here who ever got in my face so a creamy wop like you isn't gonna give me any trouble."
"Cunt," Ann Marie growled. The girls were jamming together now, jostling and smacking every time they closed and rammed, soap and spray splattering off each other's quivering tits as the skirmish heated up. Kara divided her attacks between hard butting rams that jammed their jiggling boobs together in hot collisions, dangerous echoes of the run-in that had ignited their feud, and slicing, slow grinds that let her cut her nipples across Ann Marie's bulging glands, albeit at the cost of the instructor's hard black nipples carving across her own sensitive, tingling tits too. The most vicious struggling took place every time they locked and corkscrewed long nipples together, twisting around one another to bend each other's shafts back painfully and abrade each other's tingling nipple flesh as much as possible. With all the soap and lather even these tingling tangles were more stimulating than painful and both Kara's and Ann Marie's breaths now came in hot, aroused gasps as they closed and slapped together body to body, dark hair tangling in curls against each other's cheeks and briefly knotting together as they struggled.
"How do those fat jugs of yours feel now, pussy?" Kara taunted as she bore herself in close to Ann Marie and both girls dragged their heavy glands against each other more slowly. Kara's snarling mouth brushed Ann Marie's slick lips with every word and the Italian hissed against her until both girls' teeth bared enough to contact the soft pillowy flesh of their gaping mouths. Ann Marie snarled and nipped at Kara's lower lip and Kara twisted against her viciously enough to catch her enemy's mouth briefly between her snapping teeth and exact a slow and ugly love bite on her rival.
"Let's see how yours feel under some real pressure, girly," Ann Marie said as her hands slapped onto Kara's love handles and slid around her back. Kara immediately responded and the girls grappled together as they bearhugged, crushing their soap-slick tits together intimately. Now Ann Marie retaliated for Kara's bite as her yawning, sexy mouth engulfed Kara's cheek and bit along her jawline, smearing blood-red lipstick across the other girl's face. Kara snarled against the bite and twisted around to bring her mouth into contact with Ann Marie's. As the two pairs of hot lips and flashing teeth closed together both girls almost hyperventilated against each other, gasping at this daring, violent near-kiss while below their bare breasts slapped and smacked as their chests briefly parted and then smacked down against each other once more to trap their four mammaries in crushing conflict. As Kara felt her nipples tearing against Ann Marie's she screeched and powered her mouth into the raven-haired instructor's in a clash of teeth and sweet flesh. Incisors cracked together as the girls maneuvered around each other's mouths until Ann Marie suddenly bit down, engulfing Kara's lips in her own. Teeth sank into Kara's snarling mouth until she twisted out of the bite and feasted on hot flesh of her own, forcing Ann Marie's hot mouth open inch by agonizing inch. She felt the instructor's tongue flash against her lips and teeth almost in spite and for a second she forced her own tongue back against the invading pinkness of Ann Marie's just to prove she wasn't above the kind of raw erotic conflict the other girl obviously craved.
Below their four bare breasts warred over the minute space between their muscular chests as each sought to crush her adversary's mammaries into cold submission. Kara widened her stance and felt Ann Marie's supple thighs brace against hers and the other girl's firm abs smack down onto her own in yet another test of womanly strength. She kept her ass flexed, pelvis cocked backward to keep her throbbing pussy out of harm's way even as she felt the heat roiling off of Ann Marie's dark bush. She forced her breasts in even tighter against the other girl's and both women screamed as their scraped, raw nipples raked against each other yet again.
"I'm going to smash the fucking milk out of your tits you big hot bitch!" Kara threatened against Ann Marie's snarling mouth. Now they wrestled toward the cold tiles of the shower room walls and Kara briefly felt her supple back smack against the tiles as Ann Marie smashed her body backward.
"I told you I've been ready to warn you away from my boobs, whore," Ann Marie growled as their mouths collided again. "I'll make you wish you never rammed your big ones against mine in that hallway today!"
"I'll teach you to think twice before you press your hot ones up against me in the middle of a classroom, you big fucking cunt!" Kara bellowed as she muscled Ann Marie off her and pivoted around to smash her soaking chest back into the other big girl and force her against the wall. Both girls now curled their fingers deep into each other's thick hair and braced body to body as the crushing, muscle against muscle struggle began to take its toll. Ann Marie was as powerful as she had long suspected while she'd studied that supple, sexily sculpted body rippling underneath her exercise outfits in class. She could feel the other woman's powerful biceps crushing against her arms and breasts as they mashed together and even as she felt the groans and gasps of pain that she was forcing out of Ann Marie's mouth she knew she was up against an equal in stamina and strength.
"It's time an arrogant bitch like you learned not to mess around with your betters," Ann Marie grunted against her.
"I'm better than you and I'll prove it on this shower room floor if I have to!" Kara snarled.
"You and that wet hot body of yours will have to do better than this if you plan to come out on top of me and mine, honey!" Ann Marie growled.
"I beat your boobs to a standstill and I'm ready to contest our differences anywhere else on your bitch body you want to!" Kara groaned and crushed back against her furiously, but both girls had by now drained the lions' share of each other's strength and the struggle was becoming slow and messy now.
"You really want to take this farther, baby," Kara groaned, "I'll fucking choke the life out of you."
As if reading her mind Ann Marie's blood-red mouth yawned ravenously and Kara pressed forward, both girls quivering in each other's muscular embrace as they dragged raw, abraded lips across one another and struggled for purchase until Ann Marie suddenly clamped her mouth down hotly on top of Kara's. Kara growled around the Italian's tongue as it invaded her mouth and she twisted against Ann Marie until she could close off the other girl's nostrils with her cheek and force her own tongue deep into her enemy's mouth, robbing her of air. Ann Marie thrashed viciously against her and soon found a way to block Kara's nose too; both girls raged and moaned into each other's angry mouths as they tried to asphyxiate each other, each still thrusting and pounding her tongue against her rival's as if she would kill her enemy with pleasure and choke her at the same time. After long moments of this deadly contest both girls withdrew, gasping against each other and tearing furiously with slow sadism into each other's hair.
It hadn't take long for the soaking wet struggle to bring both women to their knees, gasping and moaning in each other's arms as they fought to crush the resistance out of their rival.
"You kiss like a gutter whore," Ann Marie gasped as she sucked her way out of their mouth lock.
"You sucked my tongue like you suck cock bitch," Kara grunted against the Italian girl's cheek as each girl eased more of her own exhausted weight onto each other's shoulders while still managing to drag their heavy breasts sadistically slow against one another.
Kara couldn't tell any more what was soap, shower water or sweat as their slick, soaking bodies dueled, but she knew the two women had powered into each other so all-in in just a few moments that each had fought each other to the point of exhaustion. It was time to finish this once and for all.
"Why don't you show me how a common pussy fights, woman," Kara challenged.
"If you're suggesting what I think you are I don't think you're ready to handle it, whore," Ann Marie breathed.
"I'm more than ready you cheap sweaty bitch," Kara said, tensing her belly against Ann Marie's abs and clinching in even tighter against the other woman. "But only if you're tough enough to match that fucking big cunt of yours up against mine."
"I think I proved I'm not afraid to confront that hot fur you've got between those long legs of yours once already tonight, Kara Frederickson," Ann Marie huffed, twisting her tits against Kara's to emphasize her words.
"Don't make me laugh, slut," Kara snorted into the other girl's face. "Rubbing that hot crotch against mine through our shorts doesn't count for shit; I could grind pussies with you that way all night and not settle anything."
"That was just a little tease, you fucking big cunt," Ann Marie hissed. "You think you're the only girl in this locker room who's been in a real pussy fight before?"
"You're not the cunt fighting kind, girl," Kara taunted. "You like to strut your stuff but when it comes down to down and dirty fighting you wouldn't dare match pussies with a woman like me."
"Tell yourself that all you want, hussy," Ann Marie sneered. "The hard truth is I've beaten bigger cunts than yours straight up and I would dominate your pussy in any head on match-up between your snatch and mine."
"I've half a mind to grab onto that hot round ass of yours and find out if you're all talk," Kara purred into Ann Marie's face.
"You felt my nails in those hard buns of yours once tonight, honey," Ann Marie growled. "If you want your ass squeezed tight we can get in nice and close and settle this issue between us once and for all, cunt to cunt."
"Bring it on you big-boobed bitch," Kara hissed. "I'll get you back for rubbing down my snatch in class tonight and I'll show you who the top woman in this shower is right here and right now." Kara dragged her nails down Ann Marie's soapy back until her hands were clamped down on the Italian girl's round buns, and she felt Ann Marie's sharp nails cut their way down the muscles of Kara's back until they dug deep into the bully's flexing ass. Both girls groaned at this new sexual contact and they glared spitefully into each other's eyes as they probed, pinched and massaged each other's buns appreciatively, weighing the muscle and flexing themselves down there to show off their pelvic power to their rival.
Kara closed her eyes briefly as she luxuriated in the feeling of Ann Marie's bare, slippery breasts caressing hers and she shifted slightly to bring their tingling, sore nipples against each other one more time. She felt Ann Marie's hot, gasping breath on her mouth and the instructor's juicy lips closed over hers once again, closing off the world from each other's trapped tongues as they slowly licked throbbing corkscrews around each other and moaned into each other's mouths. Kara sucked the other girl's sweet taste gland hungrily and felt Ann Marie's teeth on her tongue as both girls again sucked the air from each other almost to the point of unconsciousness before pulling away and gasping against each other.
"I've been waiting for the day I would humiliate you and teach you a lesson you'll never forget," Ann Marie gasped. "You've been an insult to me ever since the first day you strutted these big tits into my class and now I'm going to make you regret that you ever set eyes on my body!"
"Don't think I haven't been biding my time and waiting to get at you too, Miss Copolla," Kara groaned. "Why do you think I took your pathetic little class, girl? I've been watching you and waiting to get in close to you just the way we are now, just you and me in private to settle our differences the dirtiest way we can."
"Looks like we're both going to get what we want right this minute then, you arrogant, big hot bitch," Ann Marie snarled. "I'm going to dominate you and that steaming cunt of yours the way someone should have dominated it a long time ago."
"Shut your mouth and press that big pussy of yours up against mine than if you're such a hard tough cunt," Kara demanded.
"Why don't you try and shut it for me, baby," Ann Marie replied, again dragging her hot lips across Kara's. "You shut my mouth and you press your cunt up to match mine because I'm going to grind your fat meat down hard."
"Bring it on, whore," Kara said as she bit into Ann Marie's lips. She felt the Italian girl's belly press into hers and the instructor's ass cheeks flex powerfully under her fingers as a burning warmth caressed Kara's cunt hair and she felt the first tickle of Ann Marie's thick black fur invade her soft bush. She forced her pelvis forward and trembled as the girls sucked on each other and Ann Marie slowly and spitefully dragged her sweaty dark carpet of fur across Kara's cunt. Kara ground her pussy upward against Ann Marie's sideswipe and both girls hissed and winced as their fur tangled and knotted, and each girl yanked away intermittently to tear some knot of intermingled fur loose and pluck it away from her rival's tingling vulva. Kara shook triumphantly as she slowly tore what seemed like dozens of curly black hairs from one side of Ann Marie's cunt and won a throaty snarl of pain from the Italian.
"You fitlhy dirty-fighting tramp!" Ann Marie hissed. "I'll pound your vulva for that!"
"That was nothing, honey," Kara promised. "I can do a lot worse to your pathetic pussy tonight and I swear to you I will once we get down to real cunt fighting."
"You don't know the meaning of the term, bitch, and I'll prove it," Ann Marie swore, crushing Kara to her and digging her cunt in deep against Kara's. Now both girls groaned as they engaged their pussies fully against each other in the hot fog of the shower. Kara hissed as she felt Ann Marie's bikini line seek out hers and the edgy sandpaper stubble there scrape painfully against her most sensitive skin.
"You fucking cunt," Kara moaned as she took the pussy assault and twisted her fur-covered labia against the instructor's, forcing her hot fur into the crevasse of Ann Marie's sex and grinding coarse hair into her enemy's cunt. Both girls wrenched against each other, buttocks pulsing as the cunt fight turned violent, each girl thrusting violently against her rival and loud, wet slaps rocking through the echo chamber of the shower.
"If you want to start a real pussy fight I'll make you regret it you bitch," Ann Marie bellowed as she continued to pound Kara's cunt. "I'm a trained athlete, not some lazy bully bitch like you, so if you want to find out who's got more pelvis power you're not going to like what you find out."
"I've outfucked more people than you'll ever match up against, girlfriend, so don't think you've got anything on me where pounding pussy's concerned!" Kara growled, grunting against the impacts against her throbbing vulva and hissing as pussy hairs were yanked and torn from her cunt and Ann Marie's attacking crotch rammed against her own firm flesh time after time. Her thigh muscles throbbed in protest as both girls struggled to brace themselves against each other and maintain their balance, splaying ever wider on their knees on the wet slippery tiles and opening their vulnerable pussies to more and more pounding abuse from their enemy. Each girl took a few clumsy shots with their fists into each other's lower back and flanks, grunting at the dull smacking impacts while knowing that their slippery fists couldn't do much damage in this slick wetness. Each girl bit and mauled at her opponent's face and mouth exhaustedly, locking up mouth to mouth as much as they could until both were too winded to close off those vital airways any longer. They hugged each other close and groaned as they continued to pound and grind their soaked cunts against each other, neither willing to admit defeat to her rival.
"You fucking hairy, hot cunt," Ann Marie gasped against Kara, managing to perform several more long, grinding rubs against Kara's pussy.
"You common pussy," Kara moaned as she retaliated for every ounce of friction Ann Marie put to her pussy.
"I'll show you how a common pussy fucks gutter cunts like yours, baby," Ann Marie countered as the girls stroked viciously against each other's sex. Kara was now almost too exhausted to hold the other girl against her but she clung to Ann Marie with a death grip that would not be broken until she passed out. Suddenly she felt her knees slip out from under her and her ass, then her back slapped to the slippery wet floor. Ann Marie's chest crushed down on top of hers with a sickly wet smack and the raven-haired girl's mouth closed over hers one final time. Ann Marie shoved her tongue deep into Kara's mouth and Kara felt the other woman's thick hot cunt smash deep into her sexual flesh, forcing the fur between them apart so that their abraded, raw vulva and pink labials folds could now caress and intermingle in superheated agony. Kara felt a tingle spread through her back and inner thighs and her pulse begin to race as the beginnings of a long, explosive orgasm began to burn through her cunt and she knew that Ann Marie would take her unless she did something. She struggled against the slick, wet body crushing down on top of her, wincing at the sharp penetration of Ann Marie's nipples cutting into her yielding breasts. Her stomach protested as she forced her cunt back up against Ann Marie's with every ounce of strength she had left, twisting against the other girl's mouth in a frenzy of sexual energy.
Kara's clit had unfurled and lengthened against Ann Marie's slick labia in the struggle as she reached her moment of ultimate desire and excitedly she felt a response from within the folds of Ann Marie's cunt as a rival sex bud throbbed against her own and slid out from beneath the instructor's labia. Kara jerked her clit against Ann Marie's and felt the other girl flinch and shudder in her embrace as their two clits suddenly engaged one another in a duel far more intimate and explosive than any their feuding body parts had undertaken so far. Her buns tensed and clenched as she forced her clit against Ann Marie's and the instructor pulled out of their deadly kiss and gasped in violation as their clits stroked one another. For one vital second Ann Marie lost control, moaning against Kara's body, and the bully twisted ferociously beneath her. The two girls struggled desperately and with renewed, bone crushing violence on the floor, chests still locked together as their duel of domination reached its climax. For one second they matched muscle on their sides and Kara sank her teeth into Ann Marie's neck, then scraped her gaping mouth down across her enemy's collar bone and sank her teeth into one black, erect nipple as the instructor screamed. That was all it took to consolidate her position and mount her enemy, slamming Ann Marie's back into the soaking floor tiles.
Kara wrestled slowly and painfully with the powerful pilates instructor as Ann Marie's gorgeous, exotic face contorted in fury and outrage at the knowledge that she could now lose this fight. Finally the slick soap and sweat worked to Kara's advantage as she slid her body upward across Ann Marie's toned olive-skinned flesh and muscle to mount her. She mated her inner thighs against Ann Marie's as she forced her enemy's long legs apart and brought their two warring cunts back together for one final showdown, now adding the force of gravity to her own supple, potent hips as she began to slowly and ferociously stroke her fur and sex against Ann Marie's throbbing pussy flesh.
"This is your last chance, bitch," she hissed as she bore her snarling mouth down against Ann Marie's lips. "If you want to match me you're going to have to stroke that big clit of yours against mine right now."
"I'm more than happy to give you clit fighting if that's what you want, you gutter whore," Ann Marie groaned even as her body began to succumb to Kara's.
It was all bravado now, Kara thought as she began to stroke her long, stiff clit against the full inch of Ann Marie's erect sex horn, matching her pink shaft against her rival's ferociously. Her breath quickened as she stabbed quick, short strokes against Ann Marie's struggling clit, fire burning through her body as the instructor's sex shaft aroused hers. She could feel her orgasm beginning to rattle her flesh but she would not allow herself to be taken until she felt this arrogant cunt surrender underneath her. Both girls cursed and swore viciously into each other's sweaty faces as they stroked violently in minute, intimate thrusts, but the pussy battle was preordained. Ann Marie's body finally gave underneath Kara's muscle and sweat as the bully took what was rightfully hers.


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