Aug 26, 2010

Vor kurzem bin ich auf die Seite gestossen. Und war ├╝berrascht festzustellen, das es hier jede Menge Catfightstories zu lesen gibt!

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Eine Story hat mir besonders gefallen, darum poste ich sie hier:

Lisa or Sara

written by cffreak

I already had already accepted a job in LA when I met Sarah during my last week in Vegas. We went out every night dancing and seeing shows. My last night in town was the best. She took me back to her place and we made out. I wanted to make love to her so badly but something held us back. Our shirts were off and I got to second base, but before we went any further we slowed down and started talking instead of petting. That I was leaving the next day weighed heavily on us I guess, and we didn't want to make commitments. The decision not to have sex with Sarah played on me for weeks as I made my new home in LA. Every so often I would find one of her long black hairs on a shirtsleeve or smell her perfume. We talked on the phone, but the physical distance created an emotional distance. Every night as I went to bed alone I thought about what could have been. Never pass up a chance for sex, you'll think about it forever.

After a month in LA, I met Lisa. She was a vendor, selling office supplies to our company. After our first meeting, she asked me out for a drink, and we hit it off from there. Coincidently, she was moving to Las Vegas to take a promotion in a regional office there. In a strange repetition of my experience with Sarah, Lisa and I went out every night of her last week in LA trying to get the most of our time together before Lisa left. Unlike with Sarah, Lisa and I never made out, but we certainly flirted. Somehow I thought that if I acted platonic, it would be platonic.

I called Sarah at night telling her about Lisa. Sarah said was happy for me, implying that I was having sex with Lisa. I laughed it off awkwardly saying that I wasn't getting any sex. Sarah seemed happy when I said good night and that she looked forward to meeting Lisa in Las Vegas.

I told Lisa about all my adventures in with Sarah in Vegas and that she should meet Sarah when she arrived. I got along so well with these women that I figured they could become friends. My experience with Sarah kept me from getting physical with Lisa, except for the last minute. When I took Lisa to the airport, she gave me a very passionate kiss goodbye. For many nights after that I dreamed about both Lisa and Sarah. Suppressing sexual desire only makes it stronger.

As soon as I could get some time off, I arranged a trip to Vegas. Sarah and Lisa were there to meet me at the airport. I found that they had indeed become great friends. Every night we went out to clubs and shows, talking, drinking and laughing like I had done with each of the girls individually. As I should have expected, I found myself really turned on by them both. I still had my sexual fantasies about Sarah and I wanted to follow up that kiss with Lisa. But as a trio, I never had an opportunity to get closer to one or the other. There was a very odd dynamic as both girls openly, and innocently, flirted with me. Would I tell one girl that I needed to be alone with the other? But which one? They were both so hot. It was impossible to decide. They didn't make it easy either.

Women are naturally very competitive. Very quickly they size each other up. Their choice of shoes, hours picking the right outfit, doing their hair and makeup are ostensibly done to attract men, but really guys could care less about the finer details. They mostly just want to see some curves. The real reason, I believe that women spend extra time on those details, is for the sake of other women, not to attract them, but in an unconscious way, to intimidate them. If two single women are going out to a club to meet some men or worse, if they know there will be competition to win the attention of a particular man, they take special care to look just right. Very quickly the competing women will size each other up, and most often they back down to the woman with right look. Even so, after women have presented themselves to each other, the verbal competition begins. It may be too late to go back and change into some other clothes after a woman sees another has beaten her in the appearance competition, but it's never too late to say something catty. Men have their own ways of sexually competing, but with women, it is both fierce and subtle. Of course, most women don't do this consciously, but rather biologically they are driven to compete, like all animals compete, to win the sexual affections of the opposite sex. The sense of sexual competition between Sarah and Lisa was palpable.

Sarah never talked about our week together and Lisa never talked about our kiss. I'm sure they had talked about me, and knew I had not had sex with either of them. Everything about their actions was subtly intended to get me to either pay more attention or belittle the other.

The major clue I had was that the hemlines on their dresses rose every night and their cleavage became more and more pronounced. They had conversations about not liking some kinds of clothes, perfumes and colors. I couldn't help notice that it was likely that when one girl said she didn't like something, like a perfume or color, it was probable the other girl owned it and wore it.

My last night in Vegas was the climax. We started out by going out to dinner at the restaurant in the casino I where I was staying. They showed up in the tiniest cocktail dresses. The men in the place couldn't take their eyes off these girls. Sarah and Lisa played it for all it was worth. All through dinner they snuggled up on either side of me rubbing their legs over mine and pushing their chests into my arms. They unnecessarily presented their cleavage to me at every opportunity. Whenever one talked the other would attempt to distract me. It was a clear battle for my attention.

Later on the dance floor the contest was much more pronounced. Lisa commented that our going out like this was like that TV show where they have competitive dating. Two girls go out with the same guy and he picks one at the end. She was right? Was I supposed to pick one of these girls at the end of the night? As all three of us danced together, they bumped hips to gain position in front of me. It looked playful, but a careful look at their faces revealed growing frustration and a real competitive zeal. As we danced, Lisa rolled herself into Sarah and they ended up butt to butt. They did this little wiggle step that looked almost choreographed; it was so sexy. They pressed their asses into each other hard. Lisa seemed to be forcing Sarah's dress up and Sarah scowled, as she had to grab the hem of her dress to keep it rising too high. Still back-to-back Sarah looked at me and asked, "Do you prefer women with large breasts like mine or smaller ones like Lisa's?"

Lisa bumped butt and Sarah stumbled forward. Then Lisa stepped in front of me presenting her wonderful cleavage saying, "I think she needs glasses."

We all stopped dancing as Lisa and Sarah turned to face each other. Their chests thrust out, we all looked down at the four breasts in front of us.

"A little more than a handful is about right," is all I could say in an awkward voice. This was all more than I could handle.

The Lisa pushed forward and thrust her chest right into Sarah. Lisa's boobs rammed right into Sarah's causing Sarah to stumble back as step. Sarah was taken back for a moment and brought her hands up to cover and defend her chest.

"See," Lisa said, "a wimpy little tits."

"Fuck you" Sarah said and bumped her boobs back into Lisa's.

Lisa's hands came up with claws out, but I recovered quickly to stop the impending catfight. People around the club were starting to at us.

"Let's take this upstairs." Sarah said.

"Fine" returned Lisa.

I was flabbergasted. My dick was so hard I couldn't walk straight. I didn't think what was going to happen next, but it involved two sexy girls talking about my opinion of their breasts.

Lisa grabbed my hand and raced me out of the dinning room to the elevator. Sarah followed in close pursuit. We entered the elevator and another woman came in behind us. Sarah turned to face this stranger, and must have given her a deathly look as the other woman backed out of the elevator with a frightened expression on her face. The ride up took forever as Lisa and Sarah stared each other down.

We walked to my room quietly; I opened the door and let the two girls go in. When I closed the door behind me, and turned around, I found Sarah and Lisa quietly and calmly pulling each other's hair out by the roots. Their faces were perfectly calm as if this was the most natural thing in the world to be doing. In fact, I could pick up a slight smile on their faces even though they were clearly enduring a lot of pain. I could see a fair amount of long blond hair falling on Lisa's shoulder and a clump of Sarah's dark hair fall to the ground.

My cock was still rock hard. In fact, the sight of these girls' straining and flexing bodies challenging each other was making me harder than I think I have ever been. My heart was racing. I thought I was going to have the threesome of my life. I envisioned the girls vying to get at my cock, not mixing it up in a vicious catfight.

But it was not a vicious catfight. This was slow, quiet and calculating. They exchanged cold stares while they grabbed two fists of the other girl's hair. Their dresses rose up to their hips, as they each took a wide stance to keep balance against the force of the other's hair pull. I couldn't help comparing their bodies. In their high heels and dresses that had risen way too high, I was transfixed, admiring their amazing strong shapely legs and round hard derrieres. The two dresses seemed to become even tighter, as their breasts tried to burst from their cleavage enhancing bras those lace was just barely visible. I was still thinking of their breast comparison argument on the dance floor, and was now sure there wasn't much difference in size there. These girls took very good care of their bodies and looked quiet similar. The only obvious difference was their hair and skin tone. Sarah was very fair skinned with dark black hair and Lisa was a "Santa Monica baby" with a tan color and beach blonde hair. Both girls had bright blue eyes that were locked in a devastating staring contest.

More and more hair was falling to the floor and on to their cleavage. Still they had what seemed like little smiles on their faces, even though they had strained looks in their eyes. Then it dawned on me, their smiles came from the pain they caused the other and sight of the loss of the other's hair. It was also clear to me they were making an effort to conceal their emotions behind a smile, not wanting to show any sign of weakness. Their smiles were a sign of confidence, a way of hiding emotion and a result of the genuine pleasure in recognizing a victory over the other. But after a few minutes of this quiet battle, the strain was obvious on their faces. First Lisa, then Sarah, closed her eyes.

I was frozen in my tracks. I realized that my hand was still on the door handle. As I released it, the door slammed shut. The sound jolted me as if from a dream. It felt like ear plugs were removed from my ears and my vision seemed to sharpen. I could hear the girls quietly saying to each other, "Bitch, slut, bitch, he's mine," as if they were having a calm conversation.

Lisa and Sarah had seemed like such nice fun loving women. Now they looked like two dominatrices battling for supremacy. I stepped forward towards them very uncertain what to do. I would have jumped in, and pulled them apart, if they were rolling on the floor, scratching and screaming. But this seemed like some kind of sexual ritual. I was completely frozen by hedonistic lust at this display that was so primal and animalistic.

As I stepped next to them, I could see their smiles were gone, and their eyes were watering. They had pulled out more hair than I had thought. I watched some of Sarah's dark hair float down and slide onto her smooth breast. Their cleavage was impressive, and I mentally kicked myself for looking at their tits instead of trying to stop this violent scene.

"Listen girls," I said. "Stop this."

Lisa's lips parted but she didn't speak. Her lips sparkled as she exhaled. Then I looked at Sarah's shiny lips. I wanted to kiss them both.

Suddenly they shifted positions, each girl opened her legs a little wider to get a better balance. Their high heels dug into the carpet. They were pulling each other's heads around by the hair, and probably trying to knock the other down with a pull. Their hemlines were now over their hips allowing me to see two stringy thongs, not doing a very good job of hiding the two pussies I had dreamed about these last months. This detail I did not miss, as I thought about these girls getting dressed earlier in the evening, preparing to go out with me for the night. They both chose to wear this kind of underwear for only one reason.

I couldn't help myself. I reached down with my left hand to touch Sarah's dampening thong. With my right hand I touched Lisa's pussy. They were both soaking wet and ready. I heard Lisa moan. I'm sure I found her clit. Then all hell broke loose. Their hands must have slipped. Or perhaps entire locks of hair were pulled from the scalp. But in an instant, as I massaged two engorged clitorises, there was a flurry of hands flying by my face. Lisa connected a terrific slap across Sarah's face and Sarah returned the sentiment with hard fist driven into Lisa's right breast. Lisa fell back on the bed and Sarah against the wall.

Lisa bounced on the bed and back to her high heels, lunging at Sarah. Their nails were out like daggers as they each caught each other's right hand with her left. They danced around the room like this for a moment, but couldn't keep balance. This was a catfight. They fell. Down on the floor their legs tangled and their breasts mashed together. With their first scream, I dove down between them and pushed them apart.

"That's enough!" I yelled.

They both sat on the floor looking at each other. They looked so sexy with wild hair and bosoms heaving. There was a bite mark on Sarah's left breast. Lisa was rubbing her groin where Sarah had sharply kneed Lisa's sex.

For a long time we all sat on the floor catching our breath. The sight of their cleavage barely held back by these lacey bras and exposed smooth sexy legs was too much. Their dresses were ripped open and falling off. And what was just a little water in the eyes had turned into quiet tears coming from both girls. This evening seemed ruined. My cock was still rock hard, but it was not going to get any pussy tonight. And most likely I had ruined even a chance at friendship, let alone any sexual relationship, with either of these hot girls in the future.

Lisa picked up a handful of Sarah's black hair from the floor and smirked at Sarah. Sarah reached up and touched her scalp from wear that hair came from.

"Bitch," Sarah said softly. "Get the fuck out of here, unless you want to watch me fuck my man."

"Not a chance, bitch. How about this: I slap the shit out of you, and sit there crying and watch while I fuck my man."

Slowly the girls stood up. I shot to my feet.

"Not like this!" I said. "There won't be anything left of you. And I'm not going to have sex with either of you if I'm taking one or both of you to the hospital."

"Well I'm not sharing you with her!"

"Neither am I."

Again we were quiet for a moment. Again I found myself checking out these two sexy fighters instead of working out a solution to this problem.

I was looking at Sarah's scratch on her bosom as she scolded me, "Why did you bring us up here if you didn't expect a catfight?"

I blinked and thought. I did not expect a catfight. Did I? I think I wanted a three-way, or some kinky competition for my attention to continue in the bedroom. But wait? "Expect a catfight," she had said; Sarah seemed to expect a catfight. From Sarah's tone it seemed like she wanted a catfight and I was the bad guy for stopping it.

"You thought you were going have a nice little threesome, huh?" Lisa said.

"I don't know what I thought." I honestly said. I explained that I had wanted to have sex with both of them ever since I had known them. I thought I would be lucky to have either of them. And now, with both of them fighting for me, I was out of my element. "I suppose I brought you up here to keep you making a scene down in the club downstairs. That was really sexy when you bumped your breasts together. I've been on sexual autopilot since then. I am such a breast man you know and that was the sexiest thing I've ever seen."

Lisa confidently pulled off what was left of her dress and stood there with her tiny thong and lacey push up bra.

"Now you know why they call those miracle bras." Sarah said looking at Lisa's intense cleavage.

Lisa raised her eyes and put her hands on her hips facing Sarah.

Sarah responded by pulling off her dress. She too had a lacey bra and tiny thong. She up fastened her bra and dropped it to the floor. Aside from the red mark on her left breast, her breasts were perfect.

"You should leave before you embarrass yourself, sweetie." Sarah said presenting her nice hard breasts.

Lisa replied by dropping her bra to the floor too. Sarah was overconfident. From my perspective, Lisa's breasts were outstanding, certainly just as impressive as Sarah's. Sarah placed her hands on her hips to match Lisa's pose, as they pointed their nipples as each other, inviting me to compare and pick the best.

I don't know how to measure women's chest sizes from just looking, but I am a breast man. Like I said on the dance floor, more than a handful is a waste. But I do like a handful, not too small and not too big. This sight was making me dizzy. They were inviting me to compare. What was I supposed to do? Bigger breasts are not better, and besides, there was no clear visual difference. These girls both had amazing bodies. They had nice round tits with what looked like rock hard nipples. Sarah's nipples were darker than Lisa's pink buttons. Lisa's beach body had no tan line, and Sarah's white skin had probably never seen the sun. The girls took pleasure in my gaze, as my head whipped from side to side from Lisa to Sarah and back. They posed and thrust out their chests knowing that I was comparing them.

Then breaking the spell, Lisa turned and picked up the phone.

"Room service, I'd like to order some champagne on ice." Lisa said giving a nasty look at Sarah, and then smiled at me. "Fine. Thanks."

Lisa looked at me and did a little shimmy making her chest a wiggle. Then Lisa looked at Sarah and walked right up to her. I sat up straight, ready to jump between them again. Sarah took a step forward to meet Lisa, and they glared at each other.

"So," Lisa said to Sarah without blinking. "You think your tits are better than mine, huh?"

"Most definitely." Sarah replied. "The breast man here thinks so too."

"Those soggy things?"

"Ha! Firmer and bigger than yours."

Now with the girls, just inches apart, standing nipple to nipple I could see that Sarah was overstating things. At this angle, it looked like Lisa might even be a bit bigger. Sarah's breasts were nice and round, while Lisa might be a bit pointier. But those were slight differences. I could never pick whose breasts I liked better. The word "firmer" echoed in my head.

Lisa used her forearms to squeeze her tits together and said, "Firmer than mine? Bull shit. Didn't you feel my breasts squish yours down there on the dance floor."

"In your dreams."

"You're afraid to finished what you started."

My mind went back to a few minutes earlier when Sarah and Lisa bumped boobs down on the dance floor.

Sarah and Lisa looked down at their nipples that were just inches apart. I could see the mark on Sarah's breast where Lisa bit it. And Sarah must have felt my gaze. We all three looked at the mark on Sarah's left breast.

"You're going to pay for that."

"Ooo," Lisa replied quickly. "That must hurt. That will bruise. Looks like it's turtle necks for you for a while."

In sharp reaction to Lisa's words, Sarah stabbed her left breast into Lisa's right breast. Lisa inhaled and gave a shocked look as if Sarah had just plunged a knife into her. Didn't she expect that? Or maybe Sarah's breast was more solid than Lisa thought?

But Lisa quickly recomposed herself, smiled, and then pushed her breast back into Sarah's. For a second both women betrayed a nervous look as the stared intently at their breast-to-breast contact. This was a moment of truth. Up until now it was all words, but now they were in physical contact, they had established a whole new level of communication. I suppose if one of the girls' breasts were firmer, now we would know. But I saw no sign of confidence or fear after their nervous look disappeared. They both sneered and gave the other an angry look. Neither would back down.

Slowly, the girls brought their other breasts into contact. Their tits mashed together methodically as they angled their shoulders. For a long moment these two nearly naked women stood their ground, hands on hips, leaning into each other touching only breast to breast. We all looked carefully for any sign of weakness, if either girl's breasts proved stronger, more dominant.

I can't say how sexy this looked. In thongs and high heels; certainly these hard bodies were sexy enough alone; seeing them both like this doubled the effect. But now that they stood pressed together in this unique kind of feminine challenge, the sex allure was multiplied. I felt they understood this. That by pressing their breasts together my sexual response would be exaggerated. Their aggressive facial expressions and stance directed at each other was sexy in itself, but that they flexed their muscles and tightened their chests, only improved the look of these two sexy bodies. But most of all, this was an amazing declaration of sexual desire for me. They were presenting their nearly naked bodies to me for me to judge and pick a winner. On top of that, they were using their own body try to try to minimize, literally reduce the breast size of the other. I always imagined that girls took pride in the size and shape of their breasts, and in competition with another girl, would want to minimize the allure of her rival's chest. That these girls wanted to have sex with me so much, that they did not want to share, and in fact, were willing to physically engage each other was a dizzying measure of how much they wanted me. This expression of sexual libido elicited a stronger sexual desire in me.

The girls were clearly increasing the pressure, as I witnessed their bosoms mash together, cleavage enhanced even more, as breasts rose and pushed back. It was clear from my view that they had met their match. When they first touched breast to breast each had a moment of trepidation. They were both clearly proud of their reasonably large chests, but neither girl's chest size was particularly over-sized. When it was clear that the winner would not be chosen by breast size, it was a matter of firmness and fitness. That meant a physical contest. That must have taken some will, and confidence, for each girl to test her breast against the other. If one girl's breasts had proven significantly firmer, would the loser pack up and go home? Maybe not, but I can only imagine an experience like that would scar you for a long time. Standing naked in front of the man you want to fuck, with your rival right in front of you, a woman could never want it shown that her rival's breasts are better. I can only imagine the desire to win such a contest must have been the driving force. Or perhaps given the right circumstance, the very rare proximity and setting, when two heterosexual women are alone with the man they are competing for, topless and too close for comfort, yelling, hitting, scratching or kicking will not do. Nipple to nipple, when two rival women meet like this, the most natural base instinct, unless completely obvious who would win, would be to have a tit fight. Maybe they could not help themselves. Still, that they did that kind of test, breast-to-breast, was amazing, instead of trying to renew their cat scratching and clawing. But like their hair pulling display before, they both remained calm, and in fact, like before, they each smiled from time to time. Again, the devilish smile each girl occasionally displayed was not a result of physical pleasure, but rather from a sense that her breast had demonstrated some kind of superiority over it's counter part, perhaps causing some pain, or finding some softness or weakness in the other's breast.

This breast-to-breast challenge was more than I could handle. I thought I would shoot my load in my pants right there. Why was this so sexy? It was sexy when they were rolling on the floor legs tangled, scratching and biting. The display of flexed muscles, the increasing exposure of feminine skin through ripped clothes, and mostly because I was the object of such sexual lust, made this the sexiest experience of my life. But this was better. Why was this calm bosom against bosom challenge so much sexier? I mean, it seemed that this would be a contest to see whose tits could dish out the most damage to the other girl's, or rather it was a test to see which girl could endure the most pressure. How was that sexier? Did I just want to choose the girl who had the least sensitive breasts? That wasn't it. But really, I was not choosing at all. And that was it. These girls knew that I found their cleavage irresistibly attractive, I loved their breasts, and I could never choose between them. Women instinctively compete with each other by showing off their breasts, so Sarah and Lisa took it to the next level by physically challenging each other with their breasts. They knew I didn't want the girl who could scratch or bite harder, but rather I wanted the girl who displayed some kind of feminine superiority over the other. I wanted them to pick the winner. Each girl wanted me to see her own breasts, the thing I found so sexy, physically dominate her rival's breasts. We all seemed to understand that these girls matching sexual assets would best decide this sexual conflict.

Like a slow dance, the girls stepped around the hotel room touching only breast to breast. But they pushed hard. Occasionally, one would breath in quickly, as if in reaction to a shock, and the other girl would give a devilish smile. This was a slow methodical contest. It occurred to me that they were literally feeling each other out. Lisa might shift her weight and bring her chest down, while Sarah would react by bending her knees to position her beasts a little below Lisa's. Then, as if in agreement, they would both pause and push, looking very carefully into the other's eyes for any sign of weakness. After assessing the result, they would reposition their breasts again, pause, and push. Sometimes I would see Lisa's eyes blink or Sarah's lips part, in reaction to the assault of the other. Eyes would widen in recognition or discovery of some dark secret the other girl was hiding. I hardly realized that beyond this breast challenge the girls were engaged in a deadly staring contest. They were looking deep into the other's eyes, into each other's souls, measuring each other's commitment to this fight and trying to implant doubt into the other's psyche.

They stood perfectly still now, and I could see the blood pumping in their necks and shoulders, as their entire body sought to repel the invading nipples of the rival girl. Slowly their expressions changed. Biceps flexed and thighs tightened. Something was going to happen.

There was a knock on the door. The spell was broken as the girls separated and backed away from each other. I looked from Sarah to Lisa. With their backs to each other, they both hid a worried look in their faces as they cautiously did breast self-examinations.

I went to the door. It was the champagne, of course. I paid the delivery woman and took the tray in myself.

As I set the ice bucket down, I noticed there were only two glasses. Lisa and Sarah had renewed confident looks on their faces. As I went to open the bottle, without a word of explaining, the girls took some ice from the bucket. Methodically, as if by practiced routine, the girls rubbed their breasts, and nipples in particular, with ice cubes. Again the staring contest was on. I put the un-opened bottle back into the bucket and sat on the edge of the bed. This was not over.

Their breasts must have been freezing cold, but it was obvious what they were doing. I could see their nipples harden and their breasts seem to firm up as goose bumps formed. Their skin glistened, as it grew moist. But neither girl shivered or showed any sign of weakness. Lisa threw her ice cube on the floor. Sarah put hers in her mouth and slowly sucked it in puckering her lips. The large ice cube was just the width of my erect cock, and I'm sure Sarah knew that.

Lisa smirked and stepped forward toe to toe with Sarah. Sarah didn't back down, instead she brought her nipples into contact with Lisa's again. For a moment they stood there nipple-to-nipple hardly moving. What were they doing? Were they giving the other a chance to back down? Was this just a feminine dominance thing? I stood up next to them, looked closer at the nipple contact and could see what was going on. They were nipple dueling. Their iced nipples jabbed, parried then pressed together, trying to bend the other back, to the side or something. It seemed that Lisa's nipples were getting the worst of it. Sarah's nipples jabbed directly into Lisa's, and seemed to actually push Lisa's nipples back into Lisa's breasts, to the immense satisfaction of Sarah.

I placed my left arm around Lisa and my right arm around Sarah almost unconsciously. That seemed to break some kind of spell. Lisa backed up and looked at me.

"Lose the pants, Mister!" Lisa ordered.

It didn't take a second for me to be completely naked. I stood proudly with my erection pointing up into the sky like a flagpole.

Sarah looked down admiring this sight. Lisa grabbed another ice cube.

"That's not going to help sister." Sarah said looking at Lisa icing her nipples again.

"Now that I can see what I'm fighting for," Lisa replied gesturing at my cock, "I have the inspiration I need."

Again, Lisa threw her ice cube down and stepped up to Sarah. Sarah stood her ground. Their breasts touched and pressed into each other again.

"Come here sweetie," Sarah said to me. "Come in close, and watch my tits crush hers."

I didn't hesitate. Again I put my arms around both girls. At the same time, the girls placed their arms around each other. I found that my cock was longer than it had ever been. I looked in amazement as it slid between the two girls' smooth hard stomachs. I moved my hands down to the small of their backs, and pushed them together so that their abs mashed into my swelling cock. I grabbed their asses as I had longed to do all week. As I squeezed, was shocked when I heard both girls give off a little scream. My vision was so dizzy that I didn't noticed what they were doing to each other. Each girl had brought her hands up to the shoulder blades of the other girl and pulled in a hard deadly embrace, slamming their tits into each other. They were engaged in a vicious mutual bear hug. Their breasts, which had normally projected out perhaps two inches from their chests, were now compressed down to just a half an inch. The volume of their chests was pressing out in all directions. Each was trying to crush the life out of the other girl's breasts with her own breasts, right under my nose. As they squeezed the reaction was intense in their faces. After they screamed, each closed her eyes, not wanting to admit her feelings to the other, not wanting to allow the other girl to look into her eyes and reveal any loss of pride.

With my face just inches away from theirs, I could feel their rapid breath. They no doubt felt my throbbing cock mashed between their bodies. With my arms wrapped around their tiny waists, I realized I was keeping them from falling over. They had abandoned any notion of trying to keep balance as they pressed together; thigh against thigh, belly button kissing belly button, and breast battling breast.

Rapidly they shifted their arms so that they were completely hugging each other's upper body. Their faces pressed together like their breasts did. Everything about these girls was squeezed together with my erection inserted between them. I couldn't help myself by again placing my hands on their asses and squeezing. My dick was compressed and as they shifted and angled; it was rolled and massaged.

They groaned from the pain they inflicted on each other, but it seemed like a reaction to my cock penetrating between them. In my mind, the sounds of their groans, reactions to the breast stab of the other, sounded like moans of sexual pleasure. Their foreheads bumped as they looked down to their battling boobs. As their compression increased, they moaned again while pressing their faces together. They rolled their heads so that they were cheek to cheek. Lisa's left eyelash poked into Sarah's eyelash as they both looked up at me with their beautiful gleaming sexy blue eyes. The girls' lips were slightly parted as they took rapid breaths quick short exhales. Their eyes look longingly and deep into mine. And again, in reaction to a mutual thrust, they moaned. As they squeezed hard again, breast mashing into breast, their lips moistened. This conflict, this endurance test, sounded less like a fight and more like an orgasmic experience. Their rapid breathing, their longing looks that begged me to choose and fuck, their moans in rhythmic response to their tightening and relaxing embrace felt more like sex to me than any conflict. And maybe that was the point, as these girls wanted to sexually defeat the other.

The expression in these girls' faces was orgasmic, literally. I could not resist the sight of those moist red parted lips. I pressed forward to kiss; I don't know whom. And our lips met. Two tongues lashed out and entered my mouth. I sucked them both in and we all three met in the most erotic kiss of my life. But it didn't last long as I felt their tongues press together. Each girl used her tongue to push the other's tongue away. I pulled back and saw what I suppose most every guy secretly fantasizes about, two sexy girls kissing.

Is that why men like to see catfights? Is that what was so special about this tit-fight? Men have some irrational longing to see lesbian kissing, or sex, so therefore this conflict was some kind of sublimation of that? These girls were far from lesbian, and had absolutely no desire to sexually satisfy the other. In fact, their every effort was to diminish the sexual appeal of the other. Their kiss did not last a second as they spit on each other, and I could see the distain in their eyes as they pulled their heads back while jamming their breasts into each other even harder. They didn't loosen their grip one bit. As they looked down at their breasts pressed together, I could see the disappointed expression in each girl's face from the disillusionment that her breasts had not crushed, penetrated or otherwise dominated the other girl's breasts. These girls each had always had some measure of pride in her figure and chest in particular. Each girl was genuinely confident that her breasts were better. Over the last few weeks, they must have compared, and sized each other up, learning the other's pride in "her babies," her own beloved boobs. Knowing this about the other, and feeling increasingly competitive, sexually challenged, these girls physically wanted to impress the superiority of her breasts over her rival.

Now with my left hand on Lisa's ass, and my right on Sarah's, the girls leaned their upper bodies back a little. Still pressing their thighs and stomachs into each other with my cock still trapped between, their breasts parted a little but still touched nipple to nipple.

For the first time in this contest, some strategy seemed to come into play. Earlier, before the champagne arrived, they had taken it slow, probing, adjusting and thrusting, looking to see the reaction in the other's face. Now they put that information to the test. With their arms around each other, I could clearly see Lisa lower her nipple in order to jab the under side of Sarah's right breast. Sarah was wise to this and tried to bring her breast down so they would impact nipple to nipple. I could sense Sarah's desire to invert Lisa's nipple with her own. Their chests mashed together hard, and from the look on Sarah's face, Lisa must have got the best of that encounter. Lisa smiled and released Sarah. But Sarah recovered quickly and held her chest up high and proudly.

"Afraid to go nipple to nipple with me?" Sarah asked.


The girls lined up their nipples and pressed in.

Sarah looked at me with some confidence and said, "Oh sweetie, too bad you can see what's going on between our tits. My nipples are completely inverting hers back into her body. I'm tit fucking her right now."

"Bull shit!" Lisa protested

Sarah rolled her shoulders causing the four breasts to roll and dispense some pain to Lisa, who could not conceal twinge. Sarah gave a satisfied laugh.

"See," Sarah said. "My breasts own her breasts."

But then Lisa rolled her shoulders also causing the four breasts to roll and grind. Now both girls moaned and Sarah sneered back. They grabbed each other's back high and tight, then started to roll and grind their breasts together hard without pulling back. Seeing rival breasts grind into each other was like rolling two balloons into each other. As the girls rolled their shoulders, they also wiggled their hips causing my cock to grind between their hard abs. I was worried I was going to pop before one of these breasts did.

I could see what seemed to be a little tear in Lisa's eyes. Sarah noticed as well and gave a satisfied evil smirk. But then her confident expression vanished as she too winced in pain.

Lisa loosened her grip and Sarah relaxed causing their breasts to re-inflate back to their full size. But just as quickly, the girls pulled each other in causing their breasts to mushroom together. This time Sarah let out a squeaking sound. I felt the muscles in Sarah's back loosen. Sarah's mouth opened slightly as if to say something. The girls relaxed as they made eye contact, then quickly they pulled their breasts together again. Their breasts mashed and flattened. But unlike before, when their collision looked like two round balloons mashing together, there were crease lines showing, which seemed more like two rippling cans crushed together than any kind of flexible ball.

Again they relaxed and again they crushed together. The women moaned in response. But it seemed that Lisa was getting the best of Sarah. Lisa must have found a weak spot and was jabbing her nipples in over and over again. Sarah tried to maintain her composure, but now I saw a tear in Sarah's eyes. Lisa pressed the matter and pulled Sarah's chest into hers again. This time Sarah let out an involuntary squeal.

"Fuck!" Sarah yelled.

Lisa acted quickly and brought her right breast under Sarah's left and thrust Sarah's boob up. Then Lisa pushed Sarah's breasts to the right and left. Sarah desperately tried to catch her breath with each of Lisa's assaults.

I could feel Sarah's grip loosen around Lisa. And Lisa's grip tightened. Lisa's eyes were red and watery with tears ready to fall, but everything else about Lisa said, victory. There was an intense look in her eye while Sarah's face revealed a sense of desperation.

Lisa's tan boobs were pushing Sarah's porcelain breasts every which way. It seemed that Lisa had more control over Sarah's breasts than Sarah did. Now when they mashed their bosoms into each other, Lisa's breasts seemed to keep their shape while Sarah's sagged and deflated. Only moments ago it looked like they were pressing four peaches into each other, now it seems like Lisa's hard fruit were playing games with Sarah's water balloons. Sarah started to silently sob.

Lisa looked deep into Sarah's eyes.

"Can you feel that, bitch? That's the feeling of my tits beating yours."

Lisa grabbed Sarah in tight, and gave her a hard long squeeze. Their noses touched and breasts mashed together hard. But it was now quiet evident that Sarah's breasts were sagging and mashed back by Lisa's hard breasts that barely changed shape. Sarah brought her hands around onto the front of Lisa's shoulders, and tried to push Lisa away. But Lisa had Sarah in a tight vise grip and I was still holding them together at the waist. Bringing her breasts above Sarah's, Lisa jammed them down creating quite a sight. Lisa's breasts covered Sarah's breasts, perhaps engulfing them, as Sarah's sagged below. Lisa pulled back, causing their breasts to separate. Lisa's breasts stood out high and proud, while Sarah's noticeably sagged below. Sarah dropped her hands in defeat. I thought my cock would explode between their girls.

Finally, for good measure, Lisa looked up at me with confidence, lined her nipples into Sarah's and clearly pushed Sarah's nipples back into her body. Sarah was crying now.

Lisa released Sarah and I stepped back. Sarah crumpled to the floor grabbing her chest as Lisa towered over her.

Lisa ripped off her thong and pushed me back onto the bed. I don't know how long Sarah stayed there on the floor as Lisa mounted me, and fucked my brains out. I have never seen such a look of pride on a woman's face as Lisa's, as she cupped her breasts fondling them as she road on top of me. She gripped them tight and squeezed them together as she closed her eyes tossing her hair back. Then her whole body seemed to contract and shiver. As she shook, she started to moan and repeat, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Her orgasm put me over the edge. As she came, her vagina seemed to clamp down crushing my erection as if in a vice grip. Lisa opened her eyes wide, and staring at me, she said, "Tell me I'm sexier than that bitch. Tell me my tits are better than Sarah's!"

I shot my load into Lisa, an ejaculation like I have never felt. I reached up and grabbed Lisa's breast squeezing and kneading them as I mindless said, "Yes, yes, oh Lisa you are the sexiest woman I have ever known."

"You liked watching my breasts beat Sarah's, didn't you?"

I had to admit it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. "Oh yes!" was all I could say as my cock pumped away.

"Tell me my breasts are better than Sarah's!"

I could feel the last drop of cum drain from my now fading cock. I was completely relaxed, as if I had just released and injected all my energy into Lisa. She was beaming as she sat proudly on top of me.

"Yes, baby," I said. "Your breasts are so much better than Sarah's. She was a fool to challenge you. When your breasts beat hers that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen."

Then I hear the door to the hotel room open and slam shut.

Lisa glanced to the door smiled then fell on my chest giving me a deep penetrating kiss.


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