Sep 22, 2010

Catfight Worldwide

Ich habe dieses Bild zufällig online gefunden. Scheinbar plant da jemand demnächst ein Catfightgame für die Playstation 3 herauszubringen. Ob der Mann allerdings eine Firma findet die dazu bereit ist, ist wohl noch fraglich.

Hier ein Text aus einem Forum:

“Catfight world wide” is my final computer game project for the university. It’s a fighting game just like the Street Fighter and Tekken series. The difference is that all my characters are sexy women from around the world. Sixteen women from sixteen countries. Every character has some deadly special moves about their nationality in a girlish style. All character works done 120x70 cm and the poster is 100x70 cm.

This project has been selected for the June/July edition of the Digital Arts magazine which covers 8 pages of my interview and my works. Moreover Alaska character was the cover page. Photoshop magazine is also made 4 pages interview with me for "Catfight" project in November 2008 issue. Online design magazine "Futuristika" made an interview with me about "Catfight" and world of ad industry
Y&R's official magazine "Cimbiz" give a place to one of my characters painting steps. It was something like a small tutorial.Online design magazine “Bobd china” add 5 of my Catfight characters in website’s digital painting section.

Und hier ein Link zur offiziellen Seite des Machers:

Sep 3, 2010

GOOD Show! Jelly Wrestling from "Silk Stalkings"

Aus der 90er jahre TV-Show "Silk Stalkings" (Palm Beach Duo)kommt eine Folge in der es um den Mord an einer "Mud Wrestling Queen" geht. Dabei gibt es einige sehr kurze, aber sehr schöne Ausschnitte aus einem Jelly-Wrestling Event. Lohnenswert, mal reinzugucken!