Jun 24, 2012

3 Busty Models all want Revenge...

“ 3 Busty Models all want Revenge!”

Written by: “loosegoose” – Originally published on: freecatfights.com
Pamela Anderson on the Beach
Michelle Marsh
Michelle Marsh
Lucy Pinder
Lucy Pinder
Gemma Atkinson
Pamela Anderson
Gemma Atkinson

"You First! Now go get her!" One gorgeous bikini clad busty babe takes off, first a sexy "boob bouncing" trot, then breaks into a run as she charges towards her gorgeous unsuspecting prey. "Argggggh...What the hell?" Pamela Anderson screams as Gemma gives her a hard shove-her open palms slamming into her shoulders; Gemma schreeches to a halt, turns and comes back. Pamela Anderson's surprise turns to anger as she stumbles forward in the sand; she almost does a nose dive into the warm wet beach sand. "Think she'll take her down?" Michelle laughs. "Not a chance," Lucy chirps as she watches Gemma and Pam engage in a slapping, hair pulling contest. Pam's no pushover and easily matches Gemma Whaack. Whaacck. The two busty beauties continue their slaps; Pam slaps harder. Suddenly she feints a punch to Gemma's face; Gemma raises her hands in protection and is treated to a solid well placed punch to her belly, just above the naval. Gemma gasps, she slowly drops to her knees. "Let's see 'em," Pam snickers as she grabs the thin straps of Gemmas bikini top and with a sneer of glee, renders her attacker topless. Pow. Pow. Two snap punches, one to each beautiful breast. And then- WHAM. A knockout punch to that lovely face; beautiful eyes glaze as that gorgeous body begins to fall. "Shouldn't pick fights with tough ass blondes," Pam says as she slowly turns to face up close and personal danger- "My turn!" Michelle shouts as she snaps a punch to Pam's jaw, that snaps the busty blonde bombshells head sideways. "C'mon take her down," Lucy mutters to herself. She was a bit surprised how fast Gemma went down, but she figured Michelle might have a chance. Well kind of... She moved closer. She watched fhe fight, cheered for the one she really wanted to win and placed her bare foot on Gemma's tummy. She giggled as she ran her foot downward; her toes sliding down that "erotic runway" and underneath the thin fabric. She licked her lips. Gemma moaned and started to stir..."Maybe, should try something else," Lucy mused to herself; her foot gently touched a beautiful breast...Suddenly a stiffening nipple was between two toes... "Uhhhhhmmm," Gemma moaned. "Aieeeeee!" It was Michelle...Pam had latched onto an exposed breast...the other was still partially covered with the torn bikini top....Lucy grimaced as she watched Pam's long strong fingers twist and squeeze the huge mound hard, then capture a rock hard thick nipple. Pam knew how to make boobies and nips "feel the burn" so to speak. In desperation (or retaliation, whatever) Michelle tore Pam's skimpy top clean off. Pam laughed, hooked her leg around Michelles and tripped her. "Stupid bitch-she's not taking me-and neither are you-" Pam shouted as she saw Lucy who was slowly, stealthily moving towards her. As Michelle got to her hands and knees, Pam kicked her in the ribs. Michelle gasped;Pam grabbed her by the hair, jerked her to her feet, suddenly introduced her face to her big beautiful moneymakers. "Umphhhh." Pam moved her chest all around, crushing her breasts into Michelle until the blonde as weak and wobbly in the legs; her arms flailed weakly. "Bout time Miss Hottie," Lucy chirped as she was now only a few feet away. The brunette was so hot and horney. "Don;t make her pass out you dumb bitch," Lucy found herself warning. "Find another use for youse big fake tits," the brunette snarled. She felt soooo hot; suddenly Pam released her gasping weak prey; Whumpppfh. Pam grabbed Michelle in a bear hug. Michelle gasped, Pam sighed as she watched the erotic tit fight. Pam's upper arm, shoulder and back muscles tightened, bulged as Michelle barely but frantically, futilely struggled. ------

 "Gonna crush you sweetie," Pamela snarled as she continued her domination and made Michelle gasp, grunt and groan. Michelles beautiful eyes slowly glazed over..."Help me"-she mouthed the words, looking into Lucy's eyes. "Gosh this is hot," Lucy thought as she moved closer. Michelle looked quite erotic and sensuous in her weakened state. Lucy's eyes zeroed in on the perfect side view of the two busty battlers. Pam's thick stiff nipples drilled into Michelle's love nubs and inverted them. "Hmmmmm, silicone wins," Lucy whispered under her breath as she watched Michelles lovely body begin to go limp; Pamela squeezed her hard, licked her lips, and winked at Lucy. "I'm sure youre gonna try too-can't wait," Pamela snickered. She had never actually met Lucy before, but had heard about her. One time when Carmen Electra had more than just "words" with her, Carmen snarled that "Lucy Pinder wanted to tussle with Pam." "And she'd knock you brains out and give your knockers a really good knockin'!" Pamela was puzzled. When she learned that Lucy was a brunette she felt a twinge of catfight horniness..."Maybe someday?" "Oh my, don't stop begging and moaning and groaning you dumb big boobed bitch," Pamela scoffed as she gave the dazed and breathless Michelle one long hard last squeeze and slowly released her hold letting that gorgeous almost totally out of it beauty slowly drop to the lucky sand.... "Finally- it's MY turn!" Lucy moved in, slowly, cautiously, brimming with confidence and catfight lust. POW!

"Uhhhh," Lucy grunted as Pam's angry fist slammed into her blazing fast open palm. In a move amazing even Lucy herself, the brunette latched onto the blonde's wrist, twisted it painfully as she sidestepped and jerked the surprised blonde forward. Her leg shot up, the knee smashing into Pammies chest. With a quick flip and twist, the brunette sent the cursing blonde sprawling to the sand. "This is for my friend," Lucy snipped as she shot her barefoot into Pam's ribs. "Aarrgggh," Pamela gasped. Lucy gazed at the beautiful big boobed blonde as she started to get up; she smiled wistfully as she saw a most tantalizing sight in her perippheral vision. (Two once defeated lovelies were on their feet, slowly moving forward). Gemma looked a bit more dazed than Michelle. Her nipples were the stiffest and longest Lucy had ever seen them before. Suddenly a mental picture danced in her mind. Gemma was kissing her; they were french kissing like crazy while sitting on Pam, each stroking and teasing their defeated foes' nipple. Ummmmmmm. Gemma and Michelle looked mad as hell. Michelle was rubbing her big luscious breasts, gingerly touching the red blotches and scratches courtesy Pam's nasty talons. "C'mon pay her back Michelle, pay her back good." "Hey, just where do you think your goin', huh bitch?" WHAM!

Gemma and Michelle suddenly lunged at Pam who was on her feet and starting to-of all things runaway and escape the "fun." Like two wounded, wild hellcats the two busty babes charged; Gemma smacked her fist into Pamela's lower back; Michelle grabbed that long blonde mane and almost snapped Pam's head off. "Aieeeeee," Pam screeched. Lucy giggled; "This is gonna be fantastic!" she whispered under her breath. Exciting and a complete turn on. Lucy had done catfight photo shoots before; they always made her horney; but this? This was the real deal....in seclusion and even more fun 'cause there were more than just two girls... Whaaack. Slap. Smacck. Whaaapph. "Oh my girls, don't be too rough; I want some fun too," Lucy said as she moved closer to the action. Michelle and Gemma were taunting Pam, getting her to swing at them; Pam swung and missed; and was instantly rewarded with a well placed punch or a good blistering slap. The two hotties worked as a perfect team; one teasing, taunting, just "asking for it"; the other moved in fast and BAM! "Okay, that's enough; I want to fight her...just me and her!" "Oh darn, we want to beat her up too, at least a little of this!" "What the he-Argggggh, Ouchhhhh!" Gemma had slipped up behind Pam; Michelle had just landed a quick slap; Gemma reached around, grabbed Pam's big boobs; her hungry angry fingers dug deep into those big juggs. As she squeezed the blondes tits hard she smacked her knee up hard into Pam's sexy ass. "Nice move Gemma-How's that feel Pammie? How's your big boobies likin' the attention?" Lucy and Michelle laughed. Pam's tearfilled eyes blazed angry rage. "Okay-for real, let her go. She's mine-at least for a while...and then maybe-
"Yeah, let me go!" Pam said her voice changing from frustrated fear to anger. "Cause I'm gonna pound you senseless-Lucy right?" Lucy snickered as she took a rather sexy confident fighting stance and ran her fingers through her long sexy hair. Lucy's beautiful eyes stared into Pams. Both wanted to take the other down-hard. "That bikini top-well, I'm gonna strangle you with it," Pam threatened. "And I'm gonna use your big fake boobs for speed bags-I could use some boxin' practice," Lucy said. She stuck out her leg, dug her toes into the wet sand and made a line. "What the hell is that for; daring me to cross it?" Pam asked as she raised her fists and boxed the air. "No sweetie, this is where your face is going; a mouthful of wet sand will shut you up....but wait, no, I think I'll give you a mouth full of something else..." "He-hee" times three. Lucy, Gemma and Michelle all giggled-kind of like little schoolgirls (Real sexy schoolgirls!) Michelle and Gemma had stepped away and each anticipated the exciting action to come. Michelle unconsciously tweaked a nipple....she was sooooo horney. Gemma's hands were busy, perhaps unconsciously (or maybe not) playing with the strings on either side of her bikini bottoms. As Lucy and her topless rival circled each other and made dirty catfight threats, she wished she could touch herself. "Mmmmm, wanna have some fun with the loser?" It was Michelle; she had slipped behind Gemma, getting up close and personal. She leaned in, pressed her huge beautiful stiff nippled breasts against Gemma's upper back. She whispered in her ear; "Naaaw, I wanna have some fun with the winner." "Ooooh0Ummmmm, that feels sooo good; you are soooo naughty!" Michelle nibbled on Gemmas ear lobe; she wrapped one arm around her friends waist and belly; her fingers teased the top of those skimpy bikini bottoms. The other hand slowly moved upward, cupped a luscious breast. Feeling the erect nipple stiffen and harden even further brought a moan. "Aieeeeeee!"

Pamela's scream, or rather screech escaped her pouty lips as she sprawled to the sand; one angry charging blonde Pammie vs hot cool as a cumber, brunette Lucy; a timely sidestep and a good kick in that sexy derriere and a tumblin' the blonde went. In a flash Lucy was on her; she buried her fingers in Pams golden locks, yanked her to her feet and socked her in the tummy. Not real hard, but enough to get Pam's attention. "Awwwcck, let go o' me," the busty blonde bawled. Lucy put her in a reverse headlock; bending that lovely topless body half backwards the sultry brunette pulled her towards the approaching Gemma and Michelle. "Have some fun-I mean, wanna feel?" Lucy chirped. She jerked Pam around a bit to make her big beautiful breasts jiggle. "Yeah, let's squeeze some plastic, I mean TITS," Gemma cackled. She reached out grabbed Pam's right breast as Michelle cupped the left breast. Both squeezed their captured love mound slowly. Lucy reached out with her free hand and pinched a thick nipple. "Yowwwieee," Pam squealed. The blonde writhed frantically. "Hold her steady, Miss Lucy." "UMpppppppph."

Gemma grunted as Pam kicked wildly out of desperation. The bare foot caught the blonde square in the crotch. She staggered and stumbled into Michelle who surprisingly released her hold on Pams boob. "Clumsy bimbo," Michelle snipped; "Let me help you up sweetie." She reached down and cupped Gemma's breasts and gave them a slow sensual squeeze as she pulled her up to her feet. Kerwhumppph. Lucy had let go of Pam and treated her to a nasty kick to her standing leg. Pam went down landing on her butt. Lucy shot a quick kick to her chest, grabbed her by the hair and started dragging her around, letting that sexy ass plow a trail in the wet sand. Pam screamed and scratched at Lucy's arms. "Now I'm really gonna have some fun with you-shouldn't have kicked my friend." Suddenly Pam did a full body twist, dug her nails into Lucy's wrists. A good hard yank and Lucy lost her balance. She went down. Pam grabbed Lucy's arm with both hands, wrenched it good. "Yeoowwww," the beautiful brunette screamed. She gasped as Pam shot an uppercut to her jaw...as Lucy's beautiful eyes glazed, Pam grabbed her around the neck, got to her feet pulling Lucy up with her. A hard fist crunched into Lucy's lower back; the busty blonde grabbed her chin, forced her head back. Then in one smooth move she untied her bikini top... "Nuh-uhhhhh," Lucy moaned, the sexy grunt slowly escaped her beautiful sensuous quivering lips. "Let's see those big beautiful boobs-are they all natural, huh bitch?" Pam tore the skimpy loose top and tossed it aside. Like a flash, she punched Lucy hard in the right kidney...as the gorgeous now lopless brunette gasped, her long beautiful legs went week. Pam reached around, grabbed both of her huge breasts and squeezed. Her long fingers squeezed Lucy's love mounds slowly, painfully, erotically. Lucy's perfect stiff nipples were now caught between the angry blonde's fingers. "Oh my, they are real...how hot," Pam whispered as she began to pinch and twist Lucy's rock hard super sensitive nipples..." "Nooooo, stop, pleaseeeeee-Uhhhhhhh..." "Oh WOWWWW-shall we help her?"

"Nawww-just watch, she'll make a comeback," Michelle said. "Yeah, a cumback spelled C-U-M..." Gemma giggled. "Eeee-Argggggh." Kerwhump. Pamela suddenly found herself airborne and a bit surprised. Lucy used her secret judo skills and caught her breath as she watched the busty blonde land hard, sprawling awkwardly in the sand, chest first. "Bet those boobs cushioned the fall," Michelle said as she moved closer. She looked at Lucy, savoring every luscious inch of the brunette eye candy. She kind of wanted to wrestle her, or maybe help Lucy work Pam over-but yet, she kinda knew that might be in the future...Nice... "C'mon Lucy-get her, pound her ass," Gemma shouted. "Oh shut up you stupid bimbo; I oughta kick your a-Awwwccck." Pam's words stuck in her lovely throat as Lucy charged her, grabbed her golden mane, jerked her to her feet and delivered several jabs into her ribs as she tried to choke her with her other arm. The more Pam struggled, the harder Lucy tightened her choke hold. Soon Pam was gasping, her huge chest heaving. A lightning fast lovely leg shout out; Lucy hooked her leg inside Pams and made her most lucky judo coach proud...Pammie went flying....once again two rather big indentations in wet sand. (With a special little hole kinda in the middle?) "Uhhhhhh, gonna kill you, bitch!" Pam threatened her voice crackling as she made it to her hands and knees. Lucy blasted towards her, screeched to a halt and delivered a kick to Pams ribs. One lovely blonde goes rollin'. Lucy stood still, her lovely body frozen as she watched Pam slowly get up. She moved in slowly allowing Pam to get ready for the grand finale. Suddenly Pam's face registered confident rage; As if both on cue, blonde and brunette raised their hands, locked fingers instantly as they made contact. A slow, ultra sensuous sizzling contest began as they grunted, groaned, gasped and snarled, each intent on bringing their busty rival to her knees. Sexy bare feet moved for a better position, toes digging into the wet sand. Long sexy perfectly muscled legs showed off their own eroticism as calf, leg, thigh muscles bulged. Long silky hair caught in the breeze...Uhmmmmmm. Big beautiful breasts jiggled, heaved as the two struggled, each trying to win. Two gorgeous faces contorted into snarls, sneers. Lucy stared into Pams eyes...she looked for a sign of weakness. She felt a deep sensuous desire to conquer this woman-in a fight and then to truly conquer her as only one woman can "conquer" another woman. "Get her Lucy," Gemma moaned, almost holding her breath... "No, get her Pam...." Was that Gemma or Michelle expressing that desire? Was the wish audible or just thought, hoped for? "Uhhhhh-Ooooohhh-Unggggh-Argggggh-Nuuuh-UHHHHHHHHH!"

Pamela's final gasping moan escaped her lips as her sore tired arms gave in and her knees touched sand; as she dropped down, Lucy summoned even more strenghth and twisted and squeezed Pams fingers painfully; she released her rivals fingers, leaped behind the gasping kneeling blonde and slammed her forearm into the back of Pams neck. Pam whimpered.... Changing tactics was fun; Lucy reached down and grabbed both luscious breasts. She dug her long strong sexy fingers into the ample tender breast flesh. "Squeeze 'em. Yeah squeeze 'em good, make her beg." Gemma and Michelle were drooling as they gave their best friend advice. "Pinch her nipples, pinch 'em hard," Michelle said as she moved in front of the squirming Pamela. "I wanna help ya work her over," Gemma said laughing in a most naughty manner, moving up close as well. "Back off you two-I get her first remember," Lucy stated. She flashed her friends a rather nasty look, cocked her head, leaned forward and pressed her lips against the side of Pam's head. She snickered as she began to nibble on Pam's ear lobe, all the while squeezing her rivals breasts and occassionally tweaking her huge stiff nipples. "Can't decide whether I wanna pound you or hump you? What do you prefer?" Lucy rasped as she pressed her own beautiful breasts close to Pamela's face. "Uhhhhh-Ahhhhh-uhhhhh, I think-Oooophhhh." Pamelas perceived indecisiveness seemed to tick Lucy off. She pinched Pam's nipples hard, cupped her chin, then began to slowly bend the blonde backwards. Her knees still bent, Pam screamed as she slowly went backwards. "Whoops-forgot -girls, help me, er, uhhh, help Pammie out-grab her legs....." Gemma and Michelle moved in...soon each had a leg....Pamela was flat on her back, legs spread. "Watch her legs-they're not just sexy, but strong and fast," Lucy warned. She had dropped down on all fours; her big beautiful breasts dangled directly over Pam's head... As the brunette looked into the blonde's lovely eyes she thought she'd begin to have some fun-she could always pound this sluts ass later... "Like my boobs blondie? Ever kissed or sucked some real tits, huh?" She lowered her chest down-her erect brown nipples were inches from Pam's face. "Noooo-uhhh-uhhhh," Pamela said, almost wincing. Lucy licked her lips...she was hot-and sooooo horney. She deeply wnated to crush her love melons into Pam's whimpering face, make her kiss, suck and tongue her love mounds hard.... "Get away from me-all of you-let me go," Pam snarled. All three beauties senses a bit of fear. Gemma ran her hands slowly up Pamela's leg; feeling, carressing her calf, then her thighs...she playfully felt the upper thigh and moved her fingers towards well-Pam soon seemed to resist only in words; her involuntary moans signaled a bit of "mixed emotions"? "Like this, Miss Plastic?' Michelle snickered. She had been massaging Pams bare foot and now bent over and kissed her leg...she lightly kissed up, up, up- "Stop that, stop that now!" Pamela moaned. Whack. Whack. Whack. Not a big WHACK mind you....Lucy was lightly smacking (whacking) the sides of Pamelas huge breasts. She giggled each time the boobs jiggled. She extended her thumbs, cupped the sides of each breast and gently, teasingly rubbed her thumbs over the nipples...the thick nipples stiffened and hardened even more...Pam gasped and moaned. "Okay, everybody-our goal was to take this blonde big boobed bimbo down-get ready with your tongues-

"Yeah Miss Pammie, we're gonna take you down in a nice way first-have a little fun-then we'll kick your pretty little ass," Gemma laughed. She giggled as she leaned in, dropped her head down, puckered her lips and kissed Pam's leg just above the knee. She kissed slowly upwards...Pam shuddered and squirmed. Her moans suddenly became muffled. "This, I mean, these will keep you quiet, honey," Lucy purred as she leaned forward, hunkered down and pressed the sides of her big beautiful breasts together over Pams' face. She watched Pams lovely muscles tense, then positioned her left breasts just perfect. "Now suck bitch," Lucy ordered. The beautiful brunette's lovely face expressed pleasure as Pam followed orders. The blonde's lips at first expressed "rejection" and then Michelle reached out and gave the "obstinate" blondes crotch a slow painful squeeze; the squeeze got a bit gentler and seemed to have a different intent when Pam began to suck Lucy's rock hard erect nipple. Michelle snickered as she tried a couple different movements with her hand and fingers. Pam's toes even started doing their own special "aerobic" exercises. Pam was soon both sucking and tonguing Lucy's sensitive rock hard nipple. The brunette was lightly, hungrily moaning... One hand being "naughty", Michelle decided to have even more fun with Pammie....she gently kissed Pam's inner thigh, then sucked the skin...."A hickey down under?" Seems Pammie was taking a travel tour, versus three naughty catfighters... "Ohhhhhh-Uhhhhhhh-Ummmmmm," Pamela was loudly moaning, every inch of her luscious dominated body throbbing with pleasure....Lucy gently pushed first one breast, then the other in her face and strongly suggested she continue her tongue aerobics inspite of ever increasing deeper, longer, louder groans and moans.... "Ummmmm, c'mon girls....work her over....make her CUUUUU-"

"Ooooh, that feels soooo goood Pammie dear-You are a really good sucker!" Lucy noted... "Uhhhhhh-Oooohhh, Ahhhhmmmm" and louder more intense "gobbledegook" from Pam's intensifying "Fun" "Quite astounding, the ditzy blonde can suck and cum at the same time-a big boobed plastic blonde that can multitask-wow," Gemma cackled. One loud almost "Tarzan like yell?" and Pam signaled her grand finale. "Yeowwwccch,-she bit me," Lucy screamed. Pamela had forgotten to suck....and lovely Lucy's nip got nipped. "You're gonna pay for that," Gemma warned. Michelle agreed... "Yeah and it's gonna be sooo much fun, collectin'" Michelle continued. Three moved as one; Lucy grabbed Pam by the hair; Michelle and Gemma latched onto a nipple and breast respectively and they hauled the "spent" blonde to her feet...so much for the "afterglow?" "Me first," Gemma shouted. She pulled Pamela towards her after swatting Gemma's hand away from that lovely boob. Gemma slammed her chest into Pam's, grabbed her in a bear hug and squeezed her tight. "Uhhhhhhh," Pam grunted as if in a daze. Gemma's firm full breasts seemed to be "taking charge" up close and personal as she locked her fingers together behind Pam's back. Soon Pam was moaning, groaning, gasping for air. "Yeah, amke her squirm, dominate her," Lucy rasped. She and Michelle got as close as they could without risking interferrence or interuption. They were hot, so horney and hot. The sight of these two luscious babes, topless. Their sexy leg muscles, their barefeet digging, maneuvering for better position in the wet sand. One skirmished for domination, the other struggled for "survival." "Get her, take her" "Ummmm-Uhhhhhh-

Beautiful busty platinum (plastic) blond Pammie was in trouble. Gemma smiled wickedly as she crushed her firm breasts into her rivals'. Gemma felt a most erotic turnon. "That's it-oh how hot-a Tit fight!" Michelle chuckled. She watched as Pamela's eyes glazed a bit and her arms flailed. Gemma was lifting her clean off her feet. Suddenly she found herself behind Pammie, her fingers buried in that sexy blonde hair. "Let her go, I wanna have some fun with her," Michelle ordered. Gemma scoffed but she felt sudden pain in her scalp; Lucy was behind her and gave her a painful hair pull. "Better listen to Michelle, sweetie. You're not the only one who wants to play with blondie," Lucy said as she slipped behind Gemma, pressed her own big beautiful firm breasts into her back, wrapped an arm around Gemma's throat. She smiled as Gemma released Pam; she slipped her free hand around and cupped Gemma's right breast. Her fingers captured the stiff nipple. "Now watch and enjoy," Lucy continued. The brunette pressed her arm against the blonde's throat just enough to show her she meant business. Then quick as a flash she dropped her arm, slid her open palm over Gemma's sexy abs and inside her bikini bottoms. "Ooooooh, Ummmmmm." (Fun from reluctant obedience?) Whaaccck. Whaaaack. "Uhhhhh-Ohhhhh!" Pamela reeled backwards in a most erotic "catfight owned " way. Michelle had slapped her hard....as Pamela staggered, Michelle charged her; "Ohhhhh-Arggggh," Pamela shrieked as Michelle reached out and grabbed each breast, squeezed the big mounds hard, digging her long strong sexy fingers into her gorgeous rival's sensitive aerolae.... "My tits, noooo, please let go-Aieeeeee!"

Beautiful, but glazed eyes signaling agony suddenly morphed into angry eyes. Alas, Michelle paid no attention. Thunk. "Uhhhhhhh," Michelle gasped as pain shot from her groin, down through her legs, clean to her toes. Another nasty, naughty thud; her long beautiful legs buckled. "Your turn, you crazy bitch-let's see how you like it, Now!" Pam's second wind might be a tornado? Pam grabbed a double handful of Michelles blonde hair, jerked her head back and forth, treated her to a nasty headbutt, then bitchslapped her hard. "Uhhhhh-Ohhhhh-Unggggh," Michelle gasped and groaned, her wobbly legs barely keeping her up. "Oh my, look," Gemma said as she started to move towards the action. "We must help her," Gemma continued. "Nawwwh, this could be good; you know like highly erotic-in a catfight naughty kind of way," Lucy declared. She gave one of Gemma's nipples a firm twist and pinch just to make sure she got her special "friends" attention. She followed up with moving closer and reintroducing her luscious big breasts to Gemma's upper back. She moved her face in close to Gemma. She whispered lustily into Gemma's ear. "Quiet-be still, concentrate on pleasure-watching Pam have some fun with naughty Michelle and me-having some naughtiness with you," Lucy purred as she blew her sweet hot breath on Gemma's neck and ear. She kissed Gemma's neck, then nipped, then nibbled her ear lobe. Her fingers teased those two mouthwatering fully erect rock hard super sensitive nipples that had seemed to double in size and length. "Umppphhh." Kerwhuppph. "Nooooo-stopppp-please.....

"Arggggggh!"YeeeOWWIE!" Michelle's ear piercing screams rendered the five closest seagulls ear's deaf. "Nice tits-so big," Pam snarled as she dug her long sharp talons deeply into Michelle's ample breast flesh. Pam's thumbs were digging into those two delicious inverted nipples. Pam hooked a leg around Michelles and tripped her to the sand. Thunkkk. Pam jumped on her waist just after releasing her whimpering rivals wounded breasts. As Pam landed her ass hard on Michelle's waist, both Gemma and Lucy took a break in their own private world of "touchey-feeley-kissie" and moved closer. Whaaccck. Whaaaack. Whaaaack. "Ouchhhh, Uhhhhh, Ooooooh," Michelle yelped with each hard open handed whack on her lovely tender knockers courtesy a most angry Pammie. "Hmmmmm, Poor, poor Michelle," Lucy chirped. "Yeah, but Pam, she has excellent rhythm-but yeah, poor Michelle and those poor big luscious boobies!" Gemma said. "I hear that Pam loves to catfight-I heard she did this same stuff to Carmen Electra at a party." "Yeah, me too; Miss Carmen was taunging Pammie; Pammie slapped her senselss, then stripped her; then everybody clapped and whistled as Pammie stripped her down to her panties; and then that lucky guy-who just walked by; Pammie asked for his help..." "I musta missed that part-what happened?" "Well Pammie whispered in his ear; not sure; but it had something to do about giving Carmen some jewelry; she unzipped the guys pants, and soon, well Carmen got a special necklace or something-Weird, huh?" "Yeah, so weird..." ------
"Now you interferring crazy bitch-take this!" Powwww. "Now let's get-
"Uhhhhh," Michelle shrieked as Pam drilled a perfect punch directly into her huge left breast. She reached back and gave her lovely victim's crotch a slow painful squeeze. "Really? You want to get her-I don't think so, let's watch you impatient, beautiful horney bitch," Lucy snarled as she grabbed a handful of Gemma's hair with one hand and latched onto a lovely breast with the other. She soon had almost instantly changed Gemma's mind....(oh that gorgeous naughty brunette!) "Watch, just watch!" Lucy rasped, once again capturing both of Gemma's breasts; a quick bit of nasty nipple pinches and twists and Gemma was completely in her control-then pleasurabe, pleasant teasing...Lucy seemed an expert. Whaccck. Whaaack. Whaaaccck. Some light open handed slaps had Michelle whimpering, those big knockers stinging with each slap. Suddenly Pam stopped, smiled, licked her lips, leaned down and gave the surprised Michelle a quick kiss; Pam's huge breasts crushed into Michelles'. Michelle involuntarily moaned as she felt the platinum "plastic" blonde's rock hard big erect nipples against her own. Pam slipped her tongue forcefully into Michelles mouth as she slowly began to grind her jugs into Michelle's. "Ummmmm,Ummpppfhhh." Both blondes began to groan and moan. Pam was clearly dominating. She would arch her back a bit to a bit of space between her rival's chest and her own. Then she'd drop down hard her firmer breasts "taking control." Michelle gasped each time. "Tit to tit, nip to nip, and Pammies winning," Lucy said her voice low, lusty, her words a bit slurred as she found herself getting hotter and hotter. "Ouch-that hurt-not so hard," Gemma protested. Lustful "catfight heat" seemd to be melting Lucy's attention and she was pinching Gemma's nips a bit too aggressive? "Come (cum) on-girl!"-

"Get her, c'mon get her!" Lucy shouted suddenly becoming enthusiastic. Pamela suddenly jumped up; still standing over Michelle she reached down, latched on to Michelles nipples and angrily, slowly pulled her to her feet. "Leggo, leggo, Ouchieee, please," Michelle bawled. "Your wish, my command," Pam said, suddenly releasing those thick tender stiff nips. She balled a fist and sunk it deep into Michelles belly doubling the blonde over. "Now, let's get 'em," Gemma and Lucy said simultaneously. Neither had said "Who" they each wanted. Lucy knew exactly who she wanted and what exactly she wanted to do to her "choice." The thought of Pammie working Carmen E over and what happened-well a slow burn, became a sizzling sizzle. In a flash she was on Pam, buried several fingers in that long platinum blonde hair and was drilling her ribs and one breast with the other lightning fast fist. "Oh Michelle, your poor hurting slut; let me see and comfort those big boobs," Gemma giggled. Michelle stunned and rubbing her sore breasts and tender nipples took a step back, started to turn and, if only for an instant tried to get away. Gemma caught her, wrapped her arms around her waist and after a brief struggle, brought her to the sand. Gemma was all over her attacking her belly, ribs, thighs, legs, sexy "cheeks" and of course those big luscious breasts. Wham. Thunk. Slap. Whap. Pam and Lucy were exchanging well placed punches, blistering slaps and a few kicks. Pam was thinking survival; Lucy was thinking "blonde deliciousness" taken down for "catfight lunch-what a delicacy." As the two battled, Lucy already had the blonde scissored, subdued and was giving her a proper catfight domination "tongue-lashing-" oh those mouth watering perfectly upturned jutting nipples- "Uhhhh-Ouccch-Ohhhhh." "Fuck her....

"Get her and yeah....Fuuuuu? Her," Lucy purred as she took a quick glance over at Gemma who had Michelle crawling away on her hands and knees and her favorite blonde was so close, right behind her. "Too bad she doesn't have one," Lucy mused thinking of a particular "pleasure giving" object.... Whoosssh. The angry fist barely missed Lucy's startled face as she turned, not a nano-second to soon. Pam grunted and actually fell a bit forward she had swung so hard. Lucy sidestepped, shot her leg out, hooked it around Pam's leg, yanked her off balance, then drove her knee up hard smashing into the blonde's huge right breast. "Uhhhhhh-Arggggggh," Pam gasped. Lucy smacked her in the back of the neck, grabbed her around the throat from behind; she reached around and grabbed that sore right breast and squeezed it hard, driving her thumb into the sensitive aerolae and jabbing her nail into the base of the big nipple. "Aieeeeee-mppppphhh." Scream and gasping due to pressure on her neck; the brunette was quickly in control of the beautiful blonde. "Wanna go for a swim sweetie? Wanna get wet? I do and yeah, you kinda are makin' me wet already, blondie" Lucy chirped...she wanted to take Pam down, mount her, dominate her right now, but she figured she'd have to weaken her a bit first...She moved her squirming struggling victim towards the water, step by step....she smiled as she looked over at Gemma and Michelle. "Nooo, stop it please, Noooooo" Michelle was whimpering as Gemma enjoyed treating the busty blonde to both pain and pleasure. She had Michelle spread out on her back just far enough into the surf so the cool water would lap over her luscious body every now and then. Gemma kissed, pinched and pulled her stiff nipples, ran her open palm and figners over Michelle's abs, breasts and crotch. A good hard nipple pinch and a pussy claw/scratch and the occasional pubic curl hair pull had Michelle guessing what would come next. "Like this best or this best?" Gemma giggled as she gave Michelle a choice as to what she preferred. Gemma had a mean streak and she had always wanted to have some "catfight fun" with Michelle. The photo shoots were always a tease... "Nooooo-you crazy bitch....help! Aieeeeee!"

"I take it-that's a "NooOOOO, NOOO Thank You on the snatch, snatchin'?" Gemma snickered as she let loose of her blonde friend's "curlies" and captured a fully erect rock hard nipple in each hands-she tugged the stiff nubs a bit brashly and asked with a giggle: "Just curious sweetie-are these hard because of the cool surf or are you gettin' a thrill from me?" Gemma cackled. Michelle stuttered, stammered, then she felt a bit smothered as Gemma leaned down and gave her a long hard passionate kiss, sliding her talented tongue past Michelle's luscious quivering lips. She crushed her big firm breasts hard against Michelle's ample twin treasures; her one knee pressed against her moaning rival's crotch. "Awwwcck-Argggggh." Pam grunted and growled as she tried to break free of Lucy's painful hold; she just barely succeeded in finding a couple seconds of freedom before the beautiful brunette caught her by the hair and almost yanked her head from her lovely neck. Lucy peppered Pam's ribs, lower back and kidneys with several well placed jabs before she put her in a headlock and marched her out to waist deep water. "Gonna let you go-try and run and I'll catch you and drown your sexy ass," Lucy warned. "I'd at least like to have some fun with you, play with those famous big boobs, see how tough you really are, maybe even have my way with you-if you know what I mean?" "There now-let's do it," Lucy rasped as she released Pam, moved quickly to face her and raised her hands up spreading her fingers. "uhhhhhhhh-Ooohhhh-Umpppfhhh-Ungggggh,: the two topless beauties instantly locked fingers and engaged in a test of strength; back, shoulder and arm muscles strained; the two grunted, gasped, groaned and strained as they tried to force the other off balance or better yet to her knees. A nasty mouthful of water and a good dunking would be the losers reward. "Wonder if this was a good idea?" Lucy just might have been thinking as Pamela's lips curled in a wicked snarl; she was so beautiful; so in excellent shape and condition. Lucy felt a bit of dread perhaps-but only for an instant; her eyes dropped from Pam's face to those big beautiful breasts-the thick erect stiff nipples jutting out-"Oooooh-just gotta pinch-?" "Youre goin' down you crazy bitch-Lucy!" "Uhhhhh-Nooooo-" SPLASH!!!

Splash-Splash-Splash! Desperate arms splashed like crazy as one lovely mouth swallowed water; one gorgeous topless busty babe frantically tried to escape, pry the determined hands from her shoulders that held her under. "You haven't got a chance sweetie!" Struggle-splash-thrash.... "Huhhh? Whoooaaa-Hey!" Blam. Thunk. "Uhhhhhhh," Lucy gasped as the fist slammed amazingly hard into her belly, moving her naval towards her spine. She sucked air. Her beautiful long sexy legs weakened. Pammie had not succumbed. Yes she went down and under, swallowed a mouthful of salty yukky seawater but as her beautiful brunette rival relished in the instant dunk, "blonde determination" surfaced. She sucked precious air, gritted her teeth and treated the gasping surprised Lucy to another punch, just under the ribcage-right side this time. As Lucy's lovely body swayed, Pam's arm shot down into the water; one Underwater Punch coming up. Lucy shrieked as her beautiful eyes glazed. Even underwater punches to pubic mounds hurt like hell. Pam's free hand (or free fist) landed a shot to the busty brunette's chin snapping her head back; in a flash, Pam was behind her; one arm encircicled Lucy's throat as the nasty dirty naughty other hand grabbed Lucy's bikini bottoms. An underwater pull downwards. Pam snarled as she did some down and dirty "hair pulling" coming up with some "dark silk". "Guess who's winning now you smart ass bitch?" Pammie snarled as she nipped Lucy's right earlobe with her pearly whites. "Want me to drown you? Strip you naked? Maul these nice big titties?" "What do you want me to do to you you uppity Brittish bitch?" Before Lucy could utter a pained gasping response, Pam socked her in the ribs, grabbed each big beautiful breast and began squeezing the luscious mounds hard. She jammed her thumbnails into each nipple, scraping it painfully; then she began slowly, tenaciously milking Lucy. "Aieeeee-Argggggh-Leggo-Pleaseeeeeee."

"Nice tits-I love mauling tits," Pam snarls as she catches Lucys nipples between her thumbs and forefingers; she slowly pinches then pulls the sensitive love nubs out hard. Lucy screams. In desperation and pain she digs her sharp nails into the blondes wrists; with a lunge forward she breaks Pam's hold; she drives her left elbow back hard. Bullseye! Pam shrieks and lets go of Lucy as her left breast explodes in agony. "Ouchhh-oooooooh-they hurt," the busty brunette massages her tender sore "pride and joys" as she tries to clear her head. She turns and bites back the impulse to giggle as she sees Pam holding her wounded breast tenderly with both hands. "Stupid bitch, I'm gonna kill her," Lucy whispers under her breath. "My boob, my boob-you hurt it bad you crazy bitch!" Pam suddenly hisses. "Too bad I didn't pop the stupid implant-you're such a fake," Lucy snarled. Pam moved in fast and connected to Lucy's face with a hard slap. Lucy returned the favor. Pam swung a wild haymaker. Lucy ducked, grabbed her around the waist and the two went down and under. Not too much you can do in waist deep water but Lucy managed to hold Pam down long enough to weaken her. Lucy grabbed her by the wet hair, hauled her up, laughed as she sucked hair and coughed. "Wanna go down again or do ya wanna make a run for it?" Lucy snarled. To her delight Pam spun around and high tailed it to shore. She of course couldn't run fast enough thorugh the water. She made it just to the first sign of wet sand; Lucy lunged after her and brought her down face and chest first to the sand. It was a lovely kind of clumsy but highly erotic "catfight tackle" "Ouch Owieeee.Yeowcccch" "lET ME GO" Pam bawled and cried like a school girl as Lucy grabbed her ankles after watching her sprawl-chest first into the sand.

"Yeowwww! Let go of me," Pammie bawled as she felt her chest begin to burn and hurt as her huge beautiful breasts crushed first into wet sand, then warmer even hot sand. Lucy laughed and taunted her busty blonde rival as she yanked and pulled Pams ankles. "What? Thought sure those big puppies would bounce," the brunette taunted. She finally released the screaming cussing blonde's ankles; relief? Not a chance-Lucy was on her lovely victim in a second; she buried her fingers in that soaking wet blonde hair, pulled Pam to her feet and began slapping her face and breasts. Whacck. Whaaccck. Pam, dazed, sore, breathless tried hard to block Lucy's lightning fast blows but only succeeded a couple of times. To add insult to injury Lucy would occasionally pinch a big nipple and shoot a quick jab to Pam's groin. "Whatsa matter Pammie-you're a bit too slow," Lucy snickered-those big plastic knockers get in the way, huh? Oh well, they sure make tempting targets." Pam's face flushed red with anger; she balled her fist, snarled her lovely lips, swung wildly. (Nothing like a big beautiful topless blonde telegraphing a punch loud and clear!) "Uhhhhhh," Pam's loud moan betrayed the amount of force and energy and weight she put in the wicked haymaker. She pitched forward as she landed a solid punch to nothin' but salty seawater air. Whunk. "Ooopphhfh." Pamela sucked air as she felt her abs explode in pain. Whumppph. A naughty nasty knee whack to her pubic mound instantly drained Pammie of any fight left in her. Lucy snickered," Works every time-you'd think they'd learn-but theyre blonde," she giggled. She watched Pam's knees buckle and licked her lips as she watched the blonde beauty sway and began to drop down. She slipped behind her, reached around, grabbed her nipples and pulled her upright. Her long strong "catfight lust hungry" sexy fingers latched onto those big beautiful breasts. "Just a bit more tittie torture-you're so squeezable," Lucy whispered in Pam's ear; "Then I''ll take you down, do you and well-you'll see-"

"Gosh I like blondes," Lucy thought as she milked and mauled Pammies famous boobs. "Aieeeeee-Uhhhhhmphh." Speaking of blondes, two lovely such beauties got Lucy's attention-she looked over to see Michelle once again trying to escape Gemma. No chance but it was kind of erotic to watch Gemma once again pulling Michelles long blonde hair; after some vicious hair pulls that almost snapped Michelle's lovely head off and bent her every which way, Gemma grabbed her around the waist; with a bit of erotic struggle she brounght Michelle down to the sand again. "Umppppphhh," Michelle groaned as she landed hard in the sand. Gemma let her get to her hands and knees and start to crawl away. Lucy wached-how sexy; Michelle's huge breasts dangled and bounced; her nipples were long and stiff; then she turned slightly and Lucy got a good view of that nice sexy derriere that the half torn bikini bottoms displayed like an awaiting highly desired nicely wrapped "toy?" Suddenly Gemma darted after her, her own lovely juggs bouncing-"oh my." She schreeched to a stop in the sand, shot a perfect kick to that nice sexy ass. "Owwwwww," Michelle yelped. She went down. As did Gemma jumping on her lovely mouthwatering prey.....

"Upsey Daisey," Gemma said as she yanked Michelle to her feef via a nasty hairpull. She treated each lovely breast to a stinging whack, then snapped a punch to the busty blonde's jaw-- "Whoops did that hurt? Here have some comfort," Gemma giggled as she grabbed her rivals dazed head and thrust her face first into her luscious left breast. "Kiss it-Oh yeah,,,,now suck," Gemma demanded. Michelle moaned as her face smacked into the firm lovemound. The erect nipple darn near poked her eye out. Gemma yanked on the hair-better positioning done! "Kiss it-suck it-Yes, oh Yessssssss, Suck harder." Gemma's eyes widened, a smile, a twinkle in her eye as she held Michelle close relishing her gasps beteen sucks. Gemma's knees got a bit weak as per her next order, Michelle lightly nipped that rock hard supersensitive nipple. "You're ooooooh, soooooo good, Yesssss...'-" "Aieeeeeee, Ouchhhhh, Let go, Stop it Please," Pammie bawled as she tried to pry Lucy's angry strong fingers from her big beautiful breasts. Lucy knew tit torture...and she loved to work over blondes-especially the "hot plastic" ones- "How many other babes have done this to you huh, Pammie sweetie?" "Or better yet how many other babes would love to do this to you?" Lucy could only imagine. As Pam squirmed and struggled, Lucy began concntrating on her lovely victim's nipples-twisting, pinching hard, pulling, twisting them.She had special plans for this hot horney bimbo-she looked over at Gemma. Gemma looked at her; both smiled. "Stop-my boobs you're killin' me."

"Like this blondie? I just love givin' big boobed blonde's a good boob maulin'," Lucy taunted. She was squeezing and milking Pam's left breast while torquing her right nipple with her angry fingers. Suddenly she let go of the nipple, made a fist, cocked her arm and shot a perfect punch just under Pam's ribcage. As the blonde sucked air, Lucy put her in a headlock, spun her around until she was dizzy. One long sexy lovely leg hooked around Pam's legs and down the blonde went landing hard on her ass, her legs flying outward. "Ooooffffh." Lucy was ready-she knew exactly what she wanted. As she had her fun with Pam she watched Gemma continue to play with and work Michelle over. Using those big bouncy knockers for "punching practice" and to practice her timing with titty slaps, Gemma enjoyed slowly weaking Michelle. She buried her fingers in that long blonde hair and pulled her gasping whimpering rival towards Pam and Lucy. "So sorry for being so mean-you deserve a break-and a sweet treat," Gemma snickered. "Let me go, ouch my hair, stop-your're hurting my neck...." "What the hell? Yeouch...Uhhhhh. Noooo...Nuh-uhhhh." Gemma pulled and yanked the busty blonde right up to Pam. Flash of a foot; Michelle shrieked and went down. "Yeah-do it, make her eat muff," Lucy giggled. She watched with pleasure as Gemma pulled Michelles head towards Pam's crotch. Pam's legs, weak and throbbing were still spread wide apart. Michelles weak protests got weaker and weaker, softer until they melted into muffling sounds....Muff-equals muffled? Pam's closed eyes opened, her eyelids fluttered, her face registered a strange surprised then pleasurable look. "Yeah, that's it, push her down-make her get into it," Lucy purred. She moved up close, reached down and pushed on Gemma's shoulders; the added pressure forced a deeper "muffin closer encounter." "Hey get your hands offa me-I can handle this myself." "No I wanna help you," Lucy snipped. "I said stop that! Get your hands offa me!" Gemma was mad. "Oh shut up, I'll put my hands on you any where, any way I want to-understand you hot little bitch?" Gemma bristled. Now she had plans.

"Yeowchh!" Gemma screamed as the beautiful blonde's scalp exploded in pain. Lucy pulled her hair hard and yanked her to her feet. "Gonna teach you a lesson you hot blonde bitch," Lucy snarled as she wrapped her arm around Gemma's lovely throat; slipping behind her she applied pressure to Gemmas throat, made a fist and slammed her knuckles into Gemma's lower back. "Uhhhhh-Ohhhhh-Stop," Gemma gasped. "How 'bout I break you in two-comeon squirm, beg bitch!" Lucy snarled as she bent her luscious prey backwards. Gemma's screams were muffled; the gorgeous brunettes arm was crushing her throat, stifling her screams. Suddenly Lucy released the crushing arm choke and latched onto her captives large right breast; her long strong sexy fingers squeezed the firm orb; the pain in her back seemed unbearable. "How's this feel girl?" Lucy taunted. "Enjoying it? Just wait, I'm gonna give you some pleasure real soon, but for now, this big tit is mine." "Argggggh. Uhhhhh.Oohhhhh, my boob,my boob-NOOOO-my nipple-Ouchieeee-Please!" Lucy's fingers had captured the stiff erect nipple and were now twisting, pulling, then crushing the big thick sensitive love nub. "I've wanted you for a long time, and now I'm gonna have you? You're so much more desirable than those two horney sluts....but look, they're giving me some kinda hot ideas-wanna have some fun, huh honey?" "Aieeeeeee!" Gemma bawled; she forced herself to ignore the pain for a short while as she looked over at Michelle and Pam. Pam had tried to escape; Michelle tackled her and after a few good slaps, punches and what seemed to be a judo throw sent Pam sprawling again to the sand. After some hot wrestling, Michelle took control, put Pamela on her back and mounted her; She slammed her huge breasts into Pam's face and soon had her gasping for air. "Suck honey-suck hard-now tongue it...Oooooh yeah." As Pam's somewhat reluctant tongue teased and licked Michelles' nipples-each one, Michelle squeezed. fingered and clawed Pamela's pussy. Moans of pleasure, moans of agony-Lucy felt warm inside as she watched Michelle have her way with the gorgeous somewhat helpless ex-Baywatch beauty. Soon it would be Gemma's turn for such erotic hot treatment. "Now suck my nipple-harder, harder."

"Please stop-they hurt!" Gemma whimpered referring to her incredibly sore rock hard erect super sensitive nipples being slowly, deliberately, painfully by the gorgeous brunette Lucy. Suddenly, unexpectedly there was relief. A flash of downward movement; a moment to escape? Gemma's pain numbed brain missed the opportunity as she saw Lucy suddenly drop down, grab something on the sand. "Wuhhhh-Uhhhhmppfh." The brightly colored fabric suddenly wrapped the busty blonde babes lovely neck and was pulled tight. "Like this Gemma baby? I just love choking my rivals with their own bikini tops-kind of erotic, doncha think?" Gemma gasped, her arms flailed in a strange erotic kind of way...Lucy licked her sensuous pouty lips as she felt her gorgeous prey struggle. She just loved how Gemmas big firm mouthwatering boobs bounced and jiggled as she struggled. Lucy applied just enough pressure to weaken her rival, not to really hurt her-after all she deserved a little pleasure too?! Hack. Cough. Delicious wonderful air....As quickly as Gemma felt that uncomfy feeling on her throat, it disappeared. She blinked; her lovely eyes a bit blurry. She felt weak. Her bikini top sailed past her eyes. Two hands cupped her firm breasts as strong arms trapped her arms at her side. Slow firm, sensuous, tender squeezing. Hot sweet breath in her ear....lovely pearl white teeth nipped erotically at her ear lobe. Long sexy fingers captured her sore tender nipples-just the right touch-almost expert....tweaking, rubbing, teasing. "Stop! Stop it please-you crazy nasty horney perverted bitch!" Gemma's voice rasped. She weakly clawed at Lucy's determined strong hands and fingers. Lucy's erect extremely turned on stiff nipples pressed into Gemma's upper back. "Stop fighting-ya might as well enjoy it-I'll give you pleasure-and listen up-you hot blonde bitch-you'll pleasure me too-fight me and I'll twist your titties till you scream and I'll even bald your hot wet pussy, understand my love?" "Uhhhhh! Ooooooh!"

Gemma's groans and struggles made Lucy hotter, but she was too easy and that stole part of the fun. She released the blonde, Gemma shouted with delight and started to get away. "What? Ya gonna run sissy? Stay, face me and fight you big boobed blonde coward!" Gemma, against per better judgment screeched to a halt, her bare feet digging into the wet sand; she spun around, raised an open hand and swung. Lucy yelped like a frightened schoolgirl as the hard slap hit her lovely face. She feigned surprise, winced. This emboldened Gemma. The blonde swung again using her other hand. Whapppp. "Ouchhhh. Dang that hurt, you're good." Thunk. Gemma's fist smacked Lucy in the belly. "Oooooofhhhh. Please don't hurt me," Lucy bawled. She stifled an inward snicker; the blow did hurt, but she was ready and had tightened her abs...sensing the blonde's overconfidence she couldn't wait to get down and dirty-bigtime. "Yeoocccch, my hair....you're pullling tooo hard," Lucy yelped. She gasped as angry Gemma spun her around via her gorgeous dark hair. Gemma grabbed her huge luscious right breast and slowly firmly squeezed it. "Ouccch, my tit, you're killing my tit," Lucy bawled. She weakly clawed at Gemm's fingers which were nop pinching pulling and twsiting her stiff nipple. (Oh shit, she's as week as a kindergartner, Lucy mused. She couldn't wait to turn the table on Gemma and show her what real catfight naughtiness is.) Whooosh. Gemma's leg wrapper around her own; she felt a hard push and dropped to the ground. Instinctively she rolled over on her back. She weakly tried to block Gemmas eager hands, failed miserably and bit her lip as Gemma snarled, cussed her out and began treating her huge beautiful breasts with stinging slaps. "Ouchhhh. Owieee. My boobs, please stop, my boobs-Arggggggh."

"You silly, sexy, slutty blonde bitch," Lucy said in her mind as she continued her fake struggles, moans, whimpers; Gemma's hot sweet breath, her luscious body; the tussle was making Lucy hotter than heck. She arched her back and tried to bridge... "Yeah, that's it sweetie, stick out these big things even further-they need some nasty naughty attention," Gemma cackled as she stared at her busty brunette prey's huge bulging bouncing breasts; she had caught a rock hard nipple in her fingers and was pinching, torquing, pulling it, relishing Lucy's shrill sexy "schoolgirl" like high pitched whimpers and pleas. "Yeoowwchhh! Yieeeeee! Stopppp-please....don't twist them off, please....Stop..." "Like my legs, what do you think about this, huh?" Gemma suddenly snarled with erotic cruelty. "Uhhhhhhh.Oooooohh," Lucy gasped as she felt sudden pressure, pain; (Had Gemma popped "Supergirl" Pills?" Her long luscious sexy legs seemed like pythons, perhaps even an anaconda...Lucy gasped for air, her lovely eyes got a tad glassy. Suddenly a new pain made it's announcement. That most tender spot between the brunette's legs....Desperate but oh so sexy, lovely toes dug into wet sand.... "Yes, dearie, soon we'll really have some FUN.....well me anyways-" Gemma's eyes gleamed... She licked her lips....lowered her head....a hungry but naughty tantalizing tongue flicked—

"Squirm, squeal, scream," Gemma taunted as she added even more energy to her nasty holds. The muscles in the blondes legs bulged with sexy determination; her forefinger and thumb twisted, slowly crushed the thick sensitive captured nipple, and those naughty long fingers, twisted, pulled, scratched and did their dastardly "in and out" dance on the shrieking brunettes' incredibly wet tender feminine lusciousousness. "My tits, please-noooo, my pussy, helpppppp," Lucy bawled. Her lovely body struggled all the more, she scratched and clawed at Gemma's hands, fingers, wrists. "Uhhhhh. Ohhhhh. Ungggggh." Loud sexy moans seemed in competition with Lucy's. Pamela Anderson's lovely exhausted, sore body was staggering with each slap and punch courtesy the busty Michelle Marsh. Pamela had once again made it to her feet, tried to escape. Michelle caught her, grabbing her by that now sweaty sandy bleached blonde hair. Several hard slaps further dizzied Pam; her face and lips got another up close and personal forced big boob smothering. Now Michelle was slapping her around-with delicious well placed smacks to her face and those big knockers. As Pamela softly groaned and almost teeterred over, Michelle moved in fast, reached up and grabbed each full breast in her talons.
"Hmmmm, plastic tits make for a good squeeze," Michelle snickered as she squeezed and mauled each full beautiful breast slowly, painfully. She dug sharp nails into the erotic mounds, snickered as Pams glazed eyes filled with tears.... "Oh sorry, you slutty crybaby-comeon kneel down-no fall down." Fingers relaxed, released those scratched up boobs; a forearm smash; a laugh, a giggle and a slow sexy deliberate face sit. "You're finished-all washed up so to speak; now wash me up, how 'bout a facial for you and some fun for me, Miss Plastic Barbie?" "Umppphhh-Ummmmmm-Ohhhhhhhh!"

Lucy blinked her watery eyes several times, took a good look at Michelle riding Pam's face; "Ummmmm, she thought, that reminds me...gonna get me some-" POW! The hard knuckles slammed into Gemma's lower belly with the force of an explosion. Gemma sucked air and released her prey, her sexy muscles, "naughty" hands turning to weak nothingness. The lovely blonde found her self airborne; a hard upward thrust knee was her landing "pad." That poor tummy. Angry fingers grabbed her blonde hair-yanked hard. Fingers clamped on her lovely sexy vulnerable throat. She gasped, struggling to stay in reality. Lucy's beautiful eyes were cold, hard, distant. Yet Gemma felt like she was way to close to agony, to danger. "Argggggh. Aieeeeee, my tit," Gemma's screams brought a snicker from Lucy as she squeezed the blondes luscious left breast with all her strength. She dug two nails into the sexy sensitive aerolae and she pressed her thumb hard into the base of the love nub. "Like this you skanky blonde cunt?" "Time to really catfight, not just play girl vs girl!"
"Noooooooo! Argggghhh. Helpppp," Gemma bawled as she desperately tried to break free of Lucy's angry clutches. The brunette grabbed the blonde from behind wrapping her long sexy arms directly around those big beautiful breasts, crushing them. She yanked up hard; Gemma's feet left the sand. Up, Up; Down, Down.

"Kerthump." The sickening breath stealing sound of sensitive tailbone meeting kneecap. That crouched stance and extended leg of Lucy's was darn near perfect. Two good thumps and Gemma's eyes glazed, every luscious muscle in her sensuous body turned to English bread puddin'.
"That's it-just slide right off," Lucy snickered as she gave the stunned whimpering Gemma off her knee and watched the blonde drop to her knees holding her wounded crotch. "Whatsa matter-that hot pussy hurts, huh?" Lucy giggled. She got up, stepped behind Gemma and reached down. "These need just a bit more attention-agreed?" "Aieeeeee-Yeowwccch-Let Go," Gemma shrieked as Lucy grabbed her full breasts, squeezed them hard, slowly, erotically. She released one breast, cupped her hand over Gemma's mouth stifling her screams and squeezed the captured breast extra hard. She pinched the nipple hard, pulled it out then twisted it suddenly releasing it. The muffled scream of agony brought a smile to the gorgeous brunette. She had graduated from playful catfighter to "professional naughty nasty catfighter" with flying or rather twisting colors. Lucy licked her lips as she saw the nipple grow stiffer and a bit thicker with the nasty painful move. A switch of hands-must balance "things" out of course. A louder scream-and another delicious nipple almost doubled in size. Whack. A surprise punch to the jaw; Lucy was now standing in front of Gemma. She grabbed her by the hair to keep her from falling or teetering over. "Gosh, you're beautiful, you hot blonde bitch," Lucy rasped as she let her eyes feast on every delicious inch of her defeated, dazed prey. She cupped Gemma's face in her hands, looked down into her beautiful eyes, gave her a lustful sneer then forced her face between her legs. "Ummmphhh-Ummmmm," Gemma verbally protested in a weak muffled kind of way. Lucy gasped with pleasure as she expertly moved that lovely head in a most precise sensual erotic method. Gasps and pleasurable grunts and moans came faster and faster and a rather female "Tarzan" like yell stilled the quiet beach air. "Ohhhhh, Uhhhh, Thanks so much, you are SOOOO GOOD," "Time to take a much needed much deserved break, okay sweetie?" Two huge beautiful breasts, looking a bit blurry even as they seemed to be coming closer, closer. Gemma was soon gasping once again for air. Sleep, sweet sleep. ( And what a fantastic "sleeping pill).

"That's it, ride her girl, ride her!" Lucy shouted as she walked up close to the most erotic sight. She smiled as she watched Michelle's huge juggs jiggle and bounce as she moved up and down enjoying Pam's face, tongue, lips....the poor lovely beach babe seemed not be enjoying this too much as her long sexy perfectly muscled, tan legs were kicking. But Michelle seemed to be a good "cowgirl" and rode her ride expertly, even giving out a shrieking "cowgirl Yee-Haw" at times. "Stupid blonde plastic bimbo, she should be enjoying the free facial," Lucy mused with a giggle. Soon the bell sounded or rather the final shriek of 'Yee-haw that's the frosting on the cake'" sounded. Michelle looked oh so happy, but oh so weak. "You were great horsie-now night-night." A bit of anger or dominance passed Michelles lovely lips; she sound amazingly sexy and in charge, not her normal self. She gave each of Pam's boobs a nice titty-swat, then clamped her hand over the surprised babe's face. Sexy eyelashes fluttered. A gasping kind of weak groan. Michelle took a bit of extra time and spread Pams legs wide apart. "She is quite lovely, don't you agree Miss Lucy?" Gemma Queried. "Of course, most blonde bimbos are," Lucy muttered back. "That's a bit rude isn't it?!"Michelle snapped back, feeling instant anger. She really wasn't up for another tangle but she was ticked. "Did I hit a nerve in that peasized brain of yours blondie?" Lucy asked with a terseness in her voice. She had moved close enough to suddenly stick her arm out; she poked a finger square into Michelle's huge left breast. "You bitch-Pow!" Lucy brushed the slap to her face off, smiled and shot her leg out hard and fast. One lovely foot slammed up hard into Michelles pubic mound. A handful of hair, a spin around, three solid blistering backhands to the face and Michelle was in big trouble. Big brunette trouble. She tried to turn away, but Lucy put her in a headlock; punches to tender ribs, then a flip to the sand. Michelle landed hard on her back, the air escaping her lungs. Instead of pouncing Lucy grabbed her legs pulled them apart and planted her bare foot solidly on her crotch. "Uhhhh-Arggggg, Aieeeee." A heel and toes did some painful nastiness. "Ya know, I'm up for just one more round of fun and you could use a facial" Angry but weak protests were made but to no avail. Lucy got up by her head, stepped on that blonde hair, grabbed her arms and standing on her hair she forced Michelles head up; Ouchhhh...that hurt. Thunk. Lucy dropped down and fired a punch to Michelles soft belly; sucking air, the blonde offered little resistance as Lucy treated those huge knockers to some serious "knockin'" and stinging slaps. "Just love watchin 'em bounce," Lucy muse silently. As Michelle began to beg louder and more desperate Lucy cupped one breast in bot hands; she squeezed it hard forcing the delicious nipple to jut out; as her rival winced, Lucy began to kiss and tongue the sexy nub. The other breast and nipple received the same treat and Michelle began to relax. A hungry hand slipped past the soft tummy downward, past a patch of soft silk, downward. "Don't-ummmm-olease, stop." "Yeah righ, you REALLY want this to stop, don't you sweetie?" A hard slap before the answer came. Lucy suddenly went all out; she pulled hair, both places; slapped, pinched, punched. Kissed and sucked. Michelle tried to fend off both pleasure and pain, but to no avail. Soon Lucy had were frustrated, confused, weak. "No, please, not that, please." Noooo-Umpppph." "Yes, Girl, THAT-You lose a catfight, ant THAT is the prize, at least if I win, understand? Once again sounds of sheer pure pleasure shattered the stilness of the salty beach air. Lucy was "riding high." She had defeated and had enjoyed defeating three of the hottest of the hottest. Her eyes got a bit blurry as she sucked in the delicious salty air and every "drop" of the losers expert admission of submission. What a way to end a perfect triple! ----------

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