Jul 23, 2013


To decide who gets the guy,
Jeri and Lynette battle to the finish!

 "There are good days. There are bad days. Some days are really bad -- it doesn't even pay to get out of bed. Yesterday was that kind of day for me.

 "I do in-home insurance consultations. And yesterday's lead promised to be a juicy one: an unmarried career gal looking to upgrade her entire portfolio. It's tough to sell a housewife a $100,000 annuity policy on her own life. But a business-woman can see it as an investment. At least that's how I planned to slant my pitch.

  "She was a good-looking blonde -- tall, lean, and curvy. The kind of legs that make me a little damp in the crotch. But I was on my best behavior. Her condominium was tastefully -- and expensively -- furnished. The same with her wardrobe. I could almost smell my commission growing. I started slowly, chatting her up. We talked about clothes, tennis, and finally men. She was hot for someone named Neville. Which is pretty funny, because my steady boyfriend's name is Neville, too. You don't meet too many of them.

 "We laughed over the coincidence. She joked that it would be pretty funny if it turned out to be the same guy. I laughed to be polite, although secretly I wouldn't find that funny at all. She dug into her wallet and produced a photo of her Neville to show me. To humor her, I did the same. Bad news. Her Neville was my Neville. What a disaster!

  "I lost it completely. I came at her like a junkyard dog defending its junk. In this case, the junk was Neville. I lunged for the photo and tried to rip it from her hand. She lashed out with her talon-like manicure and clawed a big gash across my cheek. I slapped her face in return -- so hard she lost her balance and fell to the couch.

 "The battle began in earnest now. Her hands were around my throat. My hands were free, but I had trouble getting my arm back far enough to build up any force. Still, I managed to punch her -- hard -- in the stomach and break her hold. We rolled onto the carpet.

  "She ripped open my top. My bra and my breasts were exposed. I grabbed her blonde mane and pulled her hair so hard I saw tears form in her eyes. Good -- now the little bitch would pay for fucking around with my Neville. She started slapping my face over and over. I tried to cover my face with my hands, but she just kept hitting me.

 "I managed to reposition my body and get me legs around her head. With a scissor hold, I squeezed my thighs as tight as I could. I wanted to make her eyes pop. I released my hold and stomped on her head with my feet. My feet got all tangled in her hair, and I pulled it so hard I could see her black, untinted roots coming to the surface. It felt great from my point of view -- but it was a mistake. This gave her a chance to grab my feet and hold on. She started biting my toes and my feet. It hurt like hell -- I could see the bite marks. The little witch! First, she's sleeping with my Neville. Then she's damaging my precious peds. That make me extra mad.

  "I executed a fair half-nelson and soon pinned had her pinned in an uncomfortably submissive position. On her knees, like the bitch that she was, I could get to her slutty ass -- which I sunk my teeth into as hard as I could. She wasn't the only one who knew how to bite!
   "We shredded each other's clothes. No dressmaker was ever going to repair the damage. She scratched my arm and my chest; I managed to force her legs apart and slap her cunt as hard as I could. She screamed over that, which just made me do it again.


 "We grappled over and through the entire room slapping, punching, and scratching any anatomical part we could connect with. It's a wonder either of us had a fingernail or attached strand of hair left by the time it was over. But when the smoke cleared, I had the upper hand.
   "I gave that cunt the beating of her life. Then I took my nylons and tied her up with them, leaving her helpless for the housekeeper tofind the following day. As a final touch, I stuffed another stocking down her throat to shut her up. And of course I claimed the photo of Neville as my victor's prize.


 "But who was really the winner? I lost a big sale and big commission. And I came away from the deal with Neville -- that lying, cheating scumbag. Like I said, some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed!" 


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