Oct 18, 2009

Carmen Electra vs Jenna Jameson

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Written by Amateur

Sometime in 2006... According to the media, Dave Navarro had started dating Jenna, "just weeks after splitting from his wife." Perfectly true though what the media failed to report - through sheer blissful ignorance - was that he’d began SLEEPING with Jenna a long time before the split. It had been this which had turned into the reason for the separation and subsequent divorce of the musician and the former Baywatch beauty. Carmen had suspected he’d been having sex with someone for weeks but she’dn’t known it was Jenna. The telltale signs of an affair had all been there. A sudden change in Dave's behavior had been the first clue. Out of nowhere, he began paying less attention to her, then trying to compensate with occasional and highly unnatural displays of excessive care and affection. His desire to "perform" - or lack thereof - added to Carmen's suspicion; as had the lingering scent of perfume she encountered on several occasions upon coming home - and her husband's professed ignorance on the subject.

All highly suggestive, if somewhat inconclusive, most people would say and they’d be right! Carmen may have been willing to cast her doubts aside and let the whole thing go, but only until the appearance of a black lace bra she discovered between the sofa cushions, one she didn’t recognize as hers! Dave's vehement denial of any knowledge of the bra's owner - and the circumstances of where it was found - were as useless as ridiculous. A short time later, the divorce was done.

Once Dave and Jenna started showing up around town together, Carmen didn’t need any help to figure out just whom her former hubby had been entertaining in their home during the weeks prior to the divorce and just which pair of breasts the bra she’d found had been supporting. Moreover, when she confronted Jenna about it one night at a club, Jenna porn star didn’t even try to deny it. True, she didn’t admit it either - not in so many words - but Carmen didn’t need an admission; the smug, mocking look in Jenna's eyes told the former Baywatch beauty all she needed to know.

From there, it could only go one way…having moved in the same circles for years, both women had an opinion of the other and, while neither thought much of her rival until now they’d managed to keep it all to themselves. Now, neither woman found it necessary - or even possible - to do so any longer!

Carmen always considered Jenna nothing more than a common whore - better paid than the average prostitute, but essentially doing the same thing, having sex for money…with the added indignity of doing it in front of a camera for everyone to watch. She now felt free to let Jenna know this in a passionate tirade interspersed with choice words (or entire phrases) one didn’t usually hear in a Disney movie or on the Discovery channel.

Jenna's equally colorful and passionate retort was that she couldn't care less about what Carmen thought of her or what she did for a living. Jenna informed Carmen (far from politely) that she was who she was and she was pretty happy with it. “At least,” Jenna maintained. “I’m being honest.” In her view, Carmen was a whore and having sex for money. According to Jenna, the only difference between them was that she, Jenna, was making real cash out of it, plus having a say in who she let "fuck" her, while Carmen did it with every casting director who wanted it - and all it got Carmen was “crummy little parts in crummy little movies.” That in Jenna's erudite opinion, made Carmen not merely a whore, but a "real cheap one at that!"

Needless to say, the verbal jousting came to an abrupt end in a physical confrontation, which, given the two women's notoriously combustible personalities wasn’t surprising! The fight was quickly broken up by club security, but everybody in attendance knew that was far from the end of it. And no one knew it better than Carmen and Jenna themselves. There was simply too much pride, too much ego and too much raw hatred for the issue to be put to rest just like that. Each felt a score needed to be settled and each wanted it settled as soon as possible.

That’s where a certain club patron believed (hoped) he could be of assistance. He was the owner of a company specializing in catfight videos who was in bad need of a break. His company was new, and while it lacked neither equipment, nor technical know-how, it was still struggling against the likes of “Steel Kittens”, “DT Wrestling” and the other established forces on the scene. Witnessing the spat between Carmen and Jenna, and the subsequent insults, taunts and threats of future violence the two hell-cats exchanged as they were pulled apart and held at a safe distance from each other gave the so-far-unsuccessful company owner hope. He was well aware that most commercial catfight videos were pretty much like professional wrestling, scripted and rehearsed with little or no competition involved, he wanted his company to offer more.

He’d been planning to put out a video in which the two opponents fight for real but had been unable to do so. Most of the so-called "stars" in the field had instantly turned down his offers of actually getting involved in a real fight and had turned them down flat. The few women he’d be able to persuade to participate weren’t up to one of the most important standards of the entertainment industry - they simply weren’t good-looking or well-known enough. The owner (who those around him for some reason persistently called Amateur though that wasn’t his real name) had all but given up on the idea of ever finding two hot women willing to fight on videotape. But now, after watching Carmen and Jenna go at it in front of a large and interested live audience, he now dared to dream. Well, he’d always dared to dream, but now there was at least the prospect of more than hope! Suppose, just suppose, he actually asked Carmen and Jenna if they’d be willing to settle their differences in front of a camera or two and allow the result to be marketed - in exchange for a fair share of the profits. And that would be the fair share of a lot, The Amateur knew. Really, what red-blooded male wouldn’t cough up for that tape? Who, you? Seek help, man! And even those not interested in the erotic value of the product would probably still buy it, just out of curiosity. One just can not possibly lose with a deal like that. Provided there actually is a deal. And there was only one way to know that.

Perhaps surprisingly, even after their altercation, both Carmen and Jenna were still in the club although they were being kept some distance away from each other by their respective entourages, and their interaction was now limited to the exchange of venomous looks. It wouldn't hurt to ask, The Amateur told himself, even though he was well aware that given Carmen's and Jenna's fiery tempers and their current state of mind, this time asking just might do that. Hurt, that is! Still, it had to be done.

After repeatedly trying to persuade himself that fortune did indeed favor the brave and refusing to believe it for one second, he finally managed to wind himself up and approach one of his potential stars, securing a few minutes alone with her to deliver his offer. The fact that he didn’t get his eyes scratched out right off was something of a surprise, but not compared to the surprise he got in response to his proposal - an immediate and resounding "Hell yeah!" plus a few spicy expressions.

Scarcely believing his luck and knowing that the job was practically done, he went over and conveyed his suggestion to the other woman. Just as he’d thought, just mentioning the fact that the other side had already accepted, was enough to secure an instant agreement, albeit one that was laced with a good deal of profanity. It was clear that to each woman, the opportunity to beat her rival with the added humiliation of having it all on video for everyone to see was just too good to pass up. Obviously, the thought of she herself ending up beaten and humiliated never even crossed either woman's mind. Simply put: each one was positive she’d win.

Hammering out the details and getting it all on paper was a matter of just a few days. It was all perfectly simple. Carmen and Jenna would battle it out inside an empty room in an apartment style catfight. There would be no weapons or rules of any kind, with each woman getting to wear an attire of her choice. To ensure there would be no interference of any kind, and to provide maximum space and freedom for the combatants, there would be no live crew to shoot the fight. All cameras and microphones would be out of the way, operated remotely from a control room. The door would be locked from the inside and no one would be allowed in until the fight was over, which would be when one woman opened the door and left the room.

Each woman would sign a release clearing the company and its owner, as well as her opponent, from responsibility for any injuries suffered. Also, both would sign a contract, giving the company, Amateur Fight, exclusive rights to the recorded fight in any way shape or form the company saw fit. The original idea had been for both women to get a percentage of the sales, but since each was absolutely dead sure she’d win, both insisted the contract state that only the winner would get both shares while the loser got only pain and a lifetime of shame. Of course, The Amateur had absolutely no problem whatsoever; it would only add to each woman's desire to win and make the fighting even more intense.

The days leading up to the fight were devoid of the hysteria one might expect surrounding an event of this magnitude; the reason was because, except for Carmen, Jenna and The Amateur, only a few lawyers bound by professional secrecy knew about the whole thing. Even the crew that had been hired to set up the room didn’t know who would be fighting. This was largely at the insistence of Jenna who - quite correctly - figured if her insurance company wouldn’t allow her to take part in the Lingerie Super Bowl special, it damn sure wasn’t gonna look kindly on her in a no-holds-barred fight! And Jenna didn’t want anyone to keep her from getting her claws on Carmen. She wanted to beat the bitch soooo bad; to teach her a lesson she’d never forget - no matter how dumb she was!

The room was one of many housed in a plush Hollywood residence. It contained no furniture, just twenty by twenty feet of unobstructed, hard, polished wood floor. Numerous cameras were mounted on the walls (some on electrically-powered swivels), covering the brightly-lit floor from all angles but well out of the way. And in the middle of the floor stood Carmen and Jenna, ready and eager to tear the other to pieces.

Clad in a white thong bikini, her dark hair loose, Carmen had the calm appearance of one about to take a stroll down the beach. Nothing in her demeanor suggested she even knew she had a fight on her hands, let alone that she was worried about it. Jenna didn’t seem particularly concerned or agitated either. She was wearing a black lace thong and matching bra and, like Carmen, she hadn't bothered tying up her hair, leaving her long blonde locks to flow freely down her back.

Having had the opportunity to take a good look at the opposition, each woman was feeling more confident than ever! In reality, either’s chances were about even. While each (by her own admission) had a little something added to her height by most data sites on the Web, Jenna’s 2” advantage was still a fact, as were her extra five pounds of weight. Still, both were in great shape and neither one was a stranger to fighting. Both had been in their fair share of skirmishes while in high school, and had a good many battles in the intervening years.

In her early showbiz days, Carmen had often fought her fellow dancers, and later, there’d been no female cast member of "Baywatch" she hadn’t come to blows with at least once. Jenna, the Nevada native, hadn’t earned the title “Queen of Porn” just because of her looks and sexual stamina! Porn was a tough, bitch-eat-bitch business and she’d literally fought fist, tooth, and nail, to reach the top and then to stay there. More than a few women had learned firsthand of the shortness of Jenna's temper and the sharpness of her claws. Having to publicly fight another woman (even though in this case it was on camera rather than in front of an audience) was nothing new to this feisty blonde. There is a good reason why Tera Patrick is widely considered second-best to Jenna in the porn circles; the same reason they’d never been in a movie together.

"I must admit I'm a little surprised." Jenna said after a few minutes, during which each woman waited for the other to make the first move and possibly a mistake, "I didn't think you'd have the guts to show knowing what I'm gonna do to you. You're obviously dumber than even I thought!".

"Shut your filthy mouth, bitch!" Carmen snapped, her blue eyes blazing. "Just where do YOU get off calling ME dumb, you brainless, smut-peddlin' cunt! I'm not the one goin' around fuckin’ people's husbands and forgettin' my underwear in their houses!"

"Forgetting?" Jenna's plucked eyebrows arched in surprise, her gray eyes sparkling with amusement. "Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I mean, I knew you were stupid, but I had no idea just how slow things really move in there," Jenna said, pointing at Carmen's head. "I didn't ‘forget’ that bra, my precious little, empty-headed, Pam Anderson wannabe. As much of a misguided schmuck as Dave is, he amused me…still does...although maybe just a little less now. I wanted to get him to leave you so I could have him all to myself. But he didn't; too much of a chicken. So I decided to get YOU to drop HIM. I wanted you to catch us in bed together, but he wouldn't let me. Somehow he always managed to ship me out just before you got home. I guess you really had the poor moron whipped; he seemed absolutely terrified of you. Or maybe it was that he didn't wanna divorce you so he could have the best of both worlds... Although," Jenna looked Carmen up and own with a scornful expression on her beautiful face, "One of these worlds doesn't amount to much. I don't see why anyone would want anythin' from it...

"Anyway, that was when I decided to stuff that bra in the couch. Dave told me how you bit his head off about it and he didn't even know it was there and who it belonged to. Of course he didn't know! Otherwise he’d have gotten rid of it! He knows now, though; and he's grateful I did it. If I hadn't, he might still be stuck with you instead of being taken care of by a real woman who can give him what you never could! The point is, I left that bra on purpose for you to find and you reacted exactly like the jealous, insecure, bitch with an uncontrollable infantile temper, I always knew you to be. You see, Carmen my dear, it's very simple: I wanted your husband. And I ALWAYS get what I want, I'm Jenna Jameson!"

Carmen said nothing because there really wasn’t much to say to that. Angrily flashing blue eyes locked with equally blazing gray ones. A wild snarl was accompanied by a stinging SLAP, which was followed by a sharp “OUCH!” and a lunge forward by both women!

Two firm, sexy bodies collided with a loud SMACK then tumbled to the floor in a tangle of thrashing arms and legs. Groans, shrieks and curses rent the air as the women rolled back and forth, pulling hair, slapping, punching and clawing; each doing her best - or worst - to get on top of the other. Evenly matched in both strength and ferocity, the enraged beauties ripped and tore the other's body and skimpy clothing without either gaining the upper hand until - a sudden Face Rake of fingernails across eyes, led to a loud screech and an abrupt separation.

Rolling away from each other, the women scrambled to their feet and stood facing each other, panting and shaking as they both looked down at the black bra that had been pulled off during the struggle on the floor between them.

"Whatsamatta, slut?"

Carmen asked with a nasty smile. "Top fall offa those saggy ol’ titties?"

"Shut the fuck up, bitch!"

the topless blonde snarled as she rushed forward with claws bared. "I'll teach you to tear…"

The move was so predictable; Carmen knew Jenna's intention even before Jenna herself did. As Jenna reached for her top to try and get some payback, Carmen swept the porn star's outstretched arms aside with one hand and smacked her face with the other. The slap turned Jenna's head to the side and made her take a step back holding her burning cheek. She glared at her smirking foe for a moment before attacking again…well, trying to at least!

When Jenna stepped forward, Carmen shifted her weight to her left leg and Snap Kicked Jenna in the belly with her right.


Jenna grunted, stopped in her tracks, bent forward holding her stomach in both hands as her mouth made a surprised ‘o’. Carmen quickly stepped in and slammed her fist straight up into Jenna’s bulging left breast, the knuckles driving deep into the abundance of naked, pliant flesh; flattening it against her chest.


Jenna squealed in pain as her hands fluttered up to cup her breast and, Carmen moving in close, Left Hooked Jenna in the gut, taking her breath away; then used a fistful of her hair to pull the doubled over Jenna into a tight Side Headlock.

"Fuckin' slut!"

Carmen hissed, as she began to walk her trapped foe around the room, forcing her to bend forward as she wrenched her left arm hard against Jenna's head and neck. Carmen grabbed her own left wrist in her right hand, putting as much pressure on Jenna as she could. Groaning, Jenna struggled to free herself, her hands pushing against Carmen’s hips, but was unable to pull her head out of Carmen's angry grip.


Jenna grunted, next reaching up with her right hand to snatch a handful of Carmen's dark locks and yank furiously.


Carmen cried out, yet stubbornly refused to relinquish her hold and, in fact, even tightened it. Then, with an angry snarl, Carmen suddenly twisted to one side, tripping Jenna - a move that brought them both crashing to the floor with Carmen on top still working her Headlock. "You give, you stupid cunt? Huh? You give?" Carmen yelled, grinning up into the cameras while Jenna squirmed and kicked in vain attempts to buck herself loose. Jenna’s answer was instantaneous, but hardly the one Carmen had expected! Reaching around Carmen’s body, Jenna grabbed the back of her thong and jerked upward with all her strength.


was Carmen's succinct but meaningful comment on having a large portion of the lower half of her attire suddenly disappear between her well-rounded butt cheeks as the tightly stretched fabric cut deep into her tender crotch. Writhing madly, Carmen released the headlock and tried to pull away from her foe, but wasn’t allowed to. The moment she was free, Jenna rose up on her knees, continuing to yank and jerk Carmen's thong using both hands. Flat on her belly, Carmen squealed and squirmed, her hands clawing the hardwood floor as she sought an escape.

"You like that? Want some more, you fuckin' slut?" Jenna shouted. The sexy Nevada native obviously enjoyed giving her Ohio rival a Wedgie; there was a happy gleam in her eye as she now pulled with all her might, lifting Carmen's hips off the floor by the back of her thong. Unfortunately for Jenna, good things seldom last and this particular bit of fun proved no exception as, taxed beyond its limits, Carmen's thong simply snapped apart in her hands and the former Baywatch beauty heaved a sigh at the much-needed relief of pressure..

Her respite proved to be short-lived though as, still on her knees, Jenna tossed aside the thong and pounced with a snarl. Carmen struggled to get away, but Jenna achieved what she’d tried unsuccessfully to do earlier: rip Carmen's top off. Rolling her onto her back, the porn star slammed her fist into Carmen's belly and then tried to Choke her with her own top. Carmen reacted instantly, reaching up and grabbing Jenna's bare breasts, then squeezing and twisting as hard as she could; her fingers digging into the smooth, supple flesh. Jenna screeched in pain and immediately grasped Carmen's wrists in an attempt to pull the clawing hands away from her breasts. She failed! The blonde's bountiful boobs provided an excellent handhold for Carmen who continued to maul the sensitive orbs savagely; snarling as she pulled and twisted, stretching the pliant flesh first one way, then another.


Jenna howled, still on her knees and still struggling wildly.

Squirming frantically, her pretty face contorted in a mask of agony, Jenna hammered furiously at Carmen's head with both fists and, when that didn't work, she drove all ten fingernails down into her face. Carmen screamed and instantly released her grip on Jenna’s breasts, shielding her face with her hands. Once her breasts were freed, Jenna tried to straddle Carmen and pin her, but the brunette had other ideas, Carmen managed to get a knee up between their bodies on Jenna's chest and kicked her away.

Both got to their feet, facing off; Jenna now in just her black thong and Carmen completely naked. If she was perturbed by her total loss of clothing, Carmen showed no sign of it as she sprang toward Jenna with a snarl. Ignoring a Kick to her thigh, Carmen closed with Jenna and again clamped on a Side Headlock. Together, they staggered around for a few seconds with Jenna driving short punches into Carmen's kidney area in an attempt to force her to release her. Carmen did her best to get Jenna off balance and bring her to the floor.


Carmen's success brought a series of groans and grunts as Jenna writhed and beat her feet on the floor, huffing and puffing in her vain attempts to escape Carmen’s clutches.

"Give up, bitch…I'm…way too…strong!"

Carmen panted after ten seconds of futile struggling by Jenna.

A second later, however, it was Carmen who started screaming! Lying almost on top of Jenna with her arm wrapped around Jenna's neck, Carmen’s left breast was pressed into Jenna's face; practically forcing its way into her gaping mouth. All Jenna had to do was close her white, even teeth on the supple flesh - something she’d shown she was capable of doing - in a more gentle, loving way - in her porn movies. Her skill at it was shown by Carmen's piercing shriek of agony.


Writhing wildly on top of Jenna, Carmen immediately released her Headlock to grab and pull Jenna's hair with one hand while the other Clawed Jenna's face!


Now Jenna screamed as she fought to control Carmen's Clawing wrist with both hands, pushing the hand back from her face. Snarling, Carmen quickly heaved herself up on her knees and used her free hand to Punch Jenna in the side of the head, then in the face! She managed to pull her wrist from Jenna's grasp, then planting a knee between Jenna's breasts, she leaned forward, pinning The Queen of Porn on her back on the floor.


Jenna screamed, reaching up with both hands, grabbing Carmen's right breast and squeezing!


Carmen howled in pain as she hammering away at Jenna's head with both fists. Jenna groaned under the barrage but didn’t let go, maintaining her double-handed grip on her opponent's breast, pulling and twisting viciously with both hands and digging her nail in mercilessly until the soft flesh oozed between her fingers.

Carmen screeched ever louder, then suddenly spread her knees and straddled Jenna, grabbing her throat with both hands to Choke her. Jenna's face began to darken and her moth dropped open, drool and spittle dribbling out as she struggled to get oxygen into her lungs. Twisting and kicking, she had to let go of Carmen’s breast to pry her hands from her throat. Carmen didn’t relinquish her hold right away, however, and started banging the back of Jenna's head on the floor as she screamed with rage.

Knowing she had to do something before Carmen strangled her, Jenna Face Raked her claws over Carmen's eyes. The sexy Midwesterner screamed again, but this time in pain as she pulled back with her hands over her face. Once she got Carmen off balance, Jenna bucked violently, tossing Carmen off of her to the floor

Both women got to their knees at the same time then without bothering to get up the rest of the way, flew at each other snarling angrily. Carmen (whose vision wasn’t too badly impaired despite her eyes watering) landed the first blow - a solid Right Cross under Jenna's left eye. The blonde swayed back on her haunches, then answered with a Right of her own to Carmen's left cheek that landed with a meaty THWAK! Carmen's head snapped back but she quickly recovered and reached out both hands, claws bared, aiming for Jenna's face. The blonde managed to grab Carmen’s wrists and stop her nails inches from her eyes, then slowly forced her hands back. But Jenna made a mistake!

Instead of punching Carmen or backing away and getting to her feet, she tried to Bear Hug Carmen and trap her arms at her sides; obviously having decided she had the strength to hold on to and gradually overwhelm her rival. But it was very much like trying to hold and overwhelm a demented lioness.

Screaming and squirming, Carmen Head-butted Jenna in the face, causing her to groan and lose her hold. Then Carmen Slugged Jenna in the belly button and starting Clawing her breasts with both hands. Jenna screamed in pain and tried to get hold of Carmen’s wrists, but a heavy Right Hand Punch from Carmen slammed into her flat belly with a loud SMACK and sank in deep. Doubling over wheezing and gasping, Jenna tried to scramble away from Carmen who threw herself on Jenna with a feral snarl and, wrapping her arms around her and sinking her Fangs in the side of Jenna's neck. Jenna went down with Carmen on top of her.

Screaming and kicking, Jenna grabbed Carmen's hair and pulled her head back, trying to Punch her but again Carmen just growled and went back to Clawing Jenna's lush body, her sharp fingernails raking the soft, smooth skin mercilessly. Jenna screamed in both pain and anger and violently heaved herself up and to the side, spilling Carmen off of her.

Scrambling to their feet, the women stood glaring silently; their chests heaving; their mutual hatred evident in their eyes as they stood there panting out loud - both tired and hurt - both clearly determined to keep fighting. Taking only a moment to catch their breath, the two angry beauties began circling each other slowly, chests heaving, firm, sexy bodies glistening with sweat and shaking with tension.

Jenna was the one who renewed active hostilities by aiming a Front Kick at Carmen’s pussy which she avoided as she hopped back at the last second. Jenna continued forward and tried to Punch Carmen in the face, only to get a Kick in the belly instead. Again, Jenna was forced to withdraw. Carmen quickly went forward and drove two hard Punches to Jenna's head.


Jenna moaned, but she responded with a Punch that hit Carmen above her left eye and sent her reeling back wincing in pain. "BITCH!" Jenna growled as she lunged at Carmen, trying to wrap her arms around her and take her down.

Carmen kept her balance and shifted her weight forward, trapping the onrushing blonde in a Front Headlock. Then Carmen dropped to her knees, forcing Jenna down to hers. Leaning into Jenna, Carmen wrapped her left arm tight around her neck and, as she held Jenna trapped, Carmen pounded her right fist into the porn star's back and kidneys. On her knees; bent over with her head almost on the floor; with most of Carmen’s weight on her; Jenna struggled to free herself. Groaning and grunting, she heaved, bucked, kicked and squirmed, she even tried to Punch Carmen in the sides with both hands.

"You're not goin' anywhere, bitch!"

Carmen growled, holding on tight, not at all affected by Jenna's punching.

Finally realizing she couldn’t free herself simply by twisting and pulling, Jenna reached up and back with her right hand and, slammed her open palm into Carmen's face, then started pushing. At the same time, she tried to Rake Carmen's eyes with her claws. With Jenna’s hand in her face, Carmen bared her teeth and bit down, hard!


Jenna snatched back her hand with a startled yelp, then resumed squirming even more violently. Somehow she managed to break free and tried to grab Carmen's breasts but from her knees, Carmen countered with a quick Uppercut that jarred Jenna's head and made her see stars! Carmen pressed forward, pushing Jenna over onto her back and falling on her with a Full Body Press.


Jenna yelled, managing to free her wrists from Carmen’s grasp. Jenna grabbed Carmen's hair and stared tugging with all her strength. Carmen growled, shifted her body to the side and wrapped her left arm around Jenna's throat in a Choke hold.

"What now, slut?"

Carmen growled through clenched teeth.

The sexy Vegas native gurgled and writhed furiously while she Clawed Carmen's face, finally forcing her to relinquish the Chokehold and pull back. "Bitch!" Jenna screamed, reaching up with both hands to get a Hairhold on Carmen.


Carmen yelled almost at the exact same time, Punching Jenna in the face.

Jenna groaned and tried to sit up but Carmen Punched her in the face again, then slammed her back down on the floor and sat on her chest, pinning her. Groaning, Jenna arched her back trying to throw her off. Carmen maintained her mount and drove two more Punches into Jenna's face before Jenna moaned and slumped to the floor on her back.


Carmen grunted between heavy breaths as she rested with her hands on her thighs.


the pinned woman panted, still squirming and thrashing.

Carmen Punched her in the face again. Once more, Jenna screamed but then grabbed the former Baywatch babe's large, free-swinging and sweat-glistening boobs, squeezing them hard as she gritted her teeth.

"Hands off, you fuckin' cunt!"

Carmen snarled, swinging at Jenna’s face with both hands.

Jenna shrieked and grabbed Carmen's wrists, trying to hold her flashing fingernails away from her face. Carmen growled, wrenched her right arm free and hit Jenna in the face again. The blonde moaned and - now holding Carmen's left wrist with both hands - began twisting the arm.

"Let go, bitch!"

Carmen ordered through clenched teeth, using her free hand to Punch the porn star in the face again.

But Jenna didn’t let go and continued twisting Carmen’s arm until the screaming Carmen rolled off to one side to avoid having it broken! Jenna heaved herself up to her knees and tried to crawl on top of Carmen, but she drew back her knees and Kicked Jenna away.

Again they slowly rose to their feet and squared off, Carmen Kicked Jenna in the stomach and moved in, trapping the bent over blonde in yet another Headlock. While Jenna was struggling trying to free herself, Carmen Hip-tossed her, slamming her to the floor. Carmen tried to scramble on top of Jenna and pin her down but, squirming and heaving, Jenna threw Carmen off.

Before Jenna could get away, Carmen pounced again and slammed her down on the floor on her belly, trapping her under her as she wrenched her trapped arm into a Hammerlock.

"Want me to break your arm?"

Carmen asked menacingly, planting her right knee in the small of Jenna's back, continuing to twist her left arm behind her; forcing the wrist higher and higher up between her shoulder blades.

“OH FUCK NOOooooooo….”

Screeching in agony, Jenna writhed and squirmed, lashing blindly backward with her free right hand. The Backhand caught Carmen on the side of the face and while it wasn’t enough to do damage, it startled her and she instinctively recoiled backward.

The brief movement allowed Jenna to yank her trapped arm free and she rolled over on her back and tried to kick Carmen in the head. She eluded the flashing feet with a sudden sideways lean, then flung herself on Jenna in another attempt to pin her. Jenna grabbed a handful of hair and used her free hand to Punch Carmen in the face several times. Carmen groaned and Raked her claws across Jenna's eyes, then rolled off of her.

This time when the two women got to their feet, they immediately flew at each other screaming and swinging. They traded several ill-timed blows which had little effect on either before Carmen landed a solid right to Jenna's jaw that staggered her! Carmen moved in and drove her fist low and deep into Jenna's flat belly.


Jenna let out a guttural sob as she dropped to her knees and rocked back on her haunches clutching her stomach.

In an instant, Carmen was on her knees behind her, threading her arms under Jenna's and lacing her fingers at the back of Jenna's neck. Before Jenna could react, Carmen pushed forward, toppling The Queen of Porn over and forcing her to lie face down on the floor, still keeping her trapped in the Full Nelson.

"Give it up, bitch; you got nothing left!"

Carmen growled in her ear as Jenna struggled, unable to escape the hold. Jenna turned down the offer by making a titanic effort and eventually succeeding in bringing her arms down, pulling Carmen's hands apart and breaking the Full Nelson. But Carmen was still on her foe’s back and now she heaved herself up, straddling Jenna and pinning her on her belly on the floor between her thighs. "Ready to give NOW, slut?" Carmen asked, sitting bouncing firmly on her prone rival's back.

"Go to…hell…you fuckin'…bitch!"

Jenna grunted, squirming and kicking her legs in futile attempts to buck Carmen off.

"Fine, if that's how you want it..."

Carmen said coldly, raising her right arm and plunging her fist down and digging her fingers into the side of Jenna's soft flesh in a Neck Claw. Jenna screamed, suddenly pulled her knees up under her and then heaved upward pushing with her legs. Caught off-guard by the sudden upheaval, Carmen let out a startled squeal as she pitched forward, managing at the last instant to catch herself with her extended arms to avoid hitting flat on her face.

Seizing her opportunity, Jenna jerked back, wriggling out from under the nearly-toppled Midwesterner and wrapped her arms around Carmen from behind to bring her down. Carmen reacted quickly and lashed back with her right elbow, smashing Jenna in the side of the head and forcing her to let go. Another elbow to the head sent Jenna reeling back and Carmen, scrambling to her feet, spun around and charged Jenna who was sitting on her haunches holding her face.

Jenna launched herself forward, ramming her head into Carmen's stomach and her body jackknifed with a groan as Jenna wrapped her arms around Carmen's thighs and heaved, taking Carmen down to the floor. As she landed, the former Baywatch babe twisted onto her side to avoid being pinned on her back, but that's all she had time to do!.


Jenna snarled as she pinned Carmen to the floor on her left side, wrapping her arms around Carmen's neck. Carmen managed to get her right arm between her neck and Jenna's, preventing her from applying a proper Choke or Sleeper, but Jenna didn’t care. She just wound her arms tighter, then rolled onto her back, rolling Carmen over with her and holding her with her back against Jenna’s chest. Wrapping her legs around Carmen's slim midsection and locking her ankles, Jenna began to squeeze, using both her powerful legs and her arms.

Trapped, her right arm pinned to the side of her on neck and useless, Carmen groaned and squirmed desperately, her legs and free arm flailing wildly as Jenna began to crush her without mercy. Even with her arm between her neck and Jenna’s arms protecting her from a real Choke, Carmen still suffered; finding it hard to breathe in the clutches of the Nevada native. As she struggled, Carmen’s face grew redder and redder and her mouth began to gape wider and wider - the combined results of Jenna's arms around her neck and Jenna's strong legs crushing her midsection.


Carmen mumbled in a strangled voice, twisting and squirming atop her captor with no effect whatsoever.


Jenna demanded, clinging to her trapped foe for all she was worth.


Carmen barely managed to get the words out of her constricted throat as she thrashed; bucking and kicking wildly; her taut, glistening naked body contorting back and forth on Jenna's equally sweaty, sexy frame.

"Yeah? Well, fuck THIS bitch!"

The blonde growled, tightening her grip even more, her arms and legs compressing the Ohio woman's neck and midsection further and further, making breathing nearly impossible. Carmen let out a stifled moan as she struggled feebly, her bare legs bicycling ineffectually in the air. She tried clawing Jenna's arms with her free hand, but when that got her nowhere, she attempted pulling Jenna's hair. That didn’t work either. Jenna held on with grim determination, squeezing her writhing foe with all her might; smiling, enjoying her dominance over Carmen as well as she felt the Midwesterner's hot, sweaty, naked body wriggling against hers. She could almost taste victory!

‘Got the bitch now!’ Jenna thought as she put everything into her double grip on her weakening rival. Suddenly, Carmen reached out with her free hand, grabbed one of Jenna’s bare feet and bent her toes as hard as she could. Both startled and hurt, Jenna squealed and opened her Leg Scissors to free her foot. "AAAARRGGHH! LET GO YOU BITCH!" Jenna yelled, punching Carmen in the head with one hand and trying to claw her face with the other. But in doing so, she had released Carmen who quickly rolled away and got up.

Carmen had barely risen to her feet when Jenna got onto her knees and threw herself forward, full length, grabbing Carmen's ankles and yanking her feet out from under her, Carmen let out a loud “OOMPF!” as she landed flat on her back with an impact that shook the room. The Queen of Porn leaped on her fallen foe with a triumphant snarl, splashing down so hard the impact drove more air out of the already winded brunette's lungs. Then Jenna slid up Carmen’s body and dropped her naked, glistening breasts on Carmen's face while, at the same time, wrapping her arms around the Ohio beauty's head to keep it her face firmly trapped in her cleavage.

Carmen was in real trouble and she knew it! Her was face buried between the blonde’s massive breasts and her face was completely engulfed by the abundance of hot, supple flesh; effectively sealing off her mouth and nose and cutting off her air. Air she needed - badly - especially now, in the heat of the battle, she needed it more than ever. With her breathing rate increased several times from the intense physical exertion, a few short seconds of oxygen deprivation were enough to set her lungs and her entire chest afire and make her head start swimming.

Realizing full well that if she didn’t manage to escape the porn star's fleshy trap soon she wouldn’t last long, the former Baywatch babe struggled furiously, bucking and twisting and kicking in desperate attempts to free herself from Jenna's suffocating embrace. It was no good, Jenna’s hold was too tight. Lying on top of Carmen with her knees drawn up and her legs spread to prevent Carmen from flipping her over; using her full weight to hold the sexy Midwesterner on her back while she smothered her with her bare breasts, Jenna was determined to get the win and humiliate her hated rival.

Carmen was beginning to panic and started to punch Jenna’s body blindly; her fists smacking into the porn star's sides with no effect whatsoever. Grabbing two handfuls of long blonde hair, Carmen tugged and pulled fiercely for several seconds, accomplishing nothing. Then she reached blindly and tried to Claw Jenna's face, but the Vegas veteran closed her eyes tight and kept shaking her head from side to side, thwarting Carmen's attempts to inflict significant damage.

"No, you don't!"

The Queen of Porn panted, her body wriggling slightly from side to side as she mashed her ample tits against her beautiful victim’s visage. "I got you now, you fuckin' bitch! And this time I'll fuckin' finish you!!"

Flat on her back beneath her rival, her face plunged (it felt like) miles deep in Jenna's sizable, sweat-coated cleavage and no air coming into her lungs, Carmen didn’t need to be told about Jenna's intentions. She knew perfectly well what the Vegas vixen wanted and she was determined not let the bitch get it! Carmen arched her back desperately, trying to heave Jenna off or at least lift her enough to get a quick breath if not roll her off entirely. But the prolonged fight had taken a toll on her, and even though Jenna only weighed 115 pounds, at this stage even that was proving too much! Carmen, who by now was really suffering from a lack of air was unable to lift Jenna or heave her off. The Ohio native writhed furiously; her body twisting and bucking; her fists beating ineffectually at the porn star's taut, sweat-drenched back; her shapely, glistening legs alternately pushing at the floor or kicking wildly in all directions; her heels thumping the floor as she kept on trying to bridge up to somehow free herself.

Jenna ignored everything Carmen did; laying on the struggling woman, belly-to-belly, keeping her flat on the floor while depriving her of life-giving oxygen - oxygen which she, Jenna, was getting her full share as her naked, glistening torso was expanding and contracting rapidly with her heavy, noisy panting.

Sensing unconsciousness approaching, Carmen now made a final attempt to break free. Her hands, reached down, moving swiftly and guided more by instinct than anything. Sliding along Jenna's firm, sweaty buttocks until they found their target. Slender fingers with long, manicured fingernails easily slid past the flimsy protection of blonde's thong, pushing the narrow black strip aside before plunging into the porn star's exposed sex where her sharp claws Raked the delicate pink flesh mercilessly. Jenna, who until that moment had been certain of the imminence of her triumph, suddenly jumped as if galvanized; a look of sheer agony flashing in her gray eyes in the instant before an anguished howl burst from her mouth.


The sudden jerk of Jenna's body loosened her embrace a little and she tried to reapply it, but Carmen had already twisted her head to the side to suck in a much-needed breath of air before Jenna could restore her Breast Smother. Heartened by her brief success, Carmen opened her jaws and sank her white, even teeth into the soft underside of Jenna’s left breast. While she continued to Claw the inner walls of Jenna's sex, digging her nails in with brutal force, Carmen’s teeth clamped down with brutal force.


Writhing wildly and screeching like a banshee, Jenna tried to fight the pain and stay on top, but the double assault on her body was too much for her and she finally scrambled off of Carmen on her hands and knees and tried to put as much distance between them as possible. Carmen, still flat on her back, managed to snag the waistband of Jenna’s thong with her fingers as Jenna slithered off of her - the last bit of clothing either had left - and started tugging in an attempt to pull Jenna back and keep her close.

Early in the fight, this same tactic by Jenna had torn Carmen's own bikini bottom apart and now the Nevada woman's last remaining garment proved no better than that of her Ohio rival. RIIIIIIIIP both women were lying on the floor a few feet apart completely naked, and both desperately trying to recover. Carmen lay stretched on her back sucking air while Jenna was curled up on her right side, her hands wedged between her legs gently massaging her abused womanhood and silently thanking her lucky stars for her prudent decision to remove her body piercings before the fight (otherwise who knew what the damage might have been?)

It took a while, but eventually they both made it to their feet and the battle resumed as they came together swinging hard. Carmen's very first punch landed on Jenna's chin, staggering her. Following up, the Ohio native connected with a solid right to the jaw and a left just under Jenna's right eye. Jenna groaned and reeled backward with each of the hard blows, finding it a struggle just to stay on her feet. Snarling, Carmen bored into her wobbling foe with fists flying. Incensed by the embarrassment and physical discomfort she’d been subjected to moments before, the former Baywatch beauty was determined to get payback. In Carmen’s mind there was no doubt about who the culprit - or culprits - for her aforementioned embarrassment and discomfort were.


The air was rent by the audible impacts of Carmen's fists slamming repeatedly into Jenna's bare breasts, knocking the substantial mounds of titflesh and silicon back and forth, setting them swaying and bouncing - and drawing loud moans of pain from the abused porn star.

Her attractive face twisted and distorted by the agony in her body, Jenna frantically backpedaled, her open hands up in front her, unable to stop the furious assault of Carmen. As she retreated in total disarray, Jenna kept trying to protect her breasts from Carmen’s hammering fists - but in vain! Almost every one of Carmen's punches landed BANG on target, leaving The Queen of Porn withering in great pain. Knowing she wouldn’t last long if she kept backing up, Jenna tried to fight back by throwing some punches of her own. And, ironically, it was precisely at that point that Carmen decided to change from using her fists to using her feet - although with Jenna's massive breasts still the targets. It didn’t take long for it to become evident the adult actress had no response for Carmen’s sudden shift of strategy. Jenna found herself at the receiving end of a real pounding!

Carmen's kicks to Jenna's breasts were devastating. A former dancer, Carmen had no problem reaching the high targets, although as more and more kicks landed, Jenna crouched lower and lower, making it easier for Carmen’s small bare feet to SLAM Jenna's large bare breasts with unerring accuracy and brutal force, pounding the sexy Vegas vixen’s tits flat and threatening to burst her implants!

Groaning ever and ever louder, Jenna kept backing away, trying in vain to protect her breasts with her hands, but nothing she did worked! Carmen just kept coming forward. Having perfected control of her legs through various dance routines over the years, Carmen was able to place her kicks right where she wanted, smashing her retreating foe's breasts again and again, each one of her kicks drawing pained cries from the teary Jenna.

Faced with the prospect of having her breasts totally destroyed, Jenna was desperate to defend herself and at the same time fight back against her opponent's furious onslaught. Sadly, her efforts were failing miserably on both fronts. Try as she might, she couldn’t ward off many of Carmen's powerful kicks, and every time she tried a punch or a kick of her own, it either missed or if it hit, struck an area where it caused no damage. It was apparent Jenna was too hurt and disconcerted by the punishment she was taking and every time she attacked, she was lashing out blindly rather than aiming her blows. It was becoming painfully obvious that the tide of the battle had turned; from having had total advantage and on the brink of victory just moments ago, Jenna was back on her heels, being pounded into submission and she began to envision her own painful and humiliating defeat.

It became painfully obvious Jenna didn’t want to be beaten because she suddenly charged forward, screaming with fury, her lips pulled back from her teeth in a vicious grimace as her hands reached out for Carmen’s throat. Carmen swiftly side-stepped, grabbed Jenna's right arm with both hands and whipped Jenna around, sending her hurtling into the wall. Carried as much by her own momentum as by Carmen's helping hand, Jenna hit the wall head-on, let out a scream of pain as her breasts pancaked the hard surface, completely flattened against her chest with large portions oozing out between the wall and her body.


The stunned blonde had barely had time to inhale replacement air for what had been knocked out of her by the hard impact before Carmen closed in from behind and jerked her right knee sharply up between Jenna's spread legs. The near-deafening WHACK of kneebone striking pubic mound as Carmen’s knee struck the blond beauty's shaven labia could be heard in the street while Jenna's howl of agony was probably heard in sub-Saharan Congo. “OOOOHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…mygodmygodmygodmygo….ooohhhhhhhhh……”

Jenna was almost paralyzed with pain and as her knees began to buckle, she’d have slid all the way down the wall to the floor had Carmen not grabbed her hair with one hand and, twisting her fingers in the blonde, sweat-soaked locks, spun Jenna around and slammed her back against the wall. She held her upright by pulling her hair up and used her knee between Jenna’s thighs to help hold her up. Snarling angrily, the former Baywatch babe whipped back her arm and began slapping the porn star, whiplashing her back and forth across the face! Jenna groaned and tried to fight back, pulling Carmen's hair with both hands, but she just cursed at her before punching her in the belly, really hard!

“WHOOOOOOOFFF! Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn…”

Jenna let out a low moan and let go of Carmen's hair as her knees once again began to sag.

"Goddam fuckin' slut!"

Carmen hissed as she grabbed Jenna's breasts and began twisting and pulling. Jenna screeched and began tugging at Carmen's wrists in an attempt to pry her hands away. She failed as Carmen merely snarled and squeezed even harder; digging her slim fingers deep into Jenna’s massive mammaries, wringing the pliant flesh like dishrags.


Jenna shrieked, squirming frantically against the wall, while swinging both arms to deliver stinging slaps on Carmen's unprotected face. Eventually, Carmen let go, but only to wind up and SLAM, drive vicious Uppercut to the bottom of Jenna’s left breast that sent the heavy orb flying up and causing the adult actress to sob in pain. A second blow to Jenna's other breast had the brutalized blonde wailing even louder as she waved her open in front of her breasts defensively. Her defense proved highly inadequate as Carmen plunged her right fist deep into Jenna's soft belly, then reapplied the death-grip on the Vegas veteran's vulnerable breasts.

"I'll teach you to shove those fat udders in my face, you fuckin' porno cow!"

Carmen growled as she dug her claws deep, skewering Jenna’s breasts with her fingernails and making good progress - if Jenna's agonized screams were any indication. Disregarding Jenna's ineffectual slapping and squirming, Carmen tightened her grip on the porn star's tits and twisted while, at the same time, she pulled Jenna’s massive breasts in opposite directions, then SMACK slammed them together and grinding her knuckles in the soft flesh. Jenna shrieked louder than ever, but Carmen still wasn’t satisfied.

Carmen shifted her grip to Jenna's nipples, trapping the pink, stiff nubs between her thumbs and the second joint of her bent forefingers, then she squeezed and pulled, flattening the nipples while simultaneously stretching them - and Jenna's entire breasts - beyond the limits Nature had in mind when she designed Jenna’s bosom. At the same, Carmen twisted the nipples in opposite directions, using her strength with a dollop of malice. She may not have been TRYING to rip Jenna’s nipples off, but if not, she was doing a remarkable imitation of it. Jenna was quick to let the world know how she felt about it, emitting her loudest and most prolonged screech to date combined with furious writhing and twisting.

"Like that, bitch?"

Carmen yelled furiously. "Wamme to twist the fuckin' nipples OFF? Huh? Do ya, you Godda…"


Jenna's open hand came up from below to slam into Carmen's cunt. Her hand tightened into Crotch Claw as her fingers grasped and twisted the tender, sensitive flesh and her sharp nails dug deep in Carmen’s soft skin. Carmen's face turned ashen and her entire body arched convulsively backward as she rose onto her toes, then went completely rigid; her head thrown back; all the tendons and veins in her neck bulging as her mouth opened wide in a silent scream.

"Speaking of twisting things off..."

the blonde growled menacingly; clamping on the brutal Crotch Claw even tighter while using her other hand to maul Carmen's right breast!

Even if Jenna had wanted to finish her sentence, she couldn’t. Spurred by her blinding pain, Carmen snapped her upper body forward and head-butted Jenna, her forehead smashing into Jenna's! The move worked in so far as it forced Jenna to relinquish her dual grips, but at a steep price! A head-butt is fully effective only if it lands on an opponent's face - her nose and chin being the preferred options with cheekbones considered moderately satisfactory.

But forehead to forehead is a test generally best avoided as it’s as likely to cause as much damage to both fighters…unless one’s skull is really a lot thicker than the opposition’s. Apparently, Carmen's skull wasn’t, but then, neither was Jenna's. The violent collision stunned both women badly, each staggered a few steps before she sprawled on the floor and just lay there moaning.

Almost a full minute elapsed before the two warring beauties made it to their feet and squared off, panting, sweating and shaking as they struggled to stay upright. Both were hurt, utterly exhausted, and beginning to get desperate but in their brutal, grueling battle, they had both given their all and still it hadn't been enough to determine a winner and put an end to it. Not only were they evenly matched physically, but their resolve had proven equally firm and although each had her moments and been close to victory at various points, both of them were still standing and willing to keep fighting.

In fact, they were not only willing to keep fighting, at the moment there was nothing either of them wanted more than to finish the other! Simply put, each felt she HAD to beat her nemesis to prove SHE was superior. Neither saw any better way of achieving that than to force her rival admit it. Above all, they wanted to hurt the other and inflict as much pain on “that bitch” as possible!

But, as they moved toward each other to renew their fight, each realized that causing significant pain or damage to her opponent wasn’t going to be easy at this late stage. Both of their bodies were so sapped of strength they had difficulty keeping their balance and moving at the same time. Their knees would buckle, making it an enormous effort of will to even stay on their feet as they lurched, rather than walked, toward each other; both aware this would be their final clash, the one that would determine the winner!

A weak kick glanced harmlessly off a shapely thigh; an ill-timed retaliation blow missed by a mile; then two naked women collided head-on, each letting out a grunt as their sweat-soaked bodies came together with a loud SPLAT! Not having the strength or mental resources left to try anything fancy, they simply wrapped their arms the other and began staggering around the room, each trying to bring her foe down. Gasps, groans and curses reverberated off the walls as they strained against each other with everything they had, i.e. very little.

However, all of their efforts only led to further exhaustion and massive frustration for both as neither was able to overpower the other. Realizing it was getting them nowhere, they decided to change tactics and, as if by some a silent mutual agreement, they stopped and stood still, each opting to use the little strength she had left to squeeze her foe with her arms and pressure her with her chest. Their breasts mashed together hard as they both conceded that, having tried everything else unsuccessfully, they might as well settle their differences with their breasts.

No longer willing to waste any energy in trying to stay on their feet, they slowly sank to their knees and leaned into each other, each hugging her hated rival as tight as she could while at the same time rotating her torso side to side. Chests heaved and massive, sweat-coated boobs rubbed, slithered and mashed together, bulging and contorting as they slithered and slipped smoothly over each other’s mountains of flesh as they struggled for dominance. A pair of erect, hard nipples found an equally hard pair and engaged in a heated duel as both women stopped moving and just leaned forward, each pulling the other into her and thrusting her breasts against the opposing pair.

"You shouldn't have messed with me, bitch!"

Jenna panted out, squeezing hard, her heavy breasts bulging out as they strained against Carmen's own impressive orbs. "It only made me wanna squash you like a bug! And I already told you: I always get what I want!"

"The only things getting' squashed ‘round here, are your pathetic, soft, tits, you egotistical bitch!"

Carmen snarled as she squeezed back, the sweat-drenched tops of her breasts swelling out as pressure was applied from both sides.

Suddenly, Jenna’s head tipped back, her mouth opened and she let out a long, soft groan. Carmen's words were prophetic; her sustained, brutal assault on the blonde’s bosom had taken a heavy toll and Jenna's battered, mauled, breasts were being overwhelmed by Carmen’s. Moaning in both frustration and despair, Jenna tried to rally; to regain lost ground; pressing her body ever harder against Carmen’s; focusing her mental strength on willing firmness into her breasts and nipples. It worked... for just an instant! Then Carmen's practically unhurt, pointier breasts drilled into Jenna's rapidly softening, rounder boobs, again forcing them back. Sensing victory at last, Carmen growled triumphantly and tightened her Bearhug, digging her clasped hands into the small of Jenna’s back. The embattled, exhausted blond moaned in pain as she was bent backward, her hands suddenly losing their grip on Carmen's body.

"What's the matter, bitch?"

Carmen asked, a nasty little smile curling her lips as she ground her chest into Jenna's. Slowly, relentlessly, Carmen's ample, thrusting, breasts overwhelmed Jenna's larger, but outmatched, boobs; forcing them back flat against her chest where, after being flattened, they began to mushroom. The former Baywatch babe's larger, harder nipples had completely obliterated the porn star's weaker nips and shoved them to invert, disappearing into Jenna's areola.

"You're goin' down, bitch!"

Carmen growled as she pressed forward, toppling Jenna over and climbing on top of her. "Yessss!" the sexy Ohio native hissed. "I Gotcha!!"

Flat on her back with Carmen on top her, adding her weight to her relentless attack, Jenna felt her boobs being flattened by Carmen's obviously superior tits. She tried to struggle but was too exhausted and nothing she did could throw the other woman off. Panting hard, Carmen grabbed Jenna's wrists and pinned them to the floor beside her head, stretching the trapped adult star’s chest and leaving her exposed breasts vulnerable. Jenna groaned as she squirmed weakly beneath Carmen, powerless to do anything else but moan and sob as Carmen continued her assault; twisting her glistening body back and forth on top of her and grinding down Jenna's flattened breasts with her own.

Jenna was in agony. After being punched and kicked, then savagely mauled by her vicious rival, her breasts were already battered and bruised. Now, each time Carmen's massive mounds of titflesh and silicon mashed down into them it was causing tremendous pain. The Ohio beauty's large stiff nipples poking and scouring; scraping across the welts and scratches left by sharp, hostile fingernails, wasn’t helping her situation any. It felt to Jenna like two small stones being ground into her breasts by a couple of truck tires driving over them.

Jenna was desperately trying to fight against the pain, to block it out; but it was no use. Once she’d allowed it to enter her mind, there was no way to force it back out or to ignore it. It was growing and spreading, overwhelming her, consuming her, and causing her to groan and whimper ever louder as tears filled her eyes.

Determined to end the contest, a now totally dominant and extremely angry Carmen twisted and squirmed like an eel atop her pinned foe; her firm, bountiful breasts mashing Jenna's defeated boobs flat; her jutting, rock-hard nipples plowing and stabbing the powerless porn star's soft, battered tits mercilessly.

Having anything left to fight back with, Jenna could only lay helplessly pinned beneath her rival, sobbing as her once proud rack was demolished by Carmen's stronger tits. Even now, Carmen wasn’t satisfied! Hell-bent on complete annihilation of her foe's precious assets and intent on proving her supremacy over the porno bitch, Carmen raised her breasts, arching her back and propping herself on her braced arms while keeping Jenna's wrists pinned.


Carmen twisted sharply to the right, swinging her left breast and smacking it into Jenna's right breast.


Jenna groaned as her already flattened boob was squashed even further by the impact of the Ohio woman's powerfully, heavy orb.


The brunette swung her right breast directly into her rival's left one, squashing it down and stabbing it with her nipple, drawing another pained cry from the hapless Queen of Porn.


The sound of wet flesh striking wet flesh filled the room as Carmen went into a boob-bashing frenzy; swinging her heavy-hanging tits back and forth, smashing them alternately into Jenna's…left-right, left-right, left-right…over and over; snarling viciously with each "punch" she delivered.


Obviously feeling she wasn’t getting her point across, Carmen raised her torso and dropped her chest on Jenna's, flattening both her breasts with her own and driving the air out of her lungs. "Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" The brunette grunted, her torso bouncing up and down as her breasts slammed down onto Jenna's.

Jenna grunted with each impact as more and more air was forced out of her. She tried to gather her strength to somehow escape, but her hopes were in vain. Her last reserves of energy were depleted, all she could do was lie limp beneath Carmen and take everything she dished out - and it was obvious Carmen had a lot to dish out.

Bashing Jenna's beaten tits with her own several more times for good measure, Carmen then slid forward and wrapped her bare arms around Jenna’s head, applying a Breast Smother. Unable to breathe with Carmen's big, sweat-slick tits molded over her face, Jenna bucked and thrashed frantically - with no results other than to further exhaust her oxygen.

"You like that, bitch?"

Carmen growled, twisting her glistening torso from side to side and mashing her breasts hard into Jenna’s beautiful face, depriving Jenna of the last of her precious oxygen "Huh? You like it? You like havin' your face in my tits; my SUPERIOR tits?"

Jenna's only answer was a series of soft, muffled sobs as the trapped porn star struggled for air; her hands slapping and pawing weakly at Carmen's sweaty flanks. Unperturbed, the ex-Baywatch Babe continued to grind her naked breasts on Jenna's face, then she heaved up and straddled her foe.

"Fuckin' slut!"

Carmen yelled as she pinned Jenna's arms under her knees and unleashed a flurry of punches and slaps to the helpless porn star's unprotected face, screaming with rage.

Trapped, fatigued, and on the receiving end of a real pounding, Jenna valiantly held out for quite some time, but in the end, the pain, exhaustion, helplessness and fear was just too much to cope with and she submitted in tears. Ignoring her sobbing admission of defeat, Carmen grabbed Jenna's hair with both hands and started, BAM, BAM, slamming her head against the floor over and over, wringing multiple submissions and tearful pleas for mercy from the defeated blonde. After what seemed like an eternity to Jenna, Carmen stopped her frenzied assault and sat atop her chest; her sweat-drenched chest heaving as she struggled to catch her breath.

"Want some more, bitch? Huh?"

The Ohio babe asked (quite unnecessarily), slapping Jenna hard across the face with her right hand.

"No, please!"

the beaten Nevada beauty whimpered. "NO. Please stop! I've had enough; I give up! Don't hurt me any more! Please!??"

"Who's the better woman, bitch?"

Carmen growled, slapping Jenna’s face again with her left hand.

"Alright! Alright! You are!"

the defeated blonde wailed. "You're the better woman... Anything you say, just don't hurt me any more, please!!" It was obvious Jenna had no more fight in her and had accepted her faith. She seemed - and was - ready to say or do just anything to avoid further pain and punishment from Carmen, of whom she was now truly afraid.

Carmen grinned broadly, Jenna’s acknowledgment of her superiority was music to her ears. She could scarcely believe it was all over; the fight she’d entered so confident of easy victory had seemed to go on forever and, in the end, proved the hardest, most taxing and painful experience of her life - so much so, that toward the latter stages she’d began to fear…not that she may lose, but that her ordeal might never end! But end it had; and with her on top - where she’d believed all along she so richly deserved to be. She was thrilled by her victory and the sensation of triumph that surged through her like a shot of adrenaline... and more.

She had to do it. It wasn’t a conscious decision; she just felt an overwhelming urge and she gave in to it. Her whole body trembling in anticipation, Carmen slid up and settled her crotch on Jenna's red, tear-streaked face. "Do it, bitch!" she commanded, her voice raspy and hoarse with excitement. She grabbed two handfuls of sweaty, yellow hair and pulled Jenna’s flushed face into her rapidly unfurling, glistening pink snatch. "Prove you realize HOW superior I am! Eat me, you porno slut! Eat the better woman! Do what you do best!!"

Thoroughly beaten, without the strength to escape or resist, realizing she was entirely at Carmen’s mercy, Jenna chose humiliation over pain and put her very practiced and highly skilled tongue to good use. The result came almost immediately as, moaning in pleasure, Carmen began to rotate her hips to make the most of the warm, wet, slippery tongue as it wiggled and twisted slickly around inside her most sensitive of areas. It didn’t take long for Jenna’s talented tongue to make its way deep and then deeper inside. Soon, Carmen found it impossible to control herself as, with her excitement growing to fever pitch, she yanked Jenna's hair with desperate urgency; gasping and moaning as she forced Jenna's face hard against the delicate pink folds of her gaping, seeping sex.

Not content with what Jenna was giving her, Carmen started bucking wildly, her pelvis thrusting powerfully forward again and again as she literally face-fucked Jenna! With the soft, wet flesh of Carmen's crotch mashed hard against her, completely covering her mouth and nose, Jenna was having trouble breathing and thrashed weakly beneath Carmen, moaning muffled moans as she slapped Carmen’s hips and thighs.

Oblivious to Jenna’s frantic, fading, struggle with consciousness, Carmen increased the tempo of her sweat-soaked, naked body, writhing and undulating in a frenzied fashion, her glistening breasts bouncing wildly in all directions as she humped furiously, riding the defeated Porn Diva’s face to a mind-blowing - and well-deserved - climax!

Rolling off the semi-conscious Jenna’s body, Carmen tumbled onto the floor and lay alongside Jenna for several long minutes as she regained control of both her breathing and her senses. She eventually struggled to her feet and kicked Jenna who still lay flat on her back and struggling in vain to hold back her tears - losing that struggle as well!

"You always get what you want, huh?"

Carmen laughed, planting her right foot firmly between Jenna's sweat-soaked breasts and smiling down at the well-beaten blonde. "You know, I'm startin' to believe that! 'cause you wanted a real beatin - and did you ever get one!" Carmen laughed harshly as the tears finally began to pour from Jenna's eyes. "Not so tough now, are you, bitch? Pity, I was plannin' on poundin' you some more, but you're so fuckin' pathetic it'd be an insult to me to waste my time and effort on THAT sorry ass!

“As for Dave - I can make you never go near him again, we both know that! But I won't! You can have the moron! I was getting' tired of him anyway! If he's willin' to settle for second-best... so be it! Just make sure to remember to stay out of my way, 'cause next time you try to mess with me, I'll fuckin' force-feed you your own fuckin' tits, got it?"

She gave the fallen porn star a hard kick to the ribs to force her to respond.

"OK! OK!"

Jenna whined pleadingly. "Yes. Whatever you want!"

"Now, who gets what she wants, bitch?"

The former Baywatch laughed again as she gave Jenna's supine body one final punt. "Oh, almost forgot," Carmen said just as she was starting to walk away. Stopping in a corner, the Ohio native picked up her purse from where she’d set it prior to the fight. "I think this belongs to YOU!" she said. She opened the purse and took out that black bra, crumpled it into a tight ball, walked back to Jenna and knelt beside her.

"Here, you can have it back!"

Before Jenna realized what was happening, Carmen reached down and stuffed the ball of black lace right up into Jenna's sex with one swift, forceful thrust of her hand. "And make sure it STAYS in there, bitch!" Carmen said sharply as Jenna reached down to take the bra out. "You like havin' your pussy stuffed with all sorts of things; well, you oughta be enjoyin' this! You try to take it out, and I'm gonna shove it ALL THE WAY up into your throat with kicks. I promise!" Jenna's arms fell to her sides in resignation and the conquered Queen of Porn lay still in abject surrender. "Well, that takes care of that, I guess," Carmen said contentedly as she stood up.

Ever the showgirl, Carmen hadn’t forgotten the cameras! She turned to the nearest one and, putting her foot back on her fallen foe's chest, the former Baywatch babe raised her arms and flexed; standing with her head high as she thrust her triumphant tits out at the camera and shook the massive, sweat-soaked orbs. "Just in case anyone watchin' wants to know what a REAL woman looks like," the Ohio Bombshell purred as she held her victory pose.

Then she dragged her foot off her conquered foe, gave Jenna’s juggs a little kick, picked up her purse and tattered bikini from the floor and strutted out of the room, not forgetting to take the suit Jenna had worn to begin the fight. It would become another of the many souvenirs in Carmen’s fast-growing trophy case.



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