Nov 24, 2011


Jemand hat schon vor einiger Zeit ein Video bei YouTube hochgeladen indem zwei heisse Mädchen (Webcam Girls) miteinander verglichen werden...

Es deutet dabei einiges daraufhin, das dieses Video tatsächlich von einer Frau namens JULIA produziert und hochgeladen wurde... das kann man aber natürlich nie genau wissen.

Das ist letztlich aber auch egal... weil aufregend ist es auf jeden Fall... irgendwie...

Hier zunächst die Backgroundstory:

Okay so I'll expalin the story.....

I broke up with my ex about 6 months ago. Now he's with a girl named Jessica who is a complete bitch! She recently sent me a video by email saying how she was giving Jay (my ex) exactly what he needed and that she was basically a better girlfriend to him than I ever was. She also mentioned that she was a lot more attractive and that she could give him great sex etc etc etc She's basically being a bitch for no reason

Anyway I replied to the email with a video of my own! hehe and it was basically just me in my underwear. I sent it to her about a week ago and she still hasnt got back. I also copied Jay in on the email and he emailed back straight away with plenty of compliments he he! I bet Jessica didnt like that! ha ha ha stupid slag!

So now I've put the two videos (mine and hers) together so that you boys and girls can give us the truth and we can settle it once and for all. I'd like you to comment on who you think is hotter and why. Also dont vote for me because you feel you have to. I'd really appreciate your HONEST opinion so if you think her then votes for her but if you think me votes for me lol i feel like I'm on the X factor ha ha ha

She doesnt know I've done this yet but I feel I'm within my rights to because she was a total shit to me. When I get a few results I'm going to send the video to her so that she can see who won too. It's the least I can do ha ha and if she wins then I'll admit she's hotter than me :(

She is such a little shit though and nxt time I see her in the street she is going to get fucked up ha ha I dont even care to be honest.

Please enjoy the video and please dont forget to comment on whos hotter and why :) xx

p.s. I've also included my msn address in the video too incase anyone would like to chat x

Und hier das Video:

Who is sexier and who wins a catfight between these two? You can Vote right here:

LINK: The Poll on


  1. Honestly?
    Her face is cuter than yours. It's not really close there.
    Her fake boobs are better than your fake boobs too, I'm not a fan of fakies in general though.

    BUT, you have a better stomach for sure, and that ass and those legs are magnificent in that one video You butt blows hers away and the white socks contrasting with your skin makes your legs look UBER sexy.
    That alone makes me give you the nod, you look fantastic in those shots.

    That said, I'd pretty much give a few years off my life to watch you two fight it out. I'm a big fan of blonde/brunette fights, and I'm SURE you'd win.

    I mean seriously though what dude out there is lucky enough to be pulling two world class pieces of tail like that? What the hell am I doing wrong? Or, just as likely, you two are just having some fun with us poor schmucks and are dating each other. But I'll play on for the fantasy, because I really can't think of a better one...thanks for posting this, either way you win in my book.

  2. @ anonymous: Great Comment! Thanks!

    I too think the brunette wins the catfight but i´m not too sure because sometimes this cute little blondes can be real mean and dirty catfighters... well in my fantasy (*g*)

    And i don´t care if the tits are fake or not i just wanna see them, touch them, suck them...



  3. Blond wins & gives the brunette a real beating!

  4. fake, but good bOObs - perfect for TitFight

  5. Who do you think would win the bOOb Fight?

  6. Would anyone see this as fake? Good enough for me though.

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  7. Ultimately, your Ex is the real winner here. For 2 girls to have a catfight over him. Lucky son of a bitch.

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