Feb 12, 2009

Boob Bully

Written by Rodman

At school Susan luaghs at Abby's tiny boobs and huge nipples. Few months later Abby's tits go D cup. It is pay back time!
This is a little story about a young girl named Abby. Ever since she can remember, she had big nipples. Even at a young age, before her breasts had begun to develop, her nipples stood out like nails. Her mother never said anything but she always bought Abby blouses that hid them as much as possible. Even as all the other girls in her middle school started to grow breasts, hers refused to cooperate. The well-developed girls would proudly flaunt their breasts in the locker room, deliberately walking around topless so they bounced up-and-down and wobbled or they would lean over so their tits dangled down with the water pouring off them. One blond in particular, named Susan, was kind of the boob bully of the school. Susan's breasts looked almost fully developed - a full C cup at least. In the locker room, she was almost always topless and made sure everyone got a good look at her impressive breasts and delicate looking puffy pink nipples. Abby was extremely jealous of Susan and hated her superior attitude. Susan constantly teased the flat girls and zeroed in on Abby almost every day because of her huge nipples. In class, Susan would leave the top two buttons open on her blouse so that the boys in the class, and the teachers, couldn't help but look down the front and catch a glimpse of her proud cleavage.
Abby's breasts only grew slightly over the next two years and she did not yet need a bra for support. Her nipples just grew even bigger. The areola was wide and puffy with the nipple over one-half inch long not erect. They were extremely sensitive and the slightest touch would make them massively erect. Susan would make jokes about Abby's nipples since they looked so strange on her flat chest, saying, "Those might be useful some day if you ever grow some real boobs." In this situation, Abby had the choice of completely shrinking away by hiding her nipples at all times, or she could be proud of what she had and do a little flaunting herself. Feeling a little pissed off about Susan's teasing, she would sometimes hang things on her nipples in the locker room to prove her point, literally. Once she hung a couple of hair ribbons on both nipples and pranced around the changing room while some of the other flat girls cheered. One time she even brushed up against Susan's arm with them and acted like it was an accident. This elicited a jealous look from Susan and she immediately responded with a comment about the flatness of Abby's chest, bursting her bubble. This really pissed Abby off since she knew it was true.
Then, just before Abby's first year in high school, what she had been waiting and hoping for finally happened. Over about a three-month period of time, the breasts beneath her huge nipples bloomed. During that summer, it almost seemed like she could see them grow day-by-day, her huge nipples still strikingly perched on each one. In the shower, when she looked down, there was now a distinct valley between her breasts. As the summer progressed, they really filled out and began to widen across her chest. Previously being such a source of insecurity for her, Abby couldn't keep from looking at them in front of the mirror in her bathroom. Sometimes three or four times a day she would remove her top and pose in front of the mirror. Abby loved to make them sway and bounce, feeling their weight and firmness. She could now squeeze them together with both hands to form a massive cleavage with her two huge nipples almost touching. She immediately had to start wearing a bra that summer and in fact changed cup sizes three times before the next school year. She had amazingly gone from an A cup to a D in less than three months. She had to wear the thickest bras possible however, to hide her enormous nipples. She was now in full adolescent glory. Standing 5' 6" and weighing about 118 pounds her measurements were 36D-24-35. Her legs were long for her height and her body was lean and fit in an athletic way but not muscular.
The first day of high school approached quickly. Her breasts had grown so quickly she hadn't had time to change her wardrobe to accentuate her newly developed assets. She ended up wearing a pair of jeans and a loose fitting blouse that hid what she was now packing. She daydreamed all day about gym class, necessitating a change of clothes and shower. The anticipation was agonizing. Gym class finally arrived and she managed to change into her uniform and keep her bra on, but as their workout ended, all the girls returned to the changing room for a shower. The same girls that used to flaunt their tits undressed first and slowly strolled to the shower stalls, with Susan leading the pack. Abby finally said "what the hell" and removed her clothes. The excitement of the moment caused her nipples to harden and grow to an alarming size. She wrapped a towel around herself and walked to the shower stalls where Susan and the other girls were already soaping up. When she dropped her towel, she heard a couple of gasps. As she walked up to a showerhead and turned on the water, she couldn't help but notice that every single girl was jealously staring at her tits. When she looked up, she deliberately met eyes with Susan. Susan stared defiantly back at Abby, taking momentary glances down at her tits. Susan had obviously also grown over the summer and the two girls breasts were now similar in size and fullness, the difference being Abby's huge nipples. Susan was about 5'5" and probably 120 pounds or so, with a great 36D-24-35 body. Abby could feel her confidence building and decided to put on a little show for Susan and the other girls. Ignoring the ogling and whispering, Abby proceeded to soap up and started squeezing and manipulating her tits just like at home in front of the mirror. She worked on her breasts like you knead bread while flicking the nipples with her index fingers. The slippery stimulation caused Abby's nipples to extend a full inch-and-a-half with the rubbery dark tips becoming as thick as the end of a pencil. As Abby rinsed off, she arched her back and jutted her tits out under the shower stream. Abby's feeling of pride and arousal was electric. She looked up to see Susan storming out of the shower stalls back toward her locker. This time Susan quickly dressed and left.
Over the next two weeks, Susan's teasing about Abby's nipples had completely stopped. In the locker room, Abby and Susan would lock eyes but say nothing. Abby always made sure she was facing Susan when topless in the locker room, and Susan did the same to Abby. When the two girls passed on campus, they said nothing, but both arched their backs and stuck out their breasts at each other. Abby assumed it would be like this with Susan for the rest of their years in high school, but Susan had other plans.
One evening, while lying on her bed at home, Abby's phone rang. To Abby's surprise, it was Susan. This came as a huge surprise to Abby since they had not spoken a single word all year. Susan explained that she was sick of the silence between them and thought they should settle things face-to-face. Thinking she wanted a catfight, Abby knew she couldn't back down now or the teasing would start again. Susan said her parents would be out late tonight and to show up at her house at 7 pm. Abby firmly said, "ok fine!," and just hung up. Abby's heart was pounding as she contemplated what might happen if she actually fought Susan. The idea of scratching and pulling hair didn't exactly appeal to Abby because of the potential of permanent damage. Abby decided to wear her tightest blouse and a pair of cut-off jean shorts in case things got ugly.
Abby knew where Susan lived and was standing on her doorstep at exactly 7 pm. Susan answered the door, and to Abby's surprise was wearing only a long white terrycloth robe, looking like she had just taken a shower. Abby knew something was up, but didn't ask any questions. Susan eyed Abby up and down staring especially long at Abby's nipples, which were extremely hard by now and even visible through her bra because of the tight blouse she was wearing. Susan then backed away from the door and silently gestured for Abby to come in.
Once inside, Susan said, "Face it Abby, my tits are still bigger than yours and I had you come over here so I can prove it."
Somewhat surprised at Susan's direct comment about her tits, Abby snapped back, "You've always made such a big deal about those tits of yours and now that someone's got you beat, you can't take it!"
"We'll just have to see about that," Susan responded in a calm voice and invited Abby to go upstairs to her bathroom mirror and compare. Abby immediately agreed and followed Susan upstairs and into her bathroom adjoining her bedroom. It was a large bathroom with double sinks and a long mirror. The two busty teenagers stood there shoulder-to-shoulder, looking at each other's reflections. Abby knew this contest would be psychological as well as physical so Abby decided to take the initiative and started to pull the blouse out of the top of her shorts. Susan just watched and said nothing. Then, crossing her arms, Abby pulled the blouse over her head and threw it on the floor. Abby was wearing a front-clasp, under-wire bra, which pushed her boobs up and showed a lot of cleavage. Breathing hard now, Abby's boobs almost popped out of her bra, and she felt them straining against the clasp with each breath. Abby's nipples were like rocks by then and pushed the front of her bra out like two little tents. Abby could tell Susan's confidence was shaken as she examined the depth of Abby's heaving cleavage. Without hesitation, Susan slipped her robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She stood there in just her bra and thong panties. Susan also wore a front clasp bra that lifted her boobs and pushed them together. Abby silently admitted to herself that Susan looked magnificent standing there in those thong panties compared to her old cut-offs. Not to be out done, Abby slowly started to undo the row of buttons down the fly of her cut-off jean shorts. Abby wasn't wearing any panties, so when she got to the third button, her neatly trimmed bush began to show. Susan's eyes just about popped out of her skull as Abby wiggled out of them and tossed them aside with one foot. Abby now stood there bottomless, with her legs slightly spread so Susan could get a good look at her neatly trimmed dark Mohawk framed in a bikini tan line.
Not a word had been spoken since they entered the bathroom. Seeing this as an unspoken challenge, Susan slipped her thumbs around the top of her thong and rolled it off her hips. Her blond bush was also perfectly trimmed with great care. Susan looked down at her pussy in the mirror and then looked up at Abby and said, "Ok then, lets see what you've got up top." With that, Abby reached between her breasts and undid the front clasp of her bra. When the clasp let loose, both bra cups snapped back toward her armpits and her boobs literally jumped out and shook. Abby then removed her bra completely by taking it off like a backpack. In doing so, Abby made sure her tits wobbled back and forth to show their weight. When Abby looked down at herself, she was delighted to see that her nipples were as erect as she had ever seen them. Susan just stood there like a statute with her eyes fixed on Abby's tits in amazement. Suddenly Susan seemed to snap out of it and reached up for her own bra clasp. As she grasped the clasp, she used both hands and pressed her boobs upward with her wrists. When the clasp came loose, her tits fell out and bounced up and down. In reaction, Abby must have let out a little gasp based on the grin on Susan's face, but Abby couldn't help it, Susan's breasts were gorgeous! Full and firm with almost no sag at all considering their size, but that's not why Abby gasped. Those soft and fragile looking nipples Abby had seen on Susan's boobs in the locker room were gone and had transformed into two rock hard rubbery peaks. Susan proceeded to check herself out with delight seeing that her own nipples had hardened and lengthened to be almost as intimidating as Abby's famous nipples. Susan's puckered nipples were the hardest and longest Abby had ever seen other than her own. At that point, the girls silently faced each other, occasionally glancing down at each others heaving breasts.
Finally Abby broke the silence and said, "You've been trying to start something over our boobs ever since the first day of school, now's your chance."
"There's more to great tits than just big fat cow nipples," Susan replied.
Hearing Susan make another comment about her nipples made Abby just about lose it, so she decided to get right to the point and said, "My boobs are just as big as yours now and you know it!" With that Abby took a step closer to Susan so their boobs were almost touching. Abby then looked down and said, "There even prettier don't you think."
With hands on their hips, the two proceeded to showcase their tits to each other by slightly turning their chests from right to left comparing every detail. Although their boobs were roughly the same size, Abby's nipples still dwarfed Susan's and the concern showed momentarily on Susan's face.
"I already know about those cow nipples of yours Abby," Susan proclaimed.
"You're the one who started this Susan. Are you telling me you still think you have better breasts than mine?"
"Lets face it!, My tits are prettier than yours, cow nipples or not!" Susan spat back.
Abby was furious. "My tits are obviously firmer than yours too!" as the two glanced down to compare again.
"My tits are rock hard and would make flat pancakes out of yours" hissed Susan.
"That's what you called me over here for isn't it" Abby asked. "I asked you a question bitch," repeated Abby. The two were extremely close now, both shaking in anticipation. "Why don't you just get to the point," Abby demanded.
"Haven't you ever had a titfight?" Susan questioned.
Not wanting to seem the least bit afraid, Abby immediately shot back, "My tits wound smash yours flat if I pressed them into those flabby bags you're so proud of!"
Susan finally made the official challenge. "I dare you to put your tits up against mine in a titfight, I fucking dare you!
"Ok, fine, but I'm warning you, my tits will milk yours dry if we titfight." Abby warned.
They stared each other down, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Abby had never been in a titfight before, but fantasized about what it would be like to rub another girls tits raw with her massive nipples. Without taking her eyes off Abby for a second, Susan reached out with her left hand and opened the top drawer just below the sink. She reached in and withdrew a large clear bottle of Johnson's Baby Oil. Starring Abby in the eyes, she proceeded to squeeze two long streams of oil over her heaving breasts. She used her other forearm to cup underneath both of her breasts to lift them and catch the excess oil. She set the bottle down and rubbed the oil into her breasts with both hands. Abby watched in disbelief as Susan rubbed the oil all over her chest and then twisted both of her hard nipples like the knobs on a radio. A thin ribbon of excess oil flowed down Susan's flat stomach and saturated her blond bush.
Without hesitation, Abby then grabbed the oil bottle herself, but instead of squeezing streams of oil over her boobs like Susan, proceeded to slowly unscrew the entire top of the bottle. She set the bottle top on the vanity counter, leaned back, and pored the still half full bottle over her upper chest. The oil flowed over her tits and she too used her forearm to catch as much excess oil as she could. Dropping the empty bottle, Abby massaged the oil into her now aching breasts while simultaneously bending her inch-and-a-half long nipples over with her index fingers. A copious amount of oil flowed like a river down between Abby's boobs and over her stomach. It completely saturated her bush, dripping off her pubic curls and rolling down the inside of both thighs. The feeling of the oil dripping over her pussy and down the inside of her legs was too much for Abby to stand and while still rubbing the oil into her left boob with one hand, she reached down and roughly rubbed the oil into her dark bush and over her labia.
Abby looked up to again find Susan frozen like a statute with her eyes fixed on her oil soaked pussy. Snapping out of it quickly, Susan turned without a word and returned to the bedroom. Abby followed, dripping baby oil as she walked. Susan walked toward the queen size bed on the opposite side of the room, climbed on, then walked on her knees to face Abby who was already climbing onto the bed. It was clear to Abby now that the bed would be the battleground for their little contest and she knee-walked to the center to face Susan. Both girls now faced each other on their knees with hands on hips, totally nude, glistening with oil, breast thrust out.
"Ok, tits only, first one to give in loses." Susan proclaimed between ragged breaths.
Abby nodded and both inched forward on their knees, looking down to line up their rock hard, throbbing nipples. Instead of hammering forward with full force, the first contact came almost gently in an erotic fashion. Staring down at each other's oil soaked tits, the girls moved forward ever so slowly until the tips of their nipples just touched. It was like touching two live wires together and sent a simultaneous shock wave through both of their bodies. Abby felt a chill run through her boobs and down her back to her groin, making her feel like she needed to pee. Susan felt a similar jolt and could feel her legs go rubbery. Both girls instinctively pulled back like when you touch something hot. Quickly regaining their composure, they locked eyes again and moved toward each other with breaths held. This time, when their nipples met, each let out a little gasp, but neither retreated and the contact was maintained. Looking down now, Abby moved her upper torso ever so slightly trying to trace little circles around Susan's areolas with the long hard knobs of her engorged nipples. To counter, Susan moved her shoulder slightly back and forth, flicking her nipple knobs against Abby's knobs like a sword. With each pass, Abby's nips would bend Susan's down painfully like bent nails. Seeing her nipples bend so easily against Abby's caused Susan to panic momentarily and she moved in, thrusting her tits downward across Abby's slippery soft tit flesh, slicing a dry trail through the thick layer of oil. Susan now tried to avoid Abby's attempts to stab her tender areolas with her long sharp nipples. Abby immediately mashed upward, scraping across Susan's areolas, wiggling to grid her nipples deep into the top of Susan's tits. Grunting now, the girls grinded their breasts together roughly, up and down and back and forth and with each pass their nipples would flick across one another. With shoulders now swaying back and forth matching thrust for thrust, their breasts bulged out to the sides as they cleavage wrestled. As the pace picked up, each girl elicited little high-pitched squeals each time they met each other's thrusts. This continued for several minutes, neither girls tits yielding to the others. The intensity of their rubbing steadily increased and finally, losing control, the girls suddenly screamed and threw their arms around each other in a painful bear hug and mashed their boobs together head on. Abby's left breast wetly pressed into Susan's right and squished out to the side, while her right breast struggled with Susan's left and pushed upward. With this, both girls toppled over landing face down on the quilt-covered bed, tangling their long oily legs like nude oil wrestlers. Not wanting this to degenerate to a catfight, Susan slipped free and quickly bounced back to her knees, saying, "No! This is about our tits!"
Inching forward again on their knees, the girl's breaths were deep and labored, breasts heaving and swaying. Glancing down to assess any sign of weakness, both noticed that the brief wrestling on the bed had completely soaked up the baby oil that coated their breasts and bellies. This time, they came together slowly and grabbed each other's biceps, just above the elbow, and pulled their now dry breasts together. Abby took dead aim at Susan's hard pink nipples with her long brown daggers. Again, Susan maneuvered to avoid Abby's nipple attack by trying to slide her nipples down to stab at the underside of Abby's tit flesh. But to Susan's horror, her dry breasts no longer slid with ease over Abby's tits and their breasts almost clung together. Unable to slide her nipples out of the way, Abby's lethal weapons stabbed deeply into Susan's buds, bending her nipple knobs over, burying themselves in Susan's swollen areolas. This elicited a high-pitched gasp from Susan as she contorted her face, futilely trying to slide her nipples away. Exploiting her obvious advantage, Abby let go of Susan's arms, reached around her waist, locking her hands just above Susan's clinched ass cheeks. With no other option available, Susan did the same to Abby. Before squeezing, Abby backed off a little and used the insides of her biceps to squeeze the outside of her breasts together, forcing them to expand forward with nipples protruding like battering rams. Before Susan could duplicate this move, Abby squeezed Susan's lower back and stabbed her long hard nipples directly into Susan's bull's eyes. This time, instead of bending Susan's nipples to the side, Abby's nipples pushed them directly inward, literally backwards into her boobs. Susan let out a loud scream as her nipples felt like they were going to detach around the edges of her areolas. Relishing in Susan's reaction, Abby ground her nipples in little circles deeply into Susan's now concave nipples as her substantial breast flesh bulged upward.
"These are the nipples that you made fun of every since we were kids you bitch!" hissed Abby, starring into Susan's pain racked face.
Abby then pulled back just slightly creating a small space between their nipples and when she saw Susan's nipples pop out, took aim and drove her nipples into Susan's now soft buds again. Over and over, Abby slammed her nipples into Susan's, grinding in circles during full compression then pulling back and stabbing again when she saw Susan's nips pop out. In tears now, Susan tried to tighten her grip on Abby's back and use her biceps to squeeze her own boobs together to meet Abby thrusts, but Abby's arms were inside of Susan's in the bear hug, preventing her from squeeze her own boobs together.
Abby's nipple stabbing thrusts were now having a devastating effect on Susan as both her breasts throbbed with pain from her stinging nipples all the way down to her rib cage. After several more grinding stabs, Abby noticed that Susan's nipples no longer popped out when they separated. Sensing the end, Abby scraped her long nipples back and forth across Susan's painful areolas and now flat nipple knobs. Sobbing, Susan's arms fell to her side and her legs went limp. Instead of letting her fall to the bed, Abby continued to scrape Susan's nipples with her sharp sticks until Susan begged for Abby to stop. When Abby let go, Susan's face fell across Abby's right breast, her face scraping over Abby's still hard nipple. Susan fell to the bed sobbing, holding her breasts with both hands, curled up into the fetal position.
Overwhelmed with satisfaction, Abby put on Susan's robe, picked up her clothes, and walked toward the bedroom door, carrying Susan's bra as a trophy. Before she left the room, she looked over at Susan and said, "If you ever want to take this back, you know where to find me."


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