Feb 12, 2009

Erect is Better

Written by Rodman

Amber feels that she is in a shadow of her bigger breasted friend Dawn. One day she reads an article proving that men prefer longer nipples rather than bigger breasts. It won't make Dawn happy. Wonderful nipple duel between young friends is inevitable.
This story deals with something I've fantasized about for years so I decided to put it down on paper. The fantasy involves two long-time best friends named Dawn and Amber. It unfolds in my head with Amber telling the story so wrote it from Amber's perspective.
Amber: It happened my senior year in high school. I had just turned 18 and was basically a young girl in a fully mature woman's body with the typical raging hormones you would expect from a budding female adolescent. I consider myself above average looking, 5', 7" 118 lbs., long brown hair and brown eyes. I already had a fully mature body, and I was proud of it.
Like most insecure 18-year-olds, the size of your breasts was of paramount importance. Having a nice set of firm breasts to attract the boys was extremely important at that age, and I often secretly compared my breasts to other girls in the locker room, with an inconspicuous glance at any exposed boobs as other girls passed, never daring to make eye contact or stare for too long. My girlfriends and I never really talked about breast size either. It was just a secret comparison that all of us did at that age in an effort to confirm that we were at least average in size. The funny thing about it is that we only compared the size of our breasts fully clothed and most certainly in their un-aroused state. None of us would ever be caught dead with erect nipples at school, even though we couldn't help it from time-to-time. Besides my boy friend, nobody had ever seen my boobs with fully erect nipples, not even my parents.
I did, however, have a best friend named Dawn. She had been my best friend since grade school and we were literally inseparable. We knew each other like sisters and talked about everything. Dawn was the head varsity cheerleader of our high school and I guess it would be an understatement to call her gorgeous. You know, the girl that can take her pick of the best looking guys in the school. Being a cheerleader, Dawn was in a lot better shape than I was at the time. About my same height, 5', 7", but a few pounds heavier than me, maybe 120 lbs.
Our relationship was a bit strange at times. Even though I was a starter on the varsity volleyball team and considered myself popular, Dawn was in a class by herself. For this reason, I often felt jealous of all the attention she received, but dealt with it quite well I think because I valued our close friendship. We were together almost every day and shared just about everything. Like sisters, we thought nothing of changing clothes in front of each other before going out and such. As a result, I had taken hundreds of those inconspicuous glances at Dawn's breasts and she at mine. As a matter of fact, it was well known between us that Dawn's breasts were quite a bit larger than mine, a full cup size in fact. Dawn was a 36 D compare to my 36 Cs. Dawn's breasts were quite a sight, perched high and wide on her chest. Because of their size, they had a very sexy, womanly sag to them and I couldn't help but watch in amazement how Dawn's breasts would sway ponderously as she sometimes changed in front of me at one of our houses. Even with her back turned to me, I could still see the outside edges of her boobs bulging out from either side of her rib cage. Like many large breasted girls, Dawn had very large, copper colored areolas that seemed to cover most of the end of her breasts. In the center of each was a short, thick knob, about the thickness of the end of my pinky finger.
Due to the obvious difference in the size of our boobs, Dawn eventually developed a somewhat superior attitude about her breasts being bigger than mine. She often lingered in front of me topless while changing to continually prove that point. When she caught me glancing at her tits, she would do things like reach up to her hair with both hands above her head so I could get an unobstructed look at how they would rise and fall and sway. Once I remember she came out of the shower while I was waiting in her room and after catching me looking, she dried her breasts off facing me, roughly rubbing her boobs with the towel and then bending over to dry her hair as her boobs hung down almost touching my knees. Dawn's little comments about our size difference also began to wear on me as time went on. She'd say things like, "These are always getting in the way. Aren't you glad you don't have boobs like mine, you'd hate it." Her comments were always intended to make it perfectly clear that my smaller boobs were something I could do nothing about. I knew I was above average in size considering what I had seen in the locker room, but compared to Dawn, I looked like a little girl.
One night, I was watching "Sex In The City" on cable and to my amazement, the theme of the episode was how erect nipples drive men crazy. The characters in the show even went to the extent of buying fake paste on nipples they wore under their bras to see how men would react. This intrigued me so I went online and found some articles that supported the theory. One article stated that a woman's desirability often depends on her nipples being erect. There was even a test conducted on 3,000 college men where they were shown pictures of women in various stages of nipple arousal. The results showed that over 95% of the men preferred smaller breasted women with erect nipples to large breasted women. This was my newfound salvation! This meant that I might not be inferior to Dawn after all. Could it be that my breasts were sexier than Dawn's even though hers were clearly bigger. The way I eventually found out would be the most bizarre experience of my life.
With my newfound confidence, I couldn't wait to discuss the article with Dawn. At first I was unsure if I wanted to bring up the subject at all since it would be embarrassing to talk about women's nipple erections. But the next time Dawn made one of her "my boobs are huge" comments, I had to say something.
It happened one day after school at Dawn's house. We had just finished a very intense workout, Dawn at cheerleading practice, me at volleyball practice, electing to shower at Dawn's house instead of the school locker room. It was only around 3 o'clock and her parents were not home from work yet. I showered first, changing into just a long t-shirt. As I combed my hair in the bathroom mirror I noticed the sharp points of my nipples poking through my t-shirt where my wet hair had dampened the fabric. I got to thinking while Dawn showered and somehow overcame my fear and resolved to finally say something about the erect nipples issue. If Dawn said something about her boobs being bigger and sexier than mine when she got out of the shower, I would pull out the article I had printed out. At that moment, I heard the shower shut off. My heart began to pound as Dawn exited the shower, wrapped only in a towel. I said nothing as Dawn positioned herself next to me and began combing her hair as I did. We had just finished particularly competitive practices and Dawn put her hands on her waist and flexed her arms and upper body in the mirror, telling me she thought her arms and shoulders looked defined like a professional dancer. I also flexed to see if I could match her physique. Dawn compared her physique with mine and said, "Girlfriend, I'm sexier than you there too," obviously in reference to our boobs.
I paused for a moment and said, "Dawn, how erect do your nipples get?"
"What?" she said with a puzzled look on his face.
"It's a known fact that men prefer a woman whose nipples get erect." I said with confidence. "Most guys would take a smaller breasted woman with erect nipples over a woman with big boobs and no nipples.
"Yeh right!" Dawn said in a pissed off tone. "A bunch of chicks with small tits made that up." Dawn said with disgust.
Fully prepared for this reaction, I dug into my gym bag and pulled out the article to back me up. Dawn grabbed it and read for a couple of minutes.
"This is bullshit!" she said, obviously threatened by the facts in writing. "I guarantee that your boobs can never be as sexy as mine, hard nipples or not!" she said as she tossed the article on the bathroom counter.
My heart was really pumping now and I had cottonmouth. I hadn't planned my response at this point and just blurted out what had been bottled up for years.
"Ok, Miss Big Tits, if you're so sure, let's find out right now!" I said with authority.
"Fuck you!" Dawn said with an uncomfortable look of doubt on her face.
So I laid down a challenge I knew she couldn't back down from.
"What's the matter, those big flat nipples of yours don't get hard?"
After an agonizing moment of silence, Dawn looked at me and said, "Fine, you stay here and I'll go back into my room. When you're ready, just let me know and I'll come back in here so we can find out once and for all."
"I'll be ready pretty quick, so you better get started." I said as Dawn left the bathroom.
As I turned to face myself in the mirror, the familiar feelings of insecurity returned. I knew that if I couldn't get my nipples hard now, this would be over before it started. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and tossed it to the ground, standing naked. Picking up the article, I turned to the part the read, "95% of men preferred a smaller breasted woman with erect nipples to larger breasted woman with flaccid nipples." Holding the article in one hand at my side, I examined myself in the mirror, my perfectly shaped 36 C's on full display. I set the article down, put my hands on my hips, and turned slowly from side to side. My puffy, brown areolas contrasted dramatically with the milky white skin from my bikini top tan. I reached down, turning on the water faucet. Leaning over to wet my hands in the cool stream, I looked up to see how by breasts hung down and swayed as I rubbed my hand together. Standing up, I brought my cold hands up to my breasts and cupped them from underneath, gently lifting one, then the other. I then proceeded to tweak both of my nipples with my thumb and index finger like tuning a radio knob. I was immediately rewarded by the familiar feeling of arousal in my belly and crotch and then with tightening in my responding nipples. I could always get an instant nipple hard-on by pinching and pulling them and now was no different. With the added arousal of the situation with Dawn, my nipples responded with amazing speed. As the blood flow gushed into my breasts, I looked down to see my puffy areolas suck themselves up into my nipple knobs. They were now sticking straight out from my boobs at somewhat of an upward angle. With each pump of my pounding heart, my nipples continued to crust over. Within 30 seconds, my previously puffy areolas, with almost no nipple at all, transformed into long, almost painful points over ? inch long. But I wasn't done yet. As the blood continued to flow uncontrollably into my nipples, what was left of my areolas became textured with goose bumps. Just when I knew they could not get any harder, Dawn called, "You better be ready, I'm coming in!"
My heart was pounding in my throat as I faced away from the bathroom door waiting for Dawn to enter. I had speculated for years about what Dawn's nipples looked like erect and now I would find out. In my own mind, I figured I had nothing to lose. If she walked in with frighteningly long nipples, I'd feel inferior just as usual. If my suspicions were correct, I would finally vindicate myself as Dawn's equal.
As Dawn stormed through the door, I held my breath as if I had just jumped into an ice-cold swimming pool. She still had the white towel wrapped around her body. I looked down and could see the outline of her nipples right through the towel. They were pushing the towel out like two little tent poles even with the towel pressing them against her body, but I could not estimate their size. With my back to Dawn as she entered, my nipples were so hard they almost hurt as they throbbed in unison with my pounding heart. I slowly turned to face Dawn, hands on my hips, chest thrust out to make sure Dawn got a good look at my full length the first time she laid eyes on my engorged nipples. As I turned, I could swear I heard an audible gasp from Dawn, although slight. She starred down at my raging nipples, jaw open, eyes fixed, not blinking. There was an agonizing moment of silence as I'm sure this was the first time Dawn had gotten a close up look at another woman's erect nipples. As Dawn studied my nipples, I gained a little bit of confidence and forced out a few words.
"So are we going to do this, or what?" I said with a noticeably shaky voice.
Dawn came to her senses and without a word, grabbed her towel with one hand and pulled it from her body. Her big fat boobs literally flopped out at me. Again I drew in a sudden breath, as this too was the first time I had seen another woman's breasts with erect nipples in the flesh. I studied Dawn's hard nipples, comparing every detail to my own. My first impression was amazement at how different they looked compared to their normal flaccid state. They were certainly longer than usual with thick rubbery knobs I knew she possessed. They were certainly thicker than mine but definitely not as long. As I analyzed the dimensions of Dawn's nipples with lightening speed, I quickly came to my senses as I noticed another strikingly obvious difference. Dawn's soft looking, large, flat areolas had transformed into a bumpy patch of hard textured flesh. Her thick knobs had not extended much, but there were now noticeable bumps around the very edge of her areola's and deep crevasses and ridges running from the edge inward, merging with her massively thick knobs. There was no doubt that Dawn's nipples were fully erect, and I knew she would never have called to say she was ready unless she was "putting her best foot forward" you might say. This 5-second analysis seemed like hours in my head but I was violently jerked back to reality as Dawn finally spoke.
"Now let's test your stupid little theory and decide who's are sexier," Dawn said in her own dry, shaky voice, as she held her hand out letting a tailor's measuring tape unroll down to the floor. I guess she had found it in her mom's sewing kit. Saying nothing, I reached for the tape measure but was confused when she pulled it away.
"No way. I measure you and you measure me, that way we know it's fair." Dawn said, finally taking her gaze off my nipples, looking me straight in the eye.
Understanding what she meant, I almost panicked. I wanted to compare, but never, EVER, envisioned personally measuring Dawn's boobs and erect nipples, let alone, having Dawn measure mine! She was right though, if we measured our own length, one might unfairly add a centimeter here and there depending on the technique. It was the only way. Anyway, I figured we had passed the point of no return now and had to finish this once-and-for-all. I said "Ok" and grabbed the tape from Dawn's hand.
I said, "We need to measure everything," I said trying to sound confident.
"You mean length and diameter?" questioned Dawn.
"Yes" and a full top measurement over the nipples." I said with a doctor's clinical tone.
"Ok, do it" Dawn said as she arched her back, thrusting her boobs out at me.
I was really nervous now, not quite sure if I could go through with it, as I starred down at Dawn's deep cleavage and scary looking nipples.
"Do it!!" Dawn ordered, causing me to jump.
I moved forward, slightly to Dawn's side, acutely aware of my own exquisitely hard nipples protruding from my own breasts, careful not to brush one of my points against Dawn's arm. I grabbed one end of the measuring tape with my left thumb and index finger and slid my right hand thumb and index finger down the tape to the 2-inch mark. I looked down at Dawn's rack with panic, noticing that I was not going to be able to measure her nipples without pressing my fingers into her areolas. I held my breath and firmly pressed the metal covered end of the tape into Dawn's areola at the base of her fat knob for a length measurement. Dawn shuddered slightly as I drew the tape the length of her nipple shaft. Dawn's nipples must have been extremely sensitive based on her reaction. I held the long end of the tape just past the tip of her knob and struggled to focus on the measurement. It read 5/8th of an inch. I looked up at Dawn, tape still in place, and said, "You ok with that?"
Dawn nodded yes then ordered, "Now diameter, do it!"
"Over the nipple?" I questioned.
"No, just above" Dawn said.
I looked down at Dawn's bumpy and textured looking areolas to locate the widest part. I held the tape up to her left areola from directly in front and delicately stretched the tape across her areola, edge to edge, just above the knob. As I did so, I could hear Dawn tense up, trying to force blood into her already throbbing nipples. As she did so, the bumps and ridges on her areolas began to pop out and I saw her nipple knobs swell and turn from a copper skin tone to a slightly purple shade. Again I focused on the measurement. It read 2.5 inches. I then looked at both of Dawn's massive breasts and prepared myself to wrap the tape measure around her from behind. "Over the nipples this time" Dawn said with clinched teeth, obviously still trying to force blood into her breasts. Dawn lifted her arms and I reached around to thread the tape measure around her boobs to then take the measurement from the back. As I reached around to thread the tape measure around Dawn, both of my exquisitely hard and sensitive nipples stabbed Dawn in the back. It caught me by surprise and I only then realized how sensitive my nipples had become. A shock wave of sensation radiated through by breasts and down my spine.
"Hurry up!" Dawn said impatiently.
I stretched the tape around Dawn's back as I noticed her adjusting the tape in front so it was directly over her nipples. It read 38 inches.
I then stood up and moved directly in front of Dawn to make sure she was satisfied with the measurements, still embarrassingly aware of our erect nipples only inches apart.
"Now you." Dawn said as she gestured for the tailors measuring tape.
I immediately felt a deep hollow feeling in my belly and a rush of blood flow into my already hard nipples. They began to noticeably throb again as Dawn approached me stretching the tape between her fingers like I did to measure her. Dawn also hesitated like I did, coming to the realization that she would have to touch my nipples with her fingertips to make the measurement. I held my breath as Dawn squeezed the cold metal end of the measuring tape into my areola at the base of my upward pointing nipples. As she pushed downward into my hard, bumpy areolas, I felt her beautifully manicured nails scraping the length of my knob. The feeling was almost unbearable and my knees began to feel weak. Dawn stretched the tape out past the end of my knob with the tape touching the entire length of my nipple shaft. As she did so, she pushed my shaft over toward my other aching breast. I had to close my eyes and grit my teeth as Dawn bent down to get a true measurement. I could feel a substantial amount of resistance build up in my nipple shaft like a spring against the pressure Dawn was applying. I can only imagine what Dawn was thinking when she felt my nipple resist her pressure, rhythmically throbbing against her finger as she measured my length. I did my best to force blood into my nipples but it was difficult to breath. Dawn paused and said, "1 inch." She looked up at me, still bending my nipple slightly inward, measuring tape still in place. I could only nod my "ok" causing Dawn to let the tape go causing my entire boob to quiver as it sprung back into its normal position. I felt a huge feeling of relief and could now feel the throbbing blood flow return to the full length of my nipples. Dawn then stretched the tape across my left areola just above my long shaft, precisely where I had measured her areola diameter. Just like Dawn, I also held my breath and pushed hard to force more blood into my nipples. "1.5 inches" Dawn said. Dawn then paused momentarily, examining my long nipples. "Ok, around." Dawn said with a pissed off look on her face. "I can't believe these things!" referring to the length of my nipples, shaking her head in disbelief. I lifted my arms as Dawn wrapped the tape around me from behind. My nipples were still throbbing with my pulse and I could swear they moved with each beat of my heart. I said, "wait" and adjust the tape from the top of my breasts so it was directly over my nipples. "37 inches," Dawn said as she moved around to face me. Both of us stood in silence, exhausted from the intensity of our confrontation.
Me (Amber): Nipple Length: 1.0" Areola Diameter: 1.5" Chest Measurement: 37"
Dawn: Nipple Length: 5/8" Areola Diameter: 2.5" Chest Measurement: 38"
We compared the measurements and then looked at each other, both with our nipples still at attention. Suddenly, Dawn broke the silence saying, "I told you I was bigger."
That comment made something snap inside of me. I lost it!
"For years you've made me feel like I have the smallest tits in the school! And now I find out that I measure the same as you up top, have much longer and sexier nipples than you, and the only place you have me is that I don't have big ugly, flat areolas like you!!! On top of that, those areolas of yours look like a big pancakes compared to mine!" I said, pointing at Dawn's tits.
"Fuck that!" Dawn said, unable to accept that my nipples surpassed hers. "I could easily bend those skinny flag poles of yours with mine!" Dawn demanded.
"I can't believe it!" I shot back. "You don't actually think your nipples are harder than mine?" I said with authority due to my newfound confidence. "Your nipples are nothing compared to mine. I'd, push those into your rib cage if we pressed them together" my eyes glancing down at Dawn's nipples.
"Ok then, let's find out right now!" Dawn said as she moved closer to me, hands on her hips, our stiff nipple's only inches apart.
I suddenly became extremely conscious of how close Dawn's breasts were to mine. Just an hour ago, I would have never dreamed of even looking at another woman's erect nipples, or as we had just done, compare the most sensitive part of our breasts against each other. Arguing about who has the stronger harder, stronger nipples and who could bend the other over nipple-to-nipple was almost more than I could take, but I couldn't back down now. I had taken this BS from Dawn all my life and I was determined to put an end to it right here, right now! I looked down at Dawn's breasts, nipples still hard, still sticking straight out at me. I then looked down at my own boobs, nipples as hard as I had ever seen them, my large swollen nipple shafts, pulsating with anticipation. I knew I could take her. This was my chance to change everything between us. If I backed down now, it would be an admission of defeat and inferiority.
"Try to bend me then." I said with a calm determined voice. I also placed my hands on my hips like Dawn, flexed my ass cheeks, arched my back, thrusting my stiff weapons outward, inviting Dawn to make her move. Dawn paused for a moment, starring down at our boobs, probably remembering the resistance my nipple had shown as she measured it. She then moved forward, positioning her nipples next to mine, shaft next to shaft. As we starred down, moving forward ever so slowly, my longer nipple shafts made first contact with Dawn's craggy areolas while hers had not yet touched mine. The feeling of our sensitive nipples making contact made us both suck in a short breath and hold it. As we moved closer, to my delight, both of my shafts pressed Dawn's areolas in, slightly pressing in the breast flesh at the end of her boobs. Seeing she had to meet me head on, Dawn pulled back a lined up her knobs head on with mine. We slowly moved forward and our tips met. As the pressure increased, I could feel my right shaft pressing Dawn's left directly backwards. As this happened, Dawn backed off with her left nipple and rotated her right shoulder forward, driving her right nipple head on into my left. Instead of giving way, our nipples began to bend upward. The feeling of our nipples fencing was indescribable. As Dawn bent me up, I also rotated my shoulder to relieve the pressure and then thrust forward with the other nipple. My right nipple slide right past Dawn's left and buried itself to the base into her areola. Dawn let out a moan and again rotated to go head on again with her right. This time, instead of bending up our nipples just pressed straight forward, depressing our nipple shafts into our areolas. This trading of nipple stabs continued back and forth, over and over. Each time, we either met head on or my longer shafts stabbed deep into Dawn's areolas. Seeing she was losing with the stabbing technique, Dawn then moved slightly to one side bringing her thick nubs into direct contact with mine like two fencing students crossing swords before a match. Dawn's shafts were hot like an iron and hard like a stick and the first contact of shaft against shaft sent chills down the back of my legs. We both paused momentarily, looking down in awe at the sight of our hard nipples throbbing against each other. Dawn then slowly began to rotate her shoulders to the left in an effort to bend my rigid shafts over like an arm wrestler. I countered her pressure by slowly rotating my shoulders in the opposite direction. I held my breath as the pressure slowly increased between our crossed nipple shafts. At first, we bent each other equally, both of our nipples bending to the side in opposite directions. I could feel the pressure at the base of my nipples and I clinched to tighten them up. As we continued to rotate our shoulders, opposing each other's pressure, it was like two stiff springs bending each other over. I could hear Dawn grunt slightly as our nipples were now drastically bent in opposite directions. There was quite a load built up between our nipples now and I felt one of Dawn's hard shafts suddenly slip against mine, sending another chill down my spine. As our shafts slid against each other, I could now feel Dawn's proud nipples yielding against my pressure. She grunted again, as I bent her over, followed by a panicked "Aaaaaaah!"
Dawn's futile resistance finally waned as I bent her nipples almost straight down to her areolas, our shafts sliding to the point where they were in contact just at the tips. "Shit!" Dawn blurted out, pulling her nipples back, our breasts rubbing roughly against each other. The instant we pulled apart, our breasts sprang back to their original forward pointing position.
"You satisfied!" I said triumphantly.
"Again!" Dawn ordered, beads of sweat on her forehead.
This time, Dawn moved in on me from the side, sliding one of her big boobs into the space between my breasts. Obviously trying to take advantage of her size, she scraped her big boobs back and forth across mine.
Taken by surprise, I stumbled back a bit as we sort of cleavage wrestled. Again I was shocked as I felt our rock hard nipples roughly rubbing across each other. But even more shocking was the close proximity of Dawn's hips to mine in this position. Dawn's right thigh rubbed against my left thigh all the way down to our knees. I flinched as I felt Dawn's bush rub against my upper thigh and mine against hers. Soon the breast rubbing stopped and our nipple shafts again became firmly hooked in swordplay. Dawn rotated her shoulders slightly to the left and backed away, trying to bend my nipples down with hers. My eyes widened when I saw my rigid nipples start to bend down. As Dawn bent me down with her fat nubs, our nipple shafts slid across each other like saber swords, down our lengths toward our swollen tips. We both let out little yells as our sensitive nipples attacked each other. Our bodies had now separated by the combined length of our breasts, only hooked together by our nipples. The tension built up in the base of my nipple shafts and pulled at my tight areolas. Dawn was now bending her knees in an attempt to bend me down and pin me. With her heavier boobs and big hard areolas, Dawn was able to exert a substantial amount of pressure down on my nipples. For a moment, we nipple wrestled to a stalemate, neither able to bend the other's nipples any further. With determined concentration, I managed to force every last drop of blood into my nipples. I could see my nipples swell as they dwarfed Dawn's short thick nubs. Then, with every ounce of energy I could muster, I held my breath, clinched my butt cheeks and flexed my check muscles. My nipples surged against Dawn's thick knobs, pushing them straight up as our bodies moved closer together, our nipples still hooked by their rubbery shafts. "Noooooo!" Dawn grunted through gritted teeth as I now had her nipples pointing straight up between us. I then shifted positions and began to push her nipples down to one side, still connected only by our aching shafts. I bent Dawn's nipples over to the side and was rewarded by another desperate yell, "Aaaaaaaaah!" Dawn backed away, sending my boobs swinging back to their normal position.
"Ouch!! That hurt you bitch!!" Dawn said, holding her sore nipples between her thumb and index fingers.
Then, to my surprise, Dawn quickly approached me, swinging her big heavy boobs back and forth. The sheer size of her breasts allowed her to swing them wildly like big water balloons. She approached me, chest thrust out, boobs swinging. As she approached, I started by own firm breast into motion, matching her tit swings in the opposite direction. I moved toward her, expecting a painful collision when the sides of our breasts smacked together. But Dawn stopped short, indicating she just wanted to slap nipples. Both still swinging in opposite directions, we inched forward. Finally, my left nipple slapped against Dawn's left like the ends of two wet towels. The pain radiated down my shaft and into my breast. Judging from the sound Dawn made when we collided, it must have had the same painful affect on her. Dawn and I proceeded to nipple slap each other over and over again causing our nipples to scream with pain. Dawn was really inflicting some pain on me now and I knew I could not continue to meet her slaps much longer. Suddenly, as Dawn swung back for another stinging slap, our sore, swollen nipples scraped across each other deeply, even scraping our bumpy hard areolas across one another. I could feel my deadly shafts digging deep into Dawn's areolas as our nipples passed. This elicited a terrible yelp from Dawn, as she bent over, holding her nipples by her fingers again. Then she came at me again, tits swinging like before. This time, I moved into to her with my counter swing, but instead of meeting Dawn tip to tip, I directed my swing to scrape deeply into Dawn's areolas again. Our boobs would swing together and then scrap across one another slowly before they separated on the other side, prepared to swing back again. After a couple of glancing blows, both of my nipples found their mark raking deeply across Dawn's areolas again causing Dawn's knees to buckle. This time we scraped slow enough for me to even feel my long stiff nipple shafts bend Dawn's shafts as they penetrated deeply into her areolas. As Dawn tried to recover, she held her breasts and painfully looked down at her tender nipples. I noticed her nipples didn't look as hard as before and I sensed the final victory. With my hands placed on top of both boobs just above the nipples, I quickly closed the distance between us and slapped directly down on top of Dawn's sore and now softening nipples. Both of my still hard nipples struck home, scraping down across the full 2.5 inch diameter of her areola. This time, my hard shafts dug deeply into her areolas and scraped past her now soft knobs like they weren't even there. The blow elicited such a yelp from Dawn that I quickly followed it up with two more downward nipple spanks to make sure she was done. Dawn quickly turned her back to me cupping her breasts with both hands.
"Ok! Ok! Stop!" Dawn begged.
"I don't want to hear another word about how big and sexy your boobs are! Got it!" I said triumphantly and left.
Dawn went off to college soon after that. I stay in touch with her, but she doesn't brag about her boobs any more.


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