Feb 12, 2009

Peasant Actresses #1

Written by H.G. Hunt

Two schoolgirls Emily and Joy titfight to get a role in a musical.
High school Juniors Emily and Joy both loved performing. When entering high school they both took drama classes and tried out for plays at their school. Fortunately they had a little bit of talent, even as freshman, and were able to obtain small parts in most productions. As their high school years went by they each found themselves trying out for the same or similar parts. By the time their junior year was winding down they once again found themselves cast in similar roles. Both girls were given medium speaking parts and lots of singing in the chorus portions of the last musical of the year.
The spring musical was set in a peasant village in Europe in years gone by and the costumes were contemporary with the time period. The girls all wore peasant dresses, most of which were strapless, cut just below the armpits and above their breasts. The roles they played were both of the bawdy bar maid type of character. In these roles it was acceptable for their dresses to be worn low enough to show some considerable cleavage. A half-dozen girls formed the barmaid contingent of the cast. Both Joy and Emily had ample cleavage to display, and within the tastefulness of a high school play they weren't bashful about showing their cleavage.
Joy and Emily were big girls. Joy stood 5'9" and sported 38C tits. She was also a real party girl, not paying much attention to her schoolwork, outside of drama. She was a member of the "hair color of the week" club. She had naturally brown hair but often she was a red head, sometimes blonde, often dying her hair jet-black, ala Goth. When it came time for performances, though, she would always were her natural color. She usually kept her hair short but stylish, never dropping below her shoulders. Joy had a pretty face, but not one that would quite make her runway material. Emily stood 5'8" and was also blessed with 38C breasts. Emily, outside of drama, was quite different than Joy. Emily was a high achieving student. She often took advanced classes and usually got A's. While Joy didn't even make plans for her after high school days, Emily was hoping to get accepted into a prestigious eastern university. Emily was a very pretty girl. Her facial features were very refined and were framed by very light platinum blonde long hair. She always kept her hair styled beautifully. Bouncy and with full waves, her pretty hair was usually worn about five inches below her shoulder. Both girls were 17 years old and very full of themselves.
They shared lots of mutual friends and occasionally attended parties together or talked together in school. Their relationship had been congenial most of the first three years of high school. While they hadn't really been enemies in high school, the competition involved in trying out for parts had caused each to take notice of the other, particularly this year. Both had auditioned for the lead female role, but the part went to an outstanding senior girl who deserved the role. They weren't real surprised that they hadn't won the big part. Each girl, however, was looking forward to next year, when the senior would be graduated and they would each have a good chance of being selected for the lead female roles in their final performances. As each girl went through the auditions, practices, and finally the performances, bad feelings between the girls began to surface. Their director was a 35 year-old male teacher, highly respected for his talent in the field. Emily thought that Joy was going a little overboard in her cleavage displays. When she watched her adjust her dress in the dress rehearsals, she would notice Joy would invariably adjust the top of her dress downward to show more of her ample breasts, particularly whenever the director was on-stage. Emily fumed at this. Knowing that she would have a great chance of winning a lead role next year, she sure wasn't about to stand by and watch Joy steal it from her by flashing more flesh in the director's direction. Emily figured that two can play that game. She too began displaying more cleavage. More than was necessary. She also took advantage of several opportunities, when the handsome director was on stage with them, to stand close and ‘accidentally' bump his arm or chest with her tits. Occasionally she would even catch his eye. He would look directly at her, and without a word, send her a message that he knew those tittie bumps weren't as accidental as they looked. She was enjoying the power of teasing her teacher and knowing full well that Joy didn't have anything on her in the sex appeal department. She was a very confident and smart young lady.
Joy, having been a conniver her whole life, didn't appreciate the actions she saw from Emily. Joy continued to make sure she showed as much cleavage as possible whenever Mr. Slater, the director, was around. She also found ample opportunities to brush up against Mr. Slater, dragging her breasts provocatively across his arm or back or chest. Mr. Slater was not na?ve about what was going on. Even though he was happily married with kids, he couldn't help but feel stirrings in his groin when these two pretty and bountifully proportioned girls would flaunt themselves in his direction. Just one of the perks of the job, he thought. He never tried to take advantage of the situation. Just casting knowing looks in their direction was as far as it went. Occasionally he would find himself with both girls leaning over close to him, in their costumes, and being treated to a very exciting four-boob display. It was as if each of them were trying to out-do the other. And they were!
This behavior continued throughout the rehearsals without let up. Joy began making little bitchy comments to Emily when they were out of earshot of Mr. Slater. Emily wasn't usually a bitchy girl, but this circumstance was not one she could just let go. She too began making rude and derogatory remarks about Joy, out of earshot of most people. Both made comments designed to cut down the appearance of the other. Joy had told one of the other girls that Emily was always singing off key and that it made them sound bad. Emily heard about that remark and at the next opportunity she said to a group of the other actors, when Joy wasn't around, that Joy would never make a realistic peasant girl, with her hair died black. It was as if the parts they were playing were that of royal bitch, not peasant girl.
The hatred that had developed between them needed release. Both wanted the performance to be a success and so neither ever did anything to jeopardize the play, but both were feeling that they wanted to demolish the other girl. May 5, a Saturday night, rolled around and they had their last performance to a sold out crowd and were very pleased with their performances. As was customary after each performance, one of the actors hosted a cast party. They both attended the party. Joy had driven alone as had Emily. The girls were still in costume, still showing cleavage, and now it wasn't part of the play. Venturing into the kitchen to find Emily pouring a drink, Joy adjusted her dress to show an inch more cleavage than she had ever showed on stage. She was very proud of her big boobs and now that the play was over and decorum didn't matter quite so much she was going to show off. Her intended audience was Emily and Emily alone. "That bitch," Emily thought when she saw how much breast was visible above the top of Joy's dress, "two can play this game!" She proceeded to very deliberately pull her dress down an inch, bringing an equal amount of delectable white breast flesh into view. She was staring at Joy and Joy was staring right straight back at her. Emily took a step towards Joy and Joy took a step at Emily. The party was going on loudly in the other room, but they were the only two in the kitchen at the moment.
Emily spoke first, "You've got a lot of nerve. You think you can flash your tits at Mr. Slater and sway him to give you that leading role next year. Well he knows I'm a better actress and a better singer than you. So just put it out of your head. You don't have a chance to get the lead in next year's plays."
Joy took another step to within a foot of Emily, stared directly into her eyes with daggers of hate, and retorted, "You're the bitch who thinks she can get whatever she wants by showing her ugly tits. You are just jealous that I have what it takes to get a man to look in my direction. It was me he was looking at whenever we were on stage together. Besides, you don't have anything over me in the singing and acting department. I am better than you and you know it."
Emily: "In your dreams cunt. Your flabby tits were never a match for mine. I will have the lead role next year and if you are smart you won't even try out."
Joy: "Fuck you! You are the one who better not show her face or tits at tryouts."
Emily: "You don't want me to show my tits because you know he'll choose mine over yours any day. Your saggy boobs can't handle a pair like mine. Mine are a real woman's pair. Yours don't stand a chance compared to mine."
Joy: "Just give me one chance and I'll prove you wrong. My boobs would annihilate your pancake tits. You have no idea!"
Emily: "So let me get this straight. Are you challenging me to a titfight? If you are, I accept and I'll turn your tits into mush. I'll make you wish you never saw my breasts."
With that comment Joy stepped right up to Emily. Clad in their peasant dresses they were now tit to tit. "You just wish your tits compared to mine. Look down there now. My boobs are bigger, firmer, and better in every way than yours." With that she pushed her boobs hard into Emily's pair. Emily didn't flinch and pushed back. " No way. I've got the best breasts in this room and I will prove it to you. But I don't think we should do it here. The others would see or hear us and this is just between you and me. Lets get out of here and go somewhere where we can be alone and I'll prove to you whose breasts are queen."
"Right. Lets go to my house. My parents went to visit my grandparents in the city after tonight's play and they won't be back until Monday. We can have the house to ourselves."
So, without any of the other cast members knowing anything, the girls left the party and headed to Joy's house. Joy left a couple of minute early to open up the house and make sure her parents had left town. When she got there she found the note that said they had left about an hour earlier and to take care of the house while they were gone. "I'll take care of the house and I'll take care of that bitch Emily too," she thought.
Emily arrived and went up to the door and knocked. She was anxious as hell to get in there and show Joy just what real tits were. Joy opened the door and let her in. "Follow me she said and they headed to the back of the house where there was a large family room. The curtains were drawn and the lights were low. Joy went over to the stereo and put on some soft music. Returning to the center of the room she put her hands on her hips and stared daggers at Emily. Emily stared right back and lifted her hands up under her breasts, cupping them and wiggling them at Joy. "Get ready to have your tits destroyed. These girls here will destroy your puny things." Then she pulled her dress even lower, exposing nearly all the top half of her gorgeous firm breasts. Joy, not to be outdone, pulled her dress even lower too. Stepping closer to Emily she shook her tits from side to side, causing them to swing rhythmically back and forth. "These girls will pound your tits to destruction. Here's the deal. After your tits are whipped you will not try out for next year's plays. I'll be the one who wins the lead role and you can watch from the audience."
Emily took the bait. "Loser won't even try out next year. It's a deal. But I'll be the one on stage next year and you will be so ashamed you won't even come to watch."
With that she stepped up to Joy. "You won't need this!" and in one quick move she reached out and grabbed Joy's dress and yanked down, exposing Joys strapless bra. Then she reached around behind Joy and undid the hooks and tossed aside Joy's bra. She had now exposed Joy's big proud tits. Joys boobs were a sight to behold. Large, oval, very white, firm globes merging into light pink areolas nearly three inches across and topped by extended nipples. They were firm and thick, about half an inch long and equally as wide. Joy grabbed Emily's dress in response and pulled her top down too. Duplicating Emily's action she removed and tossed aside her bra. Emily's gorgeous tits now leaped into view. Her tits were impressive. They were large, round, and with white creamy skin and light brown areolas. Her areolas had a sharp crisp boundary with her white skin and were just slightly less in diameter than Joys. Her nipples were much like Joys but were slightly longer and slightly less in diameter. Both girls were very proud of their womanly endowments. Joy reached behind her and untied the knot holding her dress in place. She let it fall to the floor and stepped out of the dress. She and Emily had kicked off their sandals earlier and now Joy was dressed in panties only. They were not overly sexy or overly conservative either. They were just normal white panties cut high on the leg in a bikini style. Emily, not to be outdone, removed her own dress and tossed it aside, revealing her yellow bikini cut panties. Each girl gave the other's body a disdainful once-over. Each made mental comparisons. Joy noted that there was great similarity in their bodies. Only an inch different in height, breasts appeared the same size, hips curved outward and in to modest waists. Joy had a little bit more baby fat around her middle, but it wasn't much. Emily really had quite a trim waist and she thought Joy was flabby, even though it was only a slight difference than her own waist. Emily spoke, "Are you ready?" Joy: "Never been more ready. Lets get at it."
Focusing their attention on the four breasts they moved slowly together. Joys breasts hardly jiggled as she stepped forward, nipples pointing threateningly at Emily's chest. Emily's firm big tits moved forward to meet the challenge of Joy's menacing tits. Emily pulled her shoulders back and thrust her chest out to make her boobs loom even larger. Joy took a deep breath and pushed her chest out as far is it would go. Joy looked down to see her nipples being threatened by Emily's approaching nipples. Not the least bit awe struck she still couldn't help but be impressed by the size, shape, color, and nipple erection of Emily's tits. Emily could think of nothing but using her nipples to destroy Joy's thick nipples. She knew the size and firmness of Joy's tits would be formidable, but she was extremely confident that her pair could dominate the tit battle that was set to begin. Emily and Joy maneuvered their upper bodies to line up with each other. Their similar sizes made it easy to do this. Their breasts were perfectly level with each other and their nipples hung proudly the exact same distance apart. The similarities they noticed in the other girl made them even more angry and intent on punishing their opponent's tits. Neither girl had ever done this before and they were tentative. As their nipples lined up perfectly and the distance between them shrunk down to just an inch, they stopped.
Joy spoke out in her sexiest voice, "See how my nipples look so sexy. They are big and firm and are just made for sex. Your nipples can't hold a candle to my precious ones." Emily shot right back, "No way! My nipples are longer than yours. They are better for sex than yours. They will teach your puny nipples what its like to go up against a real woman's nipples." With that she brought her nipples forward directly into contact with Joy's nipples. Even through their mutual hatred, the sexiness of their foreplay talk had excited their sex drive. Jolts of pleasure shot through both their bodies, radiating out from all four nipples and coursing through their bodies. Emily shuddered with the pleasing intimacy of touching her nipples point-to-point with Joy's. Joy also shuddered and let out a little moan as the excitement shot through her body and entered her pussy. With gentle rocking motions they began to test the nipples of their foe. Just barely rubbing the tips of their nipples together, both girls looked down at the battle between them, watching intently and trying to feel out the opponent. Joy twisted her torso a little bit and jabbed directly towards Emily's nipples at a slight angle. She was intent on bending Emily's nipples over flat. While the direct forward angle of her own nipples did cause Emily's to deflect slightly to the left they firmly held their ground. "Look at that," Emily said proudly "My nipples will bend yours right over, just watch and feel." She maneuvered her torso much like Joy had just done. Joy braced her tits for the challenge. Emily lined up both her nipples to push on the sides of Joy's nipples at about a 45-degree angle. She leaned forward pushing hard, only to watch as Joy's nipples held their ground. If they deflected at all it was hard to see. "Lets do it again," said Joy. She repeated the nipple jab. Emily took her turn. The results were the same. Each attacking nipple could only deflect the defending nipple a tiny amount. Their erections were equal. Taking turns they kept up their sideways attacks with no definitive results. After several minutes of these gentle nipple jabs the motions became more intense. When Joy went to take her turn she was met by Emily jabbing back at her at the same time. Emily used her nipples to poke at the softer tissue of Joy's areolas, pushing hard into them, trying to see just how far she could make her nipples penetrate into Joy's breasts. Joy pushed her pink nipples into Emily's light brown areola, relishing the feeling of the tit combat. She watched as her nipples made indentations in Emily's areolas, proud in the depth she could produce. Emily too was proud of the penetration she was getting from her nipples as they jousted into Joy's pink tips. They had left behind the attempts to bend the nipples of each other and were now mutually trying to push their nipples into the other's sensitive areolas. Leaning back and then plunging forward in unison, the girls even in their anger were enjoying the combative contact between their sensitive nipples. Sexual excitement had grown from their first highly charged nipple contact into pangs of lust surging from their groins. Emily could feel a spot of dampness on her panties and was somewhat embarrassed by it at first. Then she came to realize that the sexy nipple play was probably doing the same thing to Joy. It was. Joy kept her pussy lips shaved and the wetness seeping out of her pussy was soaking the crotch of her panties too. Joy reveled in the sexy competition. Sensing that this nipple poking was resulting in another sexy standoff, she decided to change tactics. She began to move her tits together from side to side, raking her nipples across the outstretched nipples of Emily. As they passed from side to side each pair of nipples pulled firmly against the other. Each bent the other sideways in equal amounts. They would depart from straight forward at a 45-degree angle and then slide across the other and spring back into straightness. Nipple against nipple, right against left, and left against right, they began swinging their tits with more force and leaning into each other. Back and forth went the tits. Nipples scraped paths across the opponent's tits and flicking across the nipples of their nemesis.
Keeping time with the soft music in the background they began to really start swatting their tits against the other girl. Neither girl had flinched or backed down from any phase of the competition yet and they weren't about to start now, even as the intensity began to increase. Wham! Wham! The sound of breasts smacking into breasts was now audible above the music. This slapping was kept up for at least 15 minutes. Both girls were feeling the pain and had begun to make grunting noises on impact. Neither girl's nipples had been depleted in erection at all. Both were still firmly impacting and scraping furrows across the tits of the other girl. When the nipples whipped against each other the equality of the combat was still very apparent. Again finding no advantage for either girl they began another stage as if by mutual agreement. Leaning forward and grinding tit into tit, trying to squash the other girl's tits flat began. Joy pushed and grunted as she ground her firm nipples deeply into Emily's tits. She moved left and right, up and down, trying to find soft tissue to poke her nipples deep into Emily's boobs. Emily was moving as well, and finding that Joy's grunts and squeals were a little louder when she poked underneath with her long nipples, began to try to focus her attacks on the soft underside of Joy's boobs. Joy, to counter, flexed her legs lower to come up from the underside of Emily's tits as well. In trying to lower their center of gravity to push their tits up underneath the other their legs began bumping together, destabilizing their balance. Without missing a poke each girl began to grab the other's waist for balance. Now their tit pushing and grinding redoubled in intensity, with hands on the other's waist for leverage and support. The music was slow and deliberate with a thumping base line. The girls thumped their tits together in time with the beat of the music. Firm breasts pushing against firm breasts. Dagger nipples poked deep furrows into tit-flesh. Emily flexed her knees and pushed her nipples hard into the underside of Joy's breasts, and reaching all around Joy's waist to squeeze her in place, she tried to maintain that position. Joy's nipples, still erect, and still aching for a fight, now found that they were pointing at thin air. Emily's nipples ground harder and harder into the underside of Joy's firm tits. Emily's hard nips began to devour the supporting structure of Joy's tits. She let go of Emily's waist and tried to use her arms to push her upper body away from Emily by pushing against her shoulders. Emily, sensing her advantage, squeezed even harder. Both girls were using a lot of energy at this stage. They had lost all sense of time during their fight, but now a full forty-five minutes had elapsed. Sweat that had up to now only lightly glossed their bodies, now erupted in large doses, making their skin slippery to the touch. The slippery feeling intensified the erotic atmosphere.
When Joy began pushing her upper body away from Emily with all her strength, she pushed forward with her hips and lower body, seeking leverage. This caused her damp white panties to push forcefully against Emily's damp yellow panties. Emily kept up the pressure with her long hard nipples jabbing and grinding into Joy's ever more sensitive and painful breasts. Her determination was intense and Joy's pain kept increasing, as she couldn't break free from Emily's powerful hug. Relaxing just a moment to catch her breath, Joy then wiggled and jerked her body to try again to free herself. This action put even more erotic pressure on Emily's panty clad pussy with her own. Emily, not one to let pressure go unpunished, pushed her pussy mound right back at Joy. Noting Emily's little response, and not ready to surrender, even with the growing pain in her boobs, decided to open up a second front in their war. Even as Emily kept up the grinding pressure with her tits, Joy reached around Emily's waist for a grip of her own. Her arms were outside Emily's so she didn't have as much leverage as Emily, and her body was a little higher than Emily's she kept up the pussy bumping and grinding. With the standing position and the angle of their bodies she couldn't get a perfect attack position, but it was having an effect. Emily, sensing the growing flow emanating from her pussy, knew arousal was her enemy in this fight. She was angry and for the first time in more than an hour she spoke, spitting out the words in fury, "This is a titfight, cunt, quit banging your skanky pussy up against mine!" "Ha, can't take it can you? I'll never give up in a titfight, but you are obviously afraid of me when it comes to pussy bumping. If you want me to quit, you'll have to make me." With that she increased her bumping rate, pumping her hips forward and back, just like she was fucking Emily.
Emily, fuming at Joy, began bumping back with her own panty clad pussy mound. Now the smacks that rendered the room came from their groins banging together in erotic anger. With an obvious two-front war now being fought, Emily decided to quit focusing on her breast attack and shift her body to begin pounding her own pussy against Joy's more effectively. Joy, happy to see Emily relieve the tit attack ferocity began matching Emily's timing with her own. They would pull their hips apart and smack them together loudly. Each smack was sending both waves of pleasure and pain into their bodies. Joy couldn't help but notice the juices now flowing freely from her cunt. She could feel the slimy liquid running down her legs as it had saturated her panty crotch. The smell of female juices was floating throughout the room and both girls were succumbing to the net effect of all the eroticism. Moans and little cries of pleasure/pain were heard from both lips.
Joy, feeling the lust and acknowledging that their titfight had not determined a winner decided to up the ante. "Since you obviously gave up trying to beat me in our tittiefight and you have started banging your pussy back against mine you must think you have a chance against me down there. Well, I'm here to tell you that you don't. I've got the better pussy and I'll fuck you silly with my pussy if you think you are woman enough to take me on."
"Fuck you! Your stinky pussy is no match for mine. My pussy will fuck your pussy till it can't take anymore. You will wish you surrendered when my tits were pounding yours. If it's a pussy fight you want, then it's a pussy fight you will get, bitch!"
"Fine! You won't be needing these." Joy grabbed the sides of Emily's yellow panties and pulled upward as hard as she could, practically lifting her off the floor, when the panties ripped clear through. With half in each hand, she lifted both up to her nose and took a deep whiff of the wet crotch of Emily's panties and spat, "See how turned on you are. I've got you so sexed up you will probably lose control and have an orgasm the moment I mount you and start fucking."
"Not so fast slut," Emily spat back. "You are juiced up just as much as me." Emily returned the panty ripping favor and holding Joy's white, totally soaked panties up to her nose said in a soft sexy voice, "Smell that. Your cunt is just aching for the fucking I will give it. No way I'll come before you. First to come is the loser. Get ready to be fucked like never before, Joy."
They stepped back from each other and surveyed their foe's naked body. Joy sported a trimmed but thick brown bush over her mound above her pussy. Her lips were shaved clean and they were glistening with juice. Emily was a natural blonde even below her waist. She too had a bikini-trimmed thatch shaped like a narrow triangle. The soft fur was also shaved away around her pussy lips allowing them to be plainly visible between her legs. The girls stood for a moment staring at each other when Joy said, "wait just a minute. I'll be right back." When she returned from the bathroom she had a big bottle of baby oil. "Afraid to put on a little slippery oil? I'll oil you and you oil me, that way we can each get ‘a feel' for the other. Scared?"
"Give it here bitch." Emily grabbed the oil from Joy as Joy smiled at the response. The erotic intensity was heating up. Emily squirted a large dollop of oil onto her right hand and immediately used it as a cup to dump over Joy's breasts. Then using both hands began to rub it in deeply. She rubbed large circles around Joys round breasts and then made sure to rub intently those nipples that were still proud and erect. She even pinched and twisted them a little. Grabbing the bottle back for herself, Joy just squirted the contents out in a long stream over the top of Emily's boobs. Using one hand to catch as much excess as she could deftly massaged the oil into Emily's big boobs. She kneaded each tit under her strong fingers and pulled and twisted Emily's nipples in a gentle erotic fashion. Emily now took the bottle again and filled her hand to the brim and sloshed it onto Joy's lower abdomen. Then using both hands proceeded to rub it into her entire stomach area and finally down into her pussy, soaking Joy's pubic hair and even running her fingers along Joy's pussy lips, making sure that they were very well lubricated. Now it was Joy's turn. Smiling a giant grin, she squirted a steady stream on Emily's stomach and right into her pubic thatch. Then emptying the bottle into her hand began rubbing Emily's pussy fur and her entire lower body with the copious amounts of baby oil. Like Emily had done to her, she too, used her fingers to do some pussy probing and made sure that their legs and pussies were totally slick with oil. Standing back once again, the girls faced each other and began to approach. Tits approached tits and sank their slippery nipples into each other. Arms snaked around the other and this time, for the first time, their mouths came together, seeking to kiss passion and lust into the other. Their lower bodies lined up and the total body sexfight began. Mouth against mouth. Tit against tit. Pussy against pussy. They strained against each other for advantage. Kissing and tongue sucking drew moans from both girls as they felt their slicked up bodies rubbing erotically all over. Joy renewed the pussy bumping she had begun earlier. This time there were no panty barriers and the electric feeling of furry mounds bumping and grinding together made each girl discover the powerful physiological response of pussy humping. Lust for each other now dueled within each girl for control over anger. Anger had to fight back lust at every move. It was now like three separate fights. Lust fought control inside the bodies and minds of both girls. They were now fighting each other with every ounce of sex and control that they could muster. As the humping of pussy against pussy in the standing position progressed, both realized that the position had its drawbacks. Joy pulled back and said, "You ready to open up your sex to face mine? Pussy to pussy?" Emily came right back, "Now is as good a time as any."
With that they sat on the floor and moved their hips closer together in a scissoring position. Joy lifted her right leg up so Emily could slide her left underneath. Emily returned the favor for Joy. "Watch as my pussy fucks your pussy silly," Said Joy. "My pussy is the best fucking pussy in this room and I'm going to prove it to you right now!" exclaimed Emily. Their oiled-up legs rubbed together as they inched closer and closer, tingly prickles of pleasure cascading through their 17 year old bodies. Then, for the first time, their very wet slippery pussies touched. Shivers radiated in waves out from Emily's pussy. The intensity of feeling another girls pussy lips touching her own was the most joyous feeling she had ever felt. She shuddered in unanticipated pleasure as did Joy. Joy recovered from the initial intense feeling to begin her rubbing action. Since neither girl had hair right around her pussy, this was just wet skin against wet oily skin. Joy began a pelvic rocking action that slid her pussy lips up and down on either side of Emily's right labia. Emily mirrored that by wedging Joy's right labia between each of hers'. Emily thought, "God this is delicious. I hope I don't get too excited and lose control. I've got to bring Joy to orgasm." The mixture of intoxicating textures and odors had leapfrogged the girls from one of ordinary horniness to one of wanton lust. The countdown for blastoff had begun. It was just that they couldn't count the time. Emily began to rotate her hips forward, trying to find Joy's clit with her own. She knew her clitoris was as firmly erect as it could possibly get and she could see Joy was waiting with her own clit for just such a meeting. Joy rocked forward and her clit slid firmly into contact with Emily's. They began a clit duel that paralleled the nipple duel that had begun this fight. Now it was down to a total offensive battle. Emily forced her clit up against Joy's clit and tried to push it right back inside her. Emily's clit would not give way. She pushed back with a vengeance, sliding her erect clit up under Emily's clit and tried to slide it up and away from her pussy. The total slippery nature of the intercourse prevented much leverage from being used and she tried again and again to push Emily's clit right back into her body. Emily kept up her dueling as well. Loud slurping sounds came from the junction of their two boxes between their legs. The total suction as one pussy pulled away from the other caused gaseous popping sounds. Joy could feel her face becoming flushed with blood. She knew blood was rushing to her pussy too. She could also sense the desperation in Emily and she began what she knew for her at least, would be her final offensive attack. Using all of her lithe muscles she began to use her clit to fuck Emily's cunt. She would point it low and slide it from the bottom up the entire length of Emily's slit, while penetrating into her pussy as far as she could push it. Emily instantly began to counter with a full-length fucking action of her own. Joy would slide her clit full length of Emily's pussy and then Emily's clit would ride full length of Joy's slimy slew. Joy started to shiver. Emily shivered too. Emily was now intent on giving as much pleasure to Joy as she possible could. Emily wiggled her pussy hard all around Joy's sopping pussy and miraculously Joy shouted her vulgarities at Emily, "Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you! Ooooohhh God. Oooooohhh God. I'm coming. I'm coming. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" and with that she exploded into violent orgasm. Emily knowing she was close behind, gritted her teeth and fucked Joy's pussy with wild abandon, assuring Joy a powerful orgasm. Only 30 seconds after Joy's orgasm began Emily completely lost control and came in a violent wet eruption. Spasms of pleasure coursed through her body and she screamed in ecstasy and lost all control, even her bladder lost control and she shot jets of pee directly into Joy's available hole. With their pussies still locked up tight she filled Joy's vagina with her pee until it could hold no more and it overflowed onto the carpet. Joy, in her own throes of ecstasy, relished the hot pee forced into her cunt. She wiggled back hard against Emily seeking as much physical contact as she could get. Eventually, after two or three minutes the seismic waves of pleasure subsided and they pulled apart from each other.
Breathing hard in her loss, Joy didn't say anything. When Emily stood up she said to Joy, "I enjoyed that. Fucking your pussy silly was a real pleasure. Now, next year, don't you dare set foot on that stage. My tits are better than your tits. My pussy is better than your pussy. I am going to get those lead roles next year now that you are out of the picture."
Emily got her clothes on as best she could and readied herself to leave as Joy just lay in exhaustion on the floor. She went into the kitchen and took a big glass of water and drank it down. Before parting she left Joy with these words, "Don't even think of demanding a rematch. I'll fuck you good all over again if you dare to try." As she went out the door Joy yelled after her, "We'll see, We'll see!"


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