Feb 12, 2009

Best Breast

Written by Catwriter

Linda and Karen practise titfight to stimulate their boyfriends.
The lovely girls had been friends since grammar school. Both lived in the same neighborhood and had taken school buses together for years. While their young girlfriends were still playing with dolls, Karen and Linda were developing breasts. It was a good thing that they had each other, because the other young girls quickly became resentful. And so, their friendship continued to grow until the two young women became inseparable.
Once in high school, they began dating boys, always several years older than themselves. In their senior year, both had met some college guys from the local university. Brad and Jim were friends and managed to double date the now stacked duo every weekend. The college boys were both "titmen" and each had fantasized about being alone with both women at some point. As their fantasies continued, Jim, a catfight fan had mentioned how wild it would be to see Karen and Linda go at it sometime. Brad quickly agreed that that would indeed be a cool idea. As so they began making their feelings known to the girls.
At first, Karen and Linda dismissed the idea. So the guys quickly altered their initial request to one of a titfight between the bounteous beauties. Once again, the women dismissed the idea, thinking it was ridiculous. During this time, neither girl had discussed it with the other.
One afternoon, after school, the girls were lounging around Linda's house watching television. It was usually a quiet time as both Linda's parents worked during the day. Both girls were wearing short skirts and blouses and drinking diet coke. An ad came on the television about an upcoming wrestling bout to be held at the nearby arena the following month. One of the bouts was to be between two incredible busty female wrestlers.
"I wonder what that wrestling is all about", mused Linda.
"Looks like fun, maybe be should go with Jim and Brad", replied Karen
As the girls continued to talk about wrestling, they finally revealed their conversations with Jim and Brad. Each finally admitted that they would love to satisfy their boyfriends wishes but were embarrassed to talk about it with the other.
As they talked, both young women realized that they were up for this. They said a catfight was crazy because they were friends, but a titfight to stimulate their boyfriends wasn't such a bad idea. They faced each other on the couch and began an animated conversation as to how they could work this out.
"OK, we'll do it. But I have no idea how it's done and I'm sure not going to ask anyone", giggled Karen as she cupped her 36DD's and moved them up and down.
"Maybe we should practice first and then surprise the guys with a cool titfight", smiled Linda as she wiggled her torso causing her 38DD's to sway heavily in the confines of her loose fitting blouse.
"Let's do it!" both gals shouted and headed for Karen's bedroom. Quickly shedding their blouse and skirt, the girls began talking about the specifics of the contests. Remembering conversations with their boyfriends, they each got on opposite sides of the bed on their knees and faced one another.
"Brad says we're supposed to begin by pressing our breasts together, then bearhug and wrestle. I know they both want us to catfight because he gets so excited talking about it, I have to give him head" laughed Karen, as her 36DD's bounced on her chest.
"Jim's the same way. Well, are you ready to get defeated by my 38DD's?" asked Linda.
"You know that's not going to happen"; joked Karen although she was a bit miffed at Linda's overconfidence. "Lets. Just see what happens, ok?
The girls, clad in their sexy lace white bras and panties slowly moved toward one another on the bed. Their long brown hair hung around their shoulders. They were smiling.
Kneeling before one another, both rose up until their bra's just barely touched. They gasped simultaneously and blushed, moving back just a bit. Each noticed the other's face reddening and Linda began having second thoughts.
"Maybe this is just too crazy", she said, her voice a bit huskier than usual.
"You're just chicken" replied Karen. "You know my 36's are firmer that those old 38's of yours"
That did it. While both girls were obviously quite stacked, each felt that her breasts were better and certainly firmer. The women were young enough that they really didn't need to wear bras at all.
Linda said, "Fine" a little too harshly and again rose up to her knees facing Karen. Both girls suddenly noticed that their nipples, which had not been terribly visible a moment ago, were now clearly visible, and growing. Once again they came together, lightly touching their bras and once again, the feeling was electric. Linda moved just slightly to the left and Karen countered by going to the right. They moved only about an inch and could hear the sexy sound as silk rubbed against silk. The women, hands on hips, continued dragging across one another. Their nipples had grown to the point that they were threatening to poke through the thin material. For the next several minutes, Linda and Karen continued in this fashion. They were unsure as to what the next step should be. Both had been totally focused on the other's breast when suddenly their eyes met. It was like an electrical shock and each realized exactly what the next move should be. Staring confidently at one another, they leaned in and then dragged their breasts across one another in a left to right fashion. Once again, they looked down and saw four firm breasts just bulging upward out from their bras. The sound of sliding silk and their quickening breath had both girls mesmerized as they continued warming to the task. Both women were thinking that if this what their boyfriends wanted, they should continue.
As so they did. Karen leaned back suddenly and taking a deep breath pushed her torso forward quickly. The desired effect was reached as Linda's 38DD's practically popped out of the top of her bra and she was moved back about a foot.
"Oh, so that's the way this is done" Linda said, a bit too sarcastically.
Rearing back just a bit, she quickly leaned forward and jammed her chest into Linda. And finally, the great tit war was joined with vigor. Both young girls reared back at the same time and lunged forward, bouncing back off of one another. Eyes locked together now, they slammed into one another again and again. Occasionally, one or the other would turn her torso to the side so that a left breast would slam into its counterpart. Then a right breast would smash into a right breast. Sweat was beginning to appear on their foreheads and upper lips. The girls pursed their lips with their tongues slightly out between teeth as they continued. This may have begun as a way to please their boyfriends but had definitely developed into something totally different.
As they continued thrusting their breasts together, they began to gasp each time their chests slammed together. Groaning and sweating and breathing more heavily, they continued smashing their breasts together, each, in her own way looking forward to the next step of this increasingly heated contest.
Linda made the first move. Her hands moved from her own hips to Karen' midsection where she latched on. The added leverage allowed her to get in several painful thrusts before Karen mirrored her move.
Anxious to move to the next level, Karen suddenly reached behind Linda and began undoing her bra. Linda was quick to move her hands to Karen's back. Both girls leaned back taking the other's bra with them. Four huge breasts burst free and just bobbled heavily on their chests as the women continued breathing heavily. Linda hung Karen's bra over Karen's head and dropped it so that one cup hung over her nose. Linda began laughing "You look ridiculous".
Karen failed to see the humor and swung Linda's bra so that it slapped across her eyes.
"Screw you, Linda" growled Karen as she suddenly reached forward and grasped her friend in a not so friendly bearhug.
"You hurt my eyes, you bitch" screamed Linda and she secured an equally powerful bearhug hold on Karen. The four biggest breasts in the school met crashing head-on. Nipples became embedded in the flesh. Straining and squealing now, the girls just ground their massive breasts together. Each could feel the others nipple encased in the flesh and slight torso twists dragged them together. After the continuous bashing, the nipples and surrounding breast flesh were becoming red and painful. With heads on each other's shoulders, the now furious warriors carried on a breast fight, which would have had their boyfriend's in frenzy. Breast meat oozed from beneath the arms of the battlers. Torso wrenching soon had the pair about to fall, but somehow they managed to keep themselves from toppling.
Linda was confident she could the slightly smaller Karen. As she pondered her next move, her head suddenly snapped back causing her to scream loudly. Karen had secured a wicked double handed hairpull and looked into Linda's eyes with a fierce triumphant smile.
"You bitch" screamed Linda as she managed to secure a fierce hairpull on Karen. With screams, grunts and moans, the titfighters moved to the next phase of the battle. The vicious pulls caused their breasts to separate, then slam and mash together. Each found the "tug hair left, jam breast" move particularly effective.
Finally with bodies locked from thigh to stomach to breast, they toppled to their sides. The double hairpulls prevented any quick movement and they lay there still locked together breast to breast. But their legs came into action as each attempted to secure a leg lock on the other. Knees tried to work between legs as each enraged girl attempted to knee the other's pussy. Locked together as tightly as lovers, they each managed to get their left leg between the others legs and just squeeze. The moans turned to screams as leg muscles contracted tightly, breasts smashed together and hair was being pulled out by the roots. They fought furiously in this fashion for a full two minutes, before Karen decided to change tactics once again. Releasing her left hand from Linda's hair, she clamped it on Linda's right breast and squeezed. Linda's scream rocked the room and she quickly retaliated clamping her fingers around Karen's left breast. While initially, tit squeezing was the order of battle, it escalated to nipple twisting and then scratching.
Screaming horribly and pushing away from one another, the girls retreated to opposite sides of the bed, nursing their breasts. Breathing heavily and glaring, each was glad to see that she had inflicted damage to her opponent. Hair stuck out in unimaginable ways and the reddened breasts of the battlers were ample testament to a battle in progress.
Neither girl spoke. Slowly catching their breath, they stared daggers at each other. While the battle had definitely gotten out of control, both now wished to end it as the victor. And so, after a moment of composing themselves, both girls stood to the side of the bed and moved slowly toward each other. As they moved toward the foot of the bed, they quickened their steps and slammed together snarling and pulling hair. Their ponderous breasts jammed and rolled and slid about their chests. Knees were brought into play and large welts began appearing on their thighs. Bent forward at the waist, both women tried to swing one another into the wall. With legs spread wide, they pulled hair with a passion, screaming. Both women were sobbing, in between grunts and wails. Tits swung wildly side to side and still they were unable to move the other.
Pulling Linda toward her, Karen launched a knee to Linda's pussy, which connected soundly with a loud smack.
Linda screamed and fell to both knees; Karen's fingers still firmly grasping her hair. Karen brought back her knee again and brought it smashing into Linda's forehead. Linda flew backward, her breasts about hitting her chin and collapsed on her back, moaning loudly.
Linda leapt forward, straddling Karen's huge chest, flattening her breasts against her ribcage. She brought her knees up until they were holding Karen down by the wrists. With her own breasts dangling slightly above the dazed Karen, Linda continued pulling hair.
"Give it up, bitch" screamed Linda.
"No" moaned Karen as she managed to turn her hands slightly and dig her claws into Linda's calf muscle.
Linda screamed as though she'd been shot and quickly scrambled away from Karen. As she massaged her calf muscles, she failed to see Karen slowly getting to her knees. When Linda finally looked up, Karen was on her, knocking her backward. The girls began a mad scramble on the carpeted floor. While locked tightly together and rolling furiously, they began slapping and punching at one another. Back scratching and tit twisting and screaming, the enraged females rolled from one side of the room to the other. After about three minutes of this incredibly orgy of violence, they became wedged in the corner, with Karen slightly on top of her huge busted opponent. Both battlers were gasping for breath; hands locked once again in each other's hair as they held one another.
Their heads were buried in each other's shoulders and both could feel the harsh breath of the other on her reddened skin. Linda and Karen were sobbing loudly now; breasts pressed together and legs locked once more.
Neither of the girls could move. Their bodies were not used to this type of activity and they were bone tired. Slowly, Linda released her hairgrip on Karen and Karen did likewise. Their legs dropped apart from each other and the two exhausted battlers lay side by side on the floor, huge breasts rolling on their chests as they gasped lungfuls of air.
After twenty minutes, they got to their feet. Karen, still sniffing, slowly dressed and left the bedroom without a word.
Linda crawled into bed and fell into an exhausted sleep. When Karen returned home, she too fell to sleep exhausted. They had violent dreams and each dreamt that she had won the battle. And as they imagined their next fight in front of their boyfriends, they knew it would be even fiercer than their first encounter.


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