Feb 12, 2009

Peasant Actresses #2

Written by H.G. Hunt

Joy seeks revenge on Emily
When Emily left Joy's house that night following her sexfight whipping of Joy, she basked in a warm glow of satisfaction and contentment. The victory had been so sweet and complete, she could hardly believe how good it had made her feel to finally put that bitch Joy in her place. She really felt like things were looking up for her now. She loved the performing on stage and when next year's tryouts rolled around she felt supremely confident that Mr. Slater would give her the lead role, now that Joy was out of the picture.
Beyond the satisfaction of victory, Emily relished the newly found excitement she had felt in challenging another girl in sexual battle. Grinding her tits deeply into Joy's large orbs had produced a glorious feeling of arousal and power, all mixed together. When she shifted to the cunt-fight and ground her into orgasmic submission and then peed all over her pussy she felt a rush of joy (oops, Emily didn't like that word anymore), both physical and emotional.
Always a confident, outgoing girl, the next week at school saw Emily glowing even more than usual. She walked with a bounce in her step, and greeted everyone happily. The school year was winding down and she had lined up a summer job. Her current focus, aside from schoolwork, was her upcoming birthday. She would be 18 years old on May 25. This year that date fell on the Saturday of Memorial Weekend. Her parents were leaving for a wedding in another state and would be flying out on Friday night. Emily would be left alone to monitor the house and pool. She asked her parents if she could have a birthday party and invite several of her girl friends over for a pool party to celebrate. Since Emily was not a drinker or a party girl and was very conscientious, with only a mild warning about being careful, her parents consented to letting her have her friends over for the afternoon on Saturday.
She was happy and began her preparations for the party. The nice pool in the backyard would be the perfect place for her and her friends to relax and get a head start on their summer tans. Her guest list would include about eight or ten girls, some of which were her friends from drama. While Joy had never been one of Emily's closest friends, they did share several of the same girl friends through the drama connection. It wouldn't have been surprising at all to any of the other girls if Joy had been invited. That was definitely NOT in the mind of Emily. She chose ten other girls and they all accepted her invitation. She told them that they could have all afternoon together, snacking, drinking pop or punch, eating cake and lounging around the pool, or taking a dip. She hoped for a nice sunny day.
Joy's mood after Emily walked out that night was entirely different. She fumed at Emily with renewed, venomous anger. Her heart was set on winning lead roles in her senior year productions. She knew that Emily was a good actress and singer, but she would never believe she was better than herself. When the tit and sex challenge hadn't worked out the way she had expected she began plotting revenge. An added dimension to her plotting was the fact that she was now aware of the tingly excitement that accompanied their sexy battle. In fact, she loved it so much she was beginning to wonder if she was really a lesbian. Those fleeting lustful thoughts of other girls she had for the last few years were dismissed as nothing more than teenage curiosity. After the joyous (there's that word again) pleasure she found in the sexual aspect of her encounter with the beautiful Emily, she seriously began to think of herself as a lesbian. Her sexual encounters with the boys had never been unsatisfying (well, one of them was) but she had enjoyed them enough that her heterosexuality was not in question in her mind. Now, that had become a matter of doubt.
While she was initially shocked when Emily peed all into and over her, she was surprised to find that the physical, and emotional feeling produced was not exactly one of horror. The warm, rushing pee, sharing so intimately, had actually caused her to be even more excited. Wow! The contradictory emotions Joy felt flooded her brain for the next few days. But one emotion overrode all the others: anger!
She remembered Emily's words as she departed that night. A rematch! Joy would never stoop so low as to ‘ask' for a rematch. She would connive a situation where Emily would have no choice but to challenge her. When she heard about Emily's upcoming birthday party, her plan began to take shape. While certainly not expecting an invitation, she also knew that her presence would not be perceived by the other girls as unusual. She knew Emily well enough to know that she would never hint at their rivalry to anyone else. Emily was known as a very proper girl and she wouldn't do anything to disrupt the serenity of her world. Joy had never breathed a word of her confrontation or her anger with Emily to another soul. Therefore, she was confident that if she showed up at the party that Emily would seethe inside, but not say or do anything to let on to the other girls the enmity they shared.
One morning shortly after their fight, Joy stood looking at her naked body in the full-length mirror in her bedroom. She drew a mental comparison with the image of naked Emily she had etched in her brain. Starting at the top, she looked at her hair and remembered the perfectly coiffed head of light blonde hair Emily carried. It was longer than hers and hung evenly down to her shoulder blades in back with a small portion framing her face on either side cascading down to her breasts. Emily had wonderful full lips and they were a pretty red even without lipstick. Her blue eyes sparkled above the perfect little nose. Yes, Emily was a very pretty girl. Emily's image appeared before Joy in the mirror. Emily's huge C-cup tits (well maybe they were D-cups) were fronted by luscious brown areolas and, when excited, large nipples poking straight out. No sag could be seen, and even with the large dimensions and full curve to the underside of her breasts, making them even more impressive. Her light skin flowed gently in curves to a trim belly with very little fat. Her hips widened just enough to give her the appearance of a full-grown woman without the hint of any extra width. Her ass was sculpted in two symmetric muscular globes, glowing in health. Emily's legs weren't skinny but had just enough muscle mass to be the envy of many other girls. Then there was her pussy. The soft blonde curly hair of her mound, trimmed into that arrowhead shape, pointed downward to the delightful hidden realm between her legs. Joy remembered that pussy both visually and with a deep feeling in her own pussy. She chafed at the thought that it had beaten her pussy one-on-one. "Never again!" she screamed to herself inside her head.
Her own charms were as impressive as Emily's with just a couple of exceptions. She looked objectively at her body and could see the little extra roll of fat around her waist. Not much, she thought, but it was there. Her breasts were that same C-cup, almost D-cup size and were just as firm and proud with her pink nipples the capstone of wonderment. Her pretty face might not have been as beautiful as Emily's cover-girl face but she certainly drew plenty of looks in a new crowd. Her hair was the one thing she was actually disappointed about. Too much dye, and too many hair styles had typified the last two years as she searched for her identity. Staring into the mirror that morning she decided to aim for classic beauty with her hair. Her decision was to become a blonde.
As she replayed the pussyfight with Emily, she still had a hard time imagining that she had lost. In her mind she was the victress, and she groaned inwardly in pain every time she thought of her pussy losing its orgasmic battle with Emily. A smirk appeared on her face as she had a brilliant (to her) idea. She would let her cunt-hairs grow down around her labia lips, but keep them trimmed very short, so as to be like stiff bristles of a brush. She was sure that the texture of those stiff pussy-hairs would either send Emily over the edge in orgasm, or if it didn't that she would beg for mercy from the pain. Either way, she was sure this would give her a decided advantage over Emily when the time came. While there were only a couple of weeks before Emily's party, Joy decided to begin exercising. She had never been athletic or much for exercise. She figured that being in good shape could only help. She also knew that Emily hardly ever exercised either, so if she could develop even a little bit more endurance or strength it just might turn the tide.
She ate the next few weeks as if she was to be the poster child of the nutrition council. Surprisingly she lost seven pounds in the next two weeks and she could see the difference in her waist when she looked in the mirror and could feel it when she put on some of her clothes. She was actually surprised at the early benefit from proper diet and exercise. Hmmm, she thought, I could do this. Her plotting continued as the date approached for Emily's party. Joy went shopping for just the right outfit. Her hurt that she had felt for the first few days after her fight with Emily was being rapidly and completely replaced by a confident thrill. In her mind she just ‘knew' she could take Emily, and that Emily would be the one begging for the chance to take her on. Yes, she would beat Emily and beat her good, right at her own house. Payback will be hell for Emily, she thought.
Her school had the Friday before Memorial Day off for a four-day weekend and it was all Joy could do to contain her excitement. She was practically beside herself in anticipation of putting her plan into action. The hours couldn't tick by fast enough. Her parents even noticed, but when asked about it, she just said that she was excited to be off from school for four days. She didn't sleep very well that Friday night, tossing and turning most of the night. Three or four hours of sleep was all her adrenalin-charged body could muster. Normally on a Saturday morning she would sleep till noon. Today was different. She was up by 8:00 and took a long slow bubble bath in scented water. She spent an inordinate amount of time with her hair. The blonde color she had chosen a week earlier was a light-medium color and she had the skill to turn her still-short hair into an extraordinary style. It framed her face beautifully and made her cheek bones look more pronounced and higher, bringing out the chiseled beauty that was often hidden by her garish choice of makeup in the past. Today she applied her makeup in classic style, using the techniques learned from a fashion magazine. When she was done….WOW! She looked at herself in the mirror and thought, "If I was a guy, or a girl for that matter, I sure would want to fuck me! I am one hot girl!" True, true. She had transformed herself from pretty to beautiful and she was very proud of her handiwork. Laying out her bag and her clothes she made final preparations quietly and with a purpose. As the last hour went by she replayed her plan over and over again in her mind. She knew that it would be impossible to anticipate every little event that might transform her plan, but she felt that she had covered most of the likely scenarios. At last it was time to go.
Emily told her invitees that they could begin showing up by noon. She wanted to take advantage of as much sunshine as possible. Racine showed up first along with Carmen. They already had their bathing suits on and Emily pointed them out the back to the pool and they immediately went back. Heather, Alicia, and Samantha all arrived together a few minutes later and were escorted to the pool as well. The girls by the pool wasted no time taking off their outer clothes and displaying their wonderful young bodies to the sun. All wore bikinis that were current fashion. They showed plenty of skin without being skimpy. Samantha was the first to brave the water by diving in and swimming with strong strokes the length of the pool. Racine and Heather followed and soon all five were splashing and playing in the pool.
Winnie, Jennifer, and Lori arrived just before 1:00 and told Emily that Sally and Maria would not be coming, due to other commitments their families hadn't told them about. Emily was only mildly disappointed that they weren't coming because she had eight good friends and it was a perfect sunny warm day for a pool party. As she led the last three guests out to the pool she was surprised to hear another car drive up. She quickly took them out to the pool without mentioning that she hadn't expected anyone else. Helping them to settle in to the surroundings quickly, she had intended to go back to the house to see who had arrived, but before she could turn around she heard Alicia yell a hearty hello to Joy! Ever the gracious hostess, Emily showed zero outward reaction to the word "Joy" but inwardly she seethed to hear that name. With as much charm and poise as she could muster she turned and greeted Joy with friendly words and asked her to come on over.
The other girls greeted her warmly, never a clue that there was bad blood between the girls. Two of the girls complimented Joy by saying how nice she looked today. They might not have noticed the effort Joy had put into her appearance but they could see the results. Compliments were definitely in order. Emily, always poised and proper, never let on that anything was amiss. She was just as charming and pleasant to Joy, as if she had been invited, as she was to any of the other girls. She couldn't possibly do anything to let on or upset her eight friends on account of Joy. But her mind was racing behind that pretty face. "What possibly could Joy be doing here? I whipped her good and now she has the nerve to show up at my 18th birthday party." Her revulsion intensified when Joy took off her outerwear. Wow! What a bikini. It was brilliant pink and very skimpy. The thong style barely covered her pubic mound and only the tiniest portion of her ass cheeks were covered. The bra portion was skimpy in its own right. Thin triangles were connected to straps and didn't cover much more than her nipples and a few square centimeters below. Beyond the tiny dimensions of the material was its obvious sheerness. The thin, stretchy material did practically nothing to hide Joy's proud nipples protruding into the fabric. They stuck out, making enough of a tent in the fabric that their shadows were visible when she stood towards the steep angle of the sun. If men had been present there would have been a gallon of drool rolling around on the pool deck. The girls just complimented her on her daring. Winnie asked her how come she chose such a tiny bikini. "Well, I knew there would be only girls here, so I wasn't worried about showing too much, and besides, this allows for more tanning area. You know, keep those tan lines hidden." The girls nodded but each admitted to themselves they didn't have that much daring. Too bad, all of them certainly had shapely bodies deserving of a showoff attitude. One difference though stood out between the eight other girls was obvious. TITS! Joy and Emily were the proud bearers of the largest tits in their group. Only Alicia had tits approaching the size of Emily and Joy's. The others were much less well endowed. This distinction was not lost on either of them. Fully aware of their status at the top of the tit chart they couldn't help but give as much attention to the other girl as the decorum of the party would allow.
The party continued for three hours, with the girls just talking, about boys mostly, lounging and taking an occasional dip in the pool. Sunscreen was used sparingly as the girls in their youthful invincibility paid no attention to the warnings about cancer from too much sun. Emily had taken a few swims, pulling herself across the pool in powerful crawl strokes. While not much of an athlete, the availability of the pool had turned her into a strong swimmer. Samantha, alone among the others, was the equal of Emily in the pool. Emily wore a suit that allowed anyone to see her bountiful assets. Not as skimpy as Joy's, but clearly there was a real womanly body behind the pale green fabric. She looked absolutely gorgeous as she stepped upward from the steps of the pool, water dripping off her body and running in rivulets down her legs and torso, sliding deliciously down her chest. Her blonde hair even looked great dripping wet. Those thick lips were the envy of every other girl there (except one). As the first hour went by without any incident from Joy, Emily began to actually have a good time. Thinking that maybe Joy was just being friendly and was willing to let bygones be bygones (no, she didn't really believe that) she let down her guard and made the most of the birthday party.
The girls helped Emily prepare burgers for the grill. The nice stainless steel unit was mostly the province of her father, but she had spent enough time with him to be adept at barbecuing. After eating burgers, chips and birthday cake, they all went into the pool together and began playing like the little girls they had been just a few short years earlier. Splashing, dunking each other, racing across the pool, diving, and even a volleyball game in the water took up most of the next hour. They were having a great time. While it was never mentioned by any of the girls there was one added distraction. This was the first time Joy had actually entered the water. Her bikini, when wet, was absolutely transparent. Talk about flaunting what you've got! It was impossible not to notice the dark pubic patch concealed (?) by the thin fabric. Her nipples and areolas were clearly visible through the pinkness, even with pink colored nipples they stood out in pronounced display. While no one ever stared directly they could also see the upper regions of her pussy cleft through the material. The thin fabric would sometimes wedge itself into that cleft, forming a little pussy of its own. This was a body on display! Girl after girl thought that there must be some reason for Joy to be so daring, but they never could fathom a reason. Only the story she told them upon arrival. That would have to be good enough for them, because they would never know.
Joy was ecstatic inside her devious mind. Her plan was working to perfection. She knew that Emily was not only noticing but that she had to be irate underneath her cool demeanor. She acted her role to perfection. She was an actress after all. She felt like she should probably deserve an Oscar. She talked the small talk, she played and frolicked along with the others, she ate the food and complimented the ‘chef'. As the three o'clock hour passed, and the hot sun continued to beat down, Joy approached Emily. Emily was sitting on a recliner sipping her Coke when Joy walked over. "Hey hon, why don't you let me put some suntan oil on your back. You have a pretty light complexion and you don't really want a sunburn later do you?" "The bitch finally shows her true colors," Emily's mind reeled at the profane notion of receiving a rubdown from Joy. True to her upbringing however, the social perfectionist demurely purred, "Sure, why not? I don't really want to get cancer in 30 years either."
And so without any inkling to the others of the underlying tension those words masked, Joy picked up the lotion and poured it on her hands as Emily lowered the recliner and lay on her stomach. Flipping Emily's hair up out of the way, Joy began rubbing the oil slowly into her shoulders. Careful not to spend too much time with the job, for fear of the other girls noticing, she still was very deliberate with her application. Rubbing firmly in deep circles she rubbed the oil into her shoulders and arms. As she looked around and saw that a couple of the other girls had already undone their bra strings in back to get full sun, she acted boldly. Before rubbing the oil in the middle of her back she slowly untied Emily's bra string. Emily did a quick look back at Joy, who reassured her with the phrase "just to keep the tan line down" and went about her business. Emily absolutely was fuming inside, but felt powerless to do anything but go with the flow. She could not bring herself to confront the bitch in front of her friends. As much as she should have been enjoying this she was not. She HATED feeling Joy's fingers caressing her back, kneading her muscles as she applied the warm oil. She couldn't even admit to herself how good it felt. Joy poured on her third handful of oil and began rubbing it lower on Emily's back. Making sure to cover her completely she slid her hands up the sides of Emily and briefly slid her fingers alongside the bulging breasts that were compressed by Emily's weight into the recliner. Following the curves of her body back downward she ever so deftly slid her fingers just under the edge of Emily's briefs. Emily dared not react so she let Joy's fingers invade beneath her bikini briefs. Not far, but just enough to make it clear that an invasion was taking place. Definitely NOT an accident! Her fourth dollop of oil found its way onto Emily's fabulous legs. Joy's hands rubbed up and down in long slow caressing strokes. The very back was covered, the outside, and yes, finally, the inside of those legs, clear up to the joining of skin and fabric. The other girls were oblivious to what was going on, most of them had their eyes closed soaking up the sun. Soft rock music played in the background from the small speakers connected to the home's audio system. Once, and only once, Joy let Emily know her true intentions. Just as she was about to finish her application, fingers snuggled up against the crotch fabric of Emily's briefs, she found just enough soft skin between her fingers and she pinched it…hard! Emily nearly yelped out in pain, but somehow she managed to control her tongue and said nothing. Then it was over and Joy went over to another recliner. Drinking deeply from her soda she lay down herself.
The next hour was spent lazily with the girls mostly just lying there catching the rays of the mid-afternoon sun. Occasionally one would get up and go inside to the bathroom or get a soft drink or a small snack. Alicia and Winnie were reading books. It was a fabulous, simple, quiet party. Yeah right! Emily was incensed at the audacity of Joy, coming to her party uninvited, showing off her body in total disregard for decency, drinking her soda, eating her food, rubbing her with oil. It was all totally distasteful to Emily. She found herself wishing the other girls would just leave so she could tear into Joy and teach her a lesson she would not forget. She began plotting how to get the other girls to leave so she could confront Joy alone. Four o'clock came and went. Five passed by too. The extensive sun, so early in the season was beginning to take its toll on the girls. As those hours passed Emily noticed something about Joy. While all the other girls had taken a couple of potty breaks in the house, Joy never did. She kept drinking just as much soda as the others but she never went to the house to use the bathroom. Strange, she thought. Whoa! A little light bulb went off in her head.
Finally Sally and Lori mentioned that they had dates that night and thought they had enough sun for the day and wished to go home. The other girls began to restlessly move around, taking their last sips of their drinks and putting their clothes back on. Joy didn't move. She just lay there on the recliner watching the others prepare to leave. She knew her plan had worked when Emily crooned to her, "Hey Joy, sweetie, since you drove alone, do you think you could stay just a little longer to help me clean up after the other girls leave?" "Oh, I'd be delighted to stay and help out any way I can." The soft words belied the hidden meaning that only the two of them understood. Emily could hardly wait to see the last car leave the driveway.
Joy had actually been picking up on the pool deck when Emily returned to the pool. Joy's plan was to act cool, forcing Emily to make the next move. No problem. In a flash Emily was beside Joy, staring at her with her hands on her hips. "You fucking cunt! What a miserable piece of trash you are. Coming to my birthday party uninvited, flaunting your slutty body in front of my friends. Just who the hell do you think you are?"
In a soft voice, laced with sarcasm, Joy retaliated, "Why, darling, you know who I am. I am the girl who is going to play the lead role in next year's school plays. You know that now, don't you sweetie." Joy had stood up to face Emily.
"I promised you a good fucking when I left your house last time. Now you are going to get that fucking, and MORE. Your skanky body was never a match for mine. Three weeks ago or now, it doesn't matter." The words were hurled with venom across the short distance between the girls.
"Do you really think your skinny ass is capable of beating me again. "I'm here to tell you one thing. You will regret you ever laid eyes on me after I give you more of me than you ever dreamed of."
It was obvious to Emily that Joy had not turned into a coward after their first sexfight. Indeed, she acted even more confident than before her loss. While evident to Emily, this in no way diminished her own confidence or hatred. Joy would have to pay for her audacity and that was all there was to it. Both girls were on the same wavelength there. Those were Joy's sentiments exactly. Neither bothered to mention rules. There were none. There was no mention of what the stakes were. They both knew. Neither thought to discuss how a winner would be determined. They both knew.
Emily took a short step closer to Joy with a scowl on her face that almost took away its beauty. Joy determinedly matched Emily with a defiant step towards her enemy. "Woman to woman." Emily spoke as she reached behind her to undo the tie on her lime green bikini top. As she allowed it to fall to the deck, Joy mirrored the move by allowing her gigantic breasts to swing free of their tiny containment. Each girl took just a moment to soak in the sight of their enemies' breasts. Magnificent was the sight as those four tits pointed menacingly at each other. Their bikini briefs were off in another instant as both girls removed them and tossed them aside. Both girls were breathing heavily already as they stared daggers at each other. If ever two girls felt like enemies without a man or boy at the center of it, this was it.
The rage inside Emily reached its flash point. She lashed out with her hands and grabbed Joy's imposing globes. Instantly she had a vice grip on those tits and was squeezing and pulling on them in noxious anger. Joy was only an instant behind and latched firmly on Emily's striking tits and the pulling and twisting contest began. Flashes of pain shot through both sets of tits. Cries of anguish rent the air and screams of the foulest language rang across the backyard. Fortunately Emily's family lived nearly a quarter of a mile from their nearest neighbor, so no one would here their screams. Staggering around the pool deck, seeking advantage, they used a lot of pent-up energy twisting and pulling their breasts into bizarre and awful shapes. What moments before had been as appealing to view as any cinematic star were now being grotesquely malformed by the powerful fingers latched onto them. Never flinching, never losing their grip, they continued battling around the deck for several minutes. The banged into chairs, tables, the barbecue grill, but never let up their cursing and fighting. "You filthy cunt, I'm going to rip your fucking tits right off," spat Emily. "Not before your tits are turned into mush, bitch."
Their cursing and screaming only intensified their determination. But even with the adrenaline surge of energy they had, both girls began to tire. It became harder and harder for them to keep their balance as they jerked each other around the deck, often precariously close to the water. Joy gritted her teeth so hard that her jaw muscles were starting to ache as she summoned her strength in waging the battle against Emily's tits. Her own tits were taking an awful beating from Emily's powerful grip, but she knew that Emily was suffering immensely too. Tears streamed down her cheeks, and she planted her feet as firmly on the cement deck as she could and pulled with a vengeance. Emily, pulling equally as hard in the other direction could not match the leg strength and found herself falling towards Joy. Joy twisted her body out of the way, hoping to land above Emily as she fell. She was above her all right, but it was in the water. In the heat of the battle they had ventured too close to the edge of the pool one too many times. Emily would not let lose of her grip, even as she fell. Her thigh hit the edge of the pool and the rest of her toppled in with Joy an instant behind, dragged in by her tits.
The surprise and shock of the water caused them to release their grips finally. Neither had prepared by taking a breath, and falling into the deep end they both surged quickly to the surface inches apart gasping for breath. In their fatigued state it was clear to both of them that they couldn't stay in the deep end of the pool for long, but the rage inside them was overpowering and they each reached for the other as soon as their heads cleared the water. Each grabbed a quick breath before finding the other's fingers locked in their hair. The arms resumed their yanking motions left behind only seconds before. This time, though it was hair not tits. Their tits thanked them for stopping the abuse, but the two girls had no time to think about that. They were fighting like she-cats in heat in eight feet of water. Their quick breath would never be enough to sustain them very long as they sunk slowly towards the bottom, eyes open and staring daggers still, right through the water at each other. Emily's grip on Joy's shorter hair was strong, but Joy definitely had an advantage here because of the length of Emily's hair. She could keep repositioning her hands for better leverage. In the water their hair tended to float up and away, so finding a good grab was difficult. The hair was slippery too and since the restriction of motion caused by the water affected their pulling the jerks weren't as pronounced as they would have been above water. Nonetheless, the girls were putting all they had into the hair-pulling fight, even as they sunk towards the bottom of the pool. Lungs straining from the exertion and lack of oxygen, they pushed off with all their might together when they felt their feet hit the bottom of the pool. Slowing their hair pulling long enough to safely reach the surface they rose quickly and gulped in several breaths of desperately needed air. Their bodies were nearly spent after only 10 or 12 minutes of fighting.
Each sensed the danger of their position and wordlessly they parted to opposite sides of the pool. Neither dared take her eyes off the other. When they each reached their own edge of the pool, the stare-down continued. The cursing and screaming had stopped when they entered the pool. It was still silent except for the soft rock still playing on the speakers nearby. While catching their breath together, Emily began to work her way along the wall of the pool down to the shallow end. Not daring to be out maneuvered in any way, Joy followed suit. It took nearly five minutes before Emily felt her lungs were giving her body enough oxygen. She made the next move.
Emily: "Ok, bitch. You ready for round two?"
Joy: "You'll wish you never said that. What'll it be?" She felt so much confidence that she felt generous enough to let Emily determine the scope of their next battle.
Emily: "Right here in the middle of the shallow end. We meet. Standing up. Body against body. Head to toe."
Not waiting for an answer she began her slow walk to the center. Joy straight away followed suit. The water was about three feet deep, covering their hips to just a couple of inches below their navels. Incredibly the girls' breasts were still formed like the remarkable specimens they had been before the breast fight. Standing firmly out front were four big hard nipples, just daring their counterparts to try anything. Joy let her nipples reach within an inch of Emily's nipples and she furiously began to swing her tits against Emily's. Emily didn't back down a micron and she began an equally furious attack with her own tits. Beyond the pain left behind from the earlier tit battle, the two girls exchanged blows with their monster tits. Right beat against right. Left against left. Opposites smacked loudly into each other, fighting for a dominance that was not apparent. Each tit impacted its enemy with proud confidence. But after nearly half an hour it was apparent that this fight was not going to determine anything soon.
With the pain throbbing in their tits and not letting up the two girls clinched their arms around each other, much like in their first titfight. This time though, there was no talking about rules or what was expected of the other. Within moments they found their pussies bumping against each other just under the surface of the water. Bumping didn't produce much impact, due to the water resistance, so soon they were grinding wet blonde bush against wet brown bush. As their tits squashed together their grinding became more energetic. Each girl tried to lower herself to attack upwards, aiming for the pussy of the other. They were hindered by the water. The floor of the pool was a little too slippery for great traction and they couldn't make their motions quick enough through the water. Soon they found themselves with one leg sticking through under the crotch of the other girl and their pussies were grinding down against the top of the thigh in close proximity to each other.
Neither girl really wanted this. Mutual masturbation wasn't the target. They wanted to destroy each other's sex. Joy realized her time may be approaching when her trim job just might come in handy. She pulled Emily's mouth close to hers and began kissing her vigorously. At first Emily resisted, despising the tongue that was trying to invade her mouth, but in moments she took up the battle of mouths on Joy's terms. After all it was she who had suggested this location and head-to-toe. With a vengeance she tried to remove Joy's powerful tongue from her mouth with her own tongue. No luck. Joy kept up the powerful darting, swirling action, avoiding the pressure of Emily's tongue as much as possible, but when meeting it head on, managing to force it back into her mouth. Winning the tongue battle was actually the first time that Joy had felt anything tangible in her favor. Their battle had been fought up to now on totally equal terms. She thrilled herself with her power over Emily, even if it was only her tongue. In an instant her joy was sent packing. Emily bit down hard on Joy's invading tongue. She bit for several seconds, sending shock waves of pain through Joy's tongue.
When Emily finally let off with her bite, Joy pulled back away from Emily and screamed at her, "You bitch, you bit my tongue." With a big flourish she summoned up as much saliva and phlegm as she could find in her mouth and spat at Emily's face. A huge gob of spit hit Emily's nose and eyebrow and dripped quickly down into her left eye. Venomous anger was replacing sexy tension in both women. It only took an instant for Emily to respond in kind. Her big wad of spit hit Emily right between her eyes, drizzling down across her nose and seeping into the corners of her eyes.
With that both girls attacked each other with their fists. Joy landed three quick blows to the side of Emily's face before Emily found her target. She hit Joy squarely on the nose, sending a shock deep into Joy's head. Emily had been stunned by the blows she received as well. Her jaw ached from the pain of Joy's powerful fist. They moved in close to each other and the swinging arms began grabbing handfuls of hair and pulling. The catfight had resumed. The screaming, cursing girls attacked each other with a vengeance. Arms flailed wildly punching, slapping, and pulling hair as they stood literally toe-to-toe in the water. Emily found a great target in Joy's left boob and she gave it several good shots with her right fist. Furiously trying to attack Emily, Joy managed to pull her hair hard enough to get Emily in a tenuous head lock. The moment she felt in control of Emily's head she lifted her feet off the floor of the pool and her weight dropped them into the water. Emily was not strong enough to prevent it and she found herself dunked underwater in a vice-like head lock. She knew that Joy would show no mercy and she did the only thing she could think of. She grabbed for Joy's pubic hair and began pulling with all her strength. A fistful of hair came out in her hand, and she went back for more. Joy kept up the headlock, using both arms to try to control the flailing Emily. The pain was intense and she thought she could take it until she felt Emily's fingers find her pussy. In a flash Emily had scratched a path just inside one of Joy's labia. In another flash, Joy relinquished her hold on Emily and threw her body away from her. When Emily stood up, catching her breath Joy spoke in labored words. "You want to fight my pussy. I'll give you my pussy. Just like before. Your pussy, my pussy. Scared of my pussy so much you have to scratch it. You cunt. I'll tear your pussy apart and I won't even have to use my hands. Pussy!"
The hatred Emily felt had risen to new levels but she would never back down from a challenge, "You're the bitch who tried to drown me. You'll get what you want, but you'll really wish you hadn't." She pointed over to one of the recliners on the deck of the pool and said, "Over there slut, whenever you're ready."
Slowly the two tired girls climbed up out of the pool. No trust whatsoever existed between the warring girls. They gingerly approached each other and the recliner. Emily adjusted the recliner to accept both girls. The nice cushioned surface could be adjusted to recline from either end by raising a support bar located underneath. Emily raised both ends so that they could recline back with their legs off to either side and join up their pussies right in the middle. The first to swing her leg over the seat and lay back, Emily raged at Joy and spat out her demand, "Sit down here cunt, I can't wait to fuck your slimy pussy till it can't take any more!" Joy sexily sauntered the last few steps to the recliner and swung her left leg across the cushion and slowly lowered herself to a seated position with just about eight inches separating their still dripping pussies. They never bothered to towel off, and the late afternoon sun glistened off their wet bodies.
Wham! The instant Joy felt her ass touch the recliner cushion Emily attacked with a forceful thrust of her pussy directly at the open avenue that Joy's spread legs provided. Joy had not been settled into place, so she hadn't met Emily's first thrust attack with one of her own, but when Emily pulled her hips back to attack again, Joy was ready with a powerful thrust of her own. Smack! Their two wet pussies collided in the middle of the recliner with a loud smack. Not only was it the sound of two wet pussies, it was as if the pubic bones had cracked together. The pain in their soft pussy tissue burned, but they were so intent on hurting the other girl's pussy that they endured tremendous pain, while dishing out as much pain to the other as they possibly could. They reached a rhythm of pulling back and ramming their pussies forward of about seven or eight per minute. Like two Bighorn Sheep rams battling for mating rights to a female, the two girls continued their pussy ramming for several minutes. Both girls began to cry and moan again from the pain even as they continued to deliver and receive blow after blow. Joy was certainly not seeing any advantage in this type of pussy warfare from her stubbly trimmed cunt hairs. Emily had noticed the different trim (lack of it) on Joy's pussy lips, but paid it no mind. It seemed a moot point to her and she continued her frontal pussy assault on Joy's lips without concern for anything but demolishing the opposing womanhood.
Much like their earlier fight and in earlier segments of this one, there seems to come a time when both combatants realize the stalemated nature of their battle. At least ten minutes went by, but then it happened. With eyes glaring across the chair at each other they adjusted their rhythm to include hard grinding action upon smacking together. Then they would pull back and slam into each other again. Pussy lips met pussy lips that were swollen and reddened from the punishment they had taken (and given out). They gradually lengthened the fraction of each cycle that was spent grinding their swollen pussies, causing their smacking blows to diminish in frequency. Over just a couple of minutes the grinding had totally replaced the blows as the method of combat. Pushing hard without letup strained arm and leg muscles. Within five minutes Emily felt her arms burning from lack of oxygen. Joy was not far behind, feeling it in her legs also. But yet they continued. While these were definitely sex organs in battle, this time there was not nearly as much feeling of arousal as had occurred at Joy's house after the cast party. The sexy gentle sliding action that typified their first sexfight, was here replaced by hard driving action, military style. No quarter was given and none asked for. With only momentary lapses for each girl to catch her breath they continued the forceful grinding as the sun sank lower in the west, falling behind some trees and casting a shadow across their bodies, where it had glistened on them so brilliantly a little earlier.
Swollen pussy lips pushed feverishly against and into each other. Parting bit by bit, lubricated by the feminine juices, those lips opened up like a morning glory in the sun. Their slippery inner folds found each other and pushed and twisted and slid across, over and around each other. Against all their will, physiological responses doomed their fighting purpose. Clenching her teeth in vile hate, summoning all her willpower to avoid it, Joy still couldn't stop the arousal pulsing in her loins. Even after being scratched by Emily's fingernail just inside her pussy lips, she now felt the arousal she so despised, caused by the pussy of her loathed rival. She had absolutely no temptation to give in and succumb, but her fiery temper caused her to gyrate and push and grind so hard against Emily's battling pussy that the fires of her arousal only grew stronger. With maddening intensity she continued to fight with her pussy. She mightily used her motions to scrape her stubbly cunt hair into the most sensitive parts of Emily's cunt. Joy ground her little razor blade like hairs across Emily's clit and into her inner lips as far as she could push them. The look on Emily's face told her that she was suffering through lots of pain, and the tears streamed down her cheeks.
But Emily was not giving up either. She had certainly begun to feel the impact of Joy's short little bristles of cunt hair as they scraped across and into her most private parts. While the earlier pounding battle of impacts hadn't made the change noticeable, this type of pussy fighting was different, and Emily actually came to the realization that the pain she was feeling was part of Joy's plan. Not just a cosmetic difference as she first thought, Joy was trying to destroy her pussy, slowly and surely, by scraping those little dagger like appendages of hair repeatedly into her engorged sensitive pussy tissue. Incensed at the evil bitch, Emily only determined to fight harder, vowing to accept any pain, any torture, any transgression, so that in the end she would emerge victorious.
And so it was. This battle grew in intensity, not necessarily in the purely physical actions of the gladiatrixes, but in the inner mental and emotional war that drove the physical actions onward. The dueling pussies were now in a battle with differing objectives. Emily knew that her victory would hinge on the sexual aspect of their war. She knew that her gyrations were causing Joy to have begun ‘climbing the mountain' of lust and arousal. Joy knew that the pain was Emily's enemy, not lustful arousal. With stamina like marathon runners they continued their grinding battle. One lucky aspect of this battle was the chair's dual back rests. It allowed the girls at least some respite from the intense muscular exertion. Even with the support of the recliner, their muscles ached from the lack of oxygen.
Emily used every little wiggle to try to thwart Joy's advantage with her short little hairs on the outer lips of her cunt by trying to keep their inner lips lined up, causing more of their sensitive tissues, including their clits to be in contact, forcing Joy's outer lips to also go up against Emily's outer lips, which were less sensitive. Joy, on the other hand, was doing everything in her gyrating power to do the opposite. She urgently tried to force either her left or her right outer labia lip, with its painful bristles, to delve deeply into Emily's hole. Back and forth the battle raged. The minutes dragged on and on. Emily saw the deepening flush of arousal behind the tears on Joy's face. Spurring her on to increased tempo she succeeded in snaking her clit directly up against Joy's clit, and wiggled it compellingly against its rival. Joy shuddered. She knew her orgasm would not be far behind, and even though the pain in Emily's face was obvious, she didn't see any sign of a quitter across the chair from her. Joy's dilemma was obvious. Choice 1: orgasm, choice 2: DO something. Choice 3: both.
When she saw the determination on Emily's face, even through the tears, she made her choice. Grinding and pushing with all the intensity her tired muscles could still muster, she drove herself forward toward orgasm, viciously gouging little tiny grooves in Emily's cunt with every motion. Emily continued to produce gobs of slippery woman-juice. It had been leaking down their cracks for quite some time, mingling with each other's juices, both inside and outside their fuck-holes. Emily matched what she perceived as the added determination in Joy's actions. Fighting through the pain she continued to deliver as much erotic shock action to Joy's clit and pussy as she could. Hearing Joy let loose a low moan, and feeling her energy reserves nearly depleted, Emily drew on that last reserve of energy, seeking victory by orgasm over her hated foe. It was working. Joy recognized the imminence of her orgasm, and just as she began the initial stages of her orgiastic ecstasy she let loose. Literally. She let loose. Her practice at home had paid off. She released her over-filled bladder at the instant of orgasm. While never part of her habit before, she took a cue from Emily's ‘accident' in their first fight, and discovered she could not only deliver a flood of pee at orgasm, but she could hold a full bladder for a long time. Upon release, the warm fluid shot out into and against the grinding pussy of Emily. Emily's brief moment of happiness, from the recognition of Joy's orgasm, was quickly extinguished by the flood of pee. The volume came streaming out and overpowered the tiny space between them and in a flash, Joy lifted her ass off the cushion and aimed her strong stream directly at Emily's face and upper body.
Emily was caught completely off guard. Even though she had recognized Joy's intentions earlier, the heat of battle had caused her to forget and she was fractured by the horrible Joy's action. Joy continued to have her orgasm and pee simultaneously. It took several seconds for Emily to react, but her own bladder was full and she had no trouble retaliating in kind. Lifting her ass off the cushion as well she aimed her strong flow at Joy while Joy's warm pee rained down on her. Another interesting battle had begun. It obviously wouldn't be a real long battle, but it was intense. Each used their hands and legs to maneuver their hips into the proper alignment and angle to shoot a thick stream of pee towards their enemies face. Often the streams would meet in the air, sending showers of pee droplets in every direction, covering their bodies, which had dried out long since their departure form the pool. Emily met with success right away, though, her stream was strong and focused. She arced the solid stream with expert control, to land right in Joy's hateful face. But Emily too, was forced to shake off a nearly steady stream of pee from her own pretty face. To look at them now, one would have seen faces that looked more like fighting wolverines, fresh from a watery kill. They definitely did no look like the beautiful girls from the birthday party. Both girls had expended nearly all their energy resources in the last stages of their pussy fight, which had ended up lasting for over an hour, but still they continued to pee in long arcs the vile liquid onto their rival's face. Who would quit first? Joy had started to pee approximately 15 seconds before Emily could begin, but it was Emily who ran dry first. Joy's incredibly full bladder was still pumping out a solid stream a minute after beginning, blasting Emily's face until finally running out 20 seconds after Emily.
Both girls wiped the degrading urine from their faces with their hands. Their hair was soaked and their breasts and tummies were also covered in the foul liquid.
Emily's hope for victory just because of an orgasm from Joy had ended. She knew, just by looking at the girl across the cushion, that Joy wasn't about to leave in defeat. They were still there, together, inches apart, staring hateful daggers at each other. Their hatred had only intensified as a result of the long pussy fight and piss fight that followed.
Joy made the next move. Not knowing that Emily had actually used every ounce of her fighting strength in their last battle, but willing to take a chance, Joy fought off the usual abhorrence of stimulation to a pussy just past orgasm, she leaped up, knocked down the support for the recliner that held her up, and fell face first down onto Emily, who was caught off guard. Emily tried to struggle against the big girl on top of her but she was too exhausted for the effort required. Emily's legs were still splayed wide apart, providing perfect access to her pussy. Joy wasted no time and began humping Emily's pussy from a dominant position. She quickly released the support for Emily's back and let it fall. Now the recliner was totally flat. Emily was pressed down beneath the pee soaked girl above her. As the droplets began to dry and their bodies rubbed together the chafing from the drying skin began to hurt. But the real problem for Emily was right between her legs. She could not dislodge Joy from her dominant position, and even though Joy was overcoming discomfort of her own, the rough bristles of cunt hair were renewing their attack on Emily's soft pussy.
Emily grabbed Joy's hair and pulled with all the strength she could muster, but it wasn't enough. Joy fucked and fucked and fucked Emily's pussy without letup. This time, feeling powerless, even though pulling hair, she felt the arousal urges flowing into her pussy. Hating herself for the predicament she found herself in she couldn't dislodge Joy with hairpulling and her leg strength was not sufficient to buck her off, she pulled her hands away from Joy's hair and grabbed her nipples. With her pussy taking quite a beating from Joy's vigorous fucking, she now had a sensitive area of Joy in hand. Pinching as hard as her fingers would allow, she caused Joy to scream a long wail of pain. Joy screamed a second time, but no words were spoken. Neither girl had the energy for coherent words. Only groans, screams and tears. Like Emily, though, Joy too had determined that she would suffer any pain, any hurt, any crime, if in the end she was the winner. And so it was. The battle had reached its sixth stage, nearly two hours after its beginning.
Able to use the more thickly haired pubic mound, Joy could now attack Emily's cunt much more readily and completely than when she was using only the short hairs on either side of her southern lips. The short (about one-eighth of an inch) hairs were really scraping and harming Emily's birthday pussy. But Emily, through her tears, was inflicting immense pain on Joy's nipples. When her fingers tired of twisting they pulled. Hard! Joy screamed out in pain as Emily tortured Joy's nipples. She pulled them to nearly two inches in length, threatening to rip them off her tits. Joys tears fell down on Emily, mixing with the sweat, chlorine pool water, and pee on Emily's face and tits. For several minutes they stayed like this. Joy's nipples in awful pain and Emily's cunt being tortured by the repeated humping, fucking, pounding of Joy's pussy mound.
While Emily had been more exhausted after the pussy fight, Joy was now the one expending more energy. Maintaining the top position, having to hold herself up with her arm, was taking its toll, depleting her reserves. Emily had ceased to try to buck Joy off, accepting the futility of it, and not wanting to tire herself out any more, just endured the pain in her pussy and kept inflicting as much pain on Joy's nipples as possible. On and on they went, but now their motions were losing their intensity and power. Joy's tired arm muscles wouldn't hold her up much longer and the pain in her nipples was intense. Joy finally grabbed for Emily's wrists and pulled them away from her tits. She managed to do that, but it forced her own arms out to the sides to maintain control over Emily's arms. Even with her dominant position, even with her trickery, even with her damaging attacks on Emily, in the pool, on the deck, in the recliner, she still had not accomplished her goal. Emily had not had a single orgasm forced upon her. Neither had she capitulated in any way. Her determination was certainly evident to Joy. In a horrible sort of way, Joy could actually appreciate the determination Emily showed. But that thought did nothing to dampen the drive Joy felt towards achieving ultimate victory. Even as her body gave out and she plopped down on Emily, she felt in control. Sapped of energy she even quit fucking Emily. They lay there together on the prone recliner. Emily underneath with her legs still wide and Joy on top, pressing down from her head to her pussy. Her legs were lying flat behind her and her tits were pressing firmly down on Emily's pair, her weight compressing them significantly. Joy dropped her head to rest it on Emily's shoulder.
The exhaustion of both girls was slow to ebb away. They lay for twenty minutes like that. Sticky bodies plastered together. Pussies touching. Breasts touching. Joy's head resting on Emily's shoulder nestled up against Emily's neck. As their tired muscled re-oxygenated, their consciousness returning from the near stupor they had been in, their bodies began to slowly, in small increments, shift this way and that, seeking more comfort. Incredibly, it was Emily who made the first offensive move. It was a small move, but obvious nonetheless. It was just a simple little gyration of her pussy against Joy's. That spurred Joy to respond and to begin actually thinking about the battle. She had basically just been recovering. No strategy or tactic bothered her brain as she napped on top of an equally ‘out of it' Emily. She responded with a short little humping of her own. Emily was hoping for renewal of their pussy fight, as painful as it was. She still had so little energy left that she couldn't handle a real brawl. Of course Joy didn't know this, but she was determined to win and like a good coach, sometimes you have to take risks in a game where all the marbles are on the table.
Joy turned her head towards Emily and whispered the first words spoken between the girls in a long, long time, "I'm the best woman here, and I'm going to have you calling yourself a cunt and admitting I am the better woman." Emily responded in her own hoarse whisper, "No way, never! No way!"
Joy rose slowly from her prone position on top of Emily and stood staring down at her for a few seconds. When Emily's tired muscles finally allowed it and she began to rise from the lounger as well, Joy pounced into action. Shouting "no you don't girl," she grabbed Emily by the shoulders and threw her back down on the recliner and in a flash sat directly down on her face. With action and words flying at the same time, Joy grabbed Emily's tits and began squeezing. She yelled at Emily, buried beneath her ass, "Eat me! Eat me real good or I'll rip your nipples right off your fucking tits!"
Emily squirmed and kicked and tried to hit Joy, but her arms were partially pinned down by Joy's legs, preventing success. Joy pushed her pussy firmly down onto Emily's face, but Emily refused to eat. Sliding her pussy back to cover Emily's nose, cutting off her air, Joy stopped pinching Emily's tits long enough for the futility of Emily's position to sink in. When 30 seconds later she slid her pussy forward and she heard Emily gasping for breath, she reiterated her demand, "Eat me or I'll smother you right here and now." Emily didn't say anything. Joy waited a few seconds for Emily to catch her breath and slid back into perfect position for a little pussy munching. If only Emily would comply. Without putting her weight completely down she waited. She waited for a tongue to slip into her slippery twat. After 20 seconds with no action she began to press her ass downward for the second time. That was when she felt it. Emily's tongue had made an obvious overture, reaching up and gliding across the slippery inner lips of Joy's cunt as she slid it into smothering position. "Ooooh! Do that again." She felt it again. "Ooooh. Delicious," she thought. This girl is good for something after all. "Keep it up and don't stop till I tell you to," demanded Joy. Emily had finally succumbed.
Emily hated herself, but her body had just plain given out. She could imagine nothing more degrading, but she certainly didn't want to suffocate under the weight of Joy's ass. She had no choice. She began tasting the horrible pussy of her hated rival and she couldn't do anything about it. Joy held her pussy in perfect position for Emily to tongue that hated twat. Hoping to get it over with as soon as possible, knowing that she was now at Joy's mercy, she began emulating the kind of pussy eating she would have wished for herself. In no time the excitement built within Joy and she began to gyrate and grind her pussy firmly against the lips and tongue of lovely Emily. Emily teased her clit at first, but as the waves of excited movements from Joy expanded she took the clit firmly between her lips and sucked it in, twirling her wet tongue all around the engorged clit. Several minutes went by and Joy relished every tiny moment of power and ecstasy she was feeling. Emily had totally quit trying to fight back and was eating her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Joy didn't care if Emily hated it and was only doing it because she had too. In fact that made it even better. Her juices were flowing copiously, practically drowning Emily. The sensational rush grew and grew until her wild orgasm exploded like a super nova. Her entire body spasmed and shook with delightful sensations caused by the beaten girl beneath her. Her victory was nearly complete. She practically smothered Emily again with the final gyrations of her pussy. She ground her pussy back against Emily's face so hard that she cut off her air supply again. It was only a moment, but suffering for Emily anyway. When she finally finished her pounding orgasm she lifted off just a little bit and made another demand, "Tell me that you are a cunt and that I am the better woman."
"Tell me that you are a cunt and that I am the better woman."
Silence. With that Joy slid her ass back into place atop Emily's nose and mouth, simultaneously grabbing her nipples again. "Tell me that you are a cunt and that I am the better woman." She sat there for 15 seconds before lifting off to listen for a response.
In a barely audible whisper, somewhat mumbled, she heard what sounded like some of those words, but it wasn't enough. She slid her ass back into place again. "Tell me that you are a cunt and that I am the better woman. Only this time make it loud and clear, bitch."
"Joy, I am a cunt, and you are the better woman."
Finally, Joy had heard what she had been waiting to here. Joy's joy was complete. She had vindicated herself and revenge was hers. Happy Birthday Emily. How sweet!


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